Wake up, it's time; little girl, wake up

All the best of what we've done is yet to come

Wake up, it's time; little girl, wake up

Just remember who I am in the morning

You're losing your memory now

You're losing your memory now

You're losing your memory now

You're losing your memory...

You're losing your memory now

- Losing Your Memory; Ryan Star


He was getting closer. Every step I took was futile. I couldn't outrun him. I couldn't escape.

'No, please. Please. You promised. You promised me.' I screamed, tears pouring down my face and blurring my vision as I ran blindly through the thicket of trees surrounding the secluded park. Branches and thorns reached out to snag my clothing and tear at my skin; trees bent themselves to encase me. I felt trapped. There was nowhere left to run. And the hunter was getting closer.

I was terrified. The park I had loved to stroll through many a time had never looked so threatening before. Such a beautiful place at its most haunting. It had been raining heavily and a thick mist clouded the cold, dense air that has always been prominent in the hills after a heavy amount of rain.

The ground was slippery and wet and clumps of soggy leaves and mud caked themselves around my shoes and jeans; until I was running ankle deep in muck.

I dodged through the old trees, the ones with plaques depicting the deceased below them as my chest constricted in terror, forcing my breathing to come out in short ragged bursts. I was afraid to run faster, because the dense fog clouded my vision and made the park's lake near invisible, especially at night.

'You promised you would never hurt me. You promised.' I sobbed, as I turned to face him, still backing away, still looking for an escape. But there was nowhere I could run without him catching up to me.

'And I kept my promise.' The hunter's clear voice sliced through me like a knife, puncturing my heart as it floated through the trees, muffled by the wind and the thick black travelling cloak he wore buttoned up to his throat.

'You promised,' was all I could whisper in response. My breath came in short, frightened ruptures and I didn't know whether he could hear me or not. All I knew was that I needed him to hear it.

I couldn't see him and I couldn't hear him anymore. Was he gone? Had the hunter finally given up? Was he keeping his promise?

And then a jet of red light shot from the thicket of black trees in front of me, hitting me square in the chest and knocking the wind out of me as I flew backwards through the air. My body connected with the rough trunk of a tree with a sickening thud and I fell to the floor in a crumpled heap.

This was it. This was how I was going to die.

I was going to die at the hands of the only person I had ever truly loved.

The leaves crunched under the hunter's slow footsteps as he moved to stand over me.

I looked up at him. I wasn't going to let him see how terrified I was, I was going to hold my head high and I was going to stare at him until the light faded from my eyes. Because no matter what happened tonight, I know that in my heart I would never regret a single moment of whatever it was we had shared.

The hunter raised his hand and pointed a long pale finger mercilessly at my face, drawing on the raw power of the earth's elements that he controlled.

A single glistening tear leaked from the corner of his eye, catching the soft glow of the moonlight; and I saw for the first time, the strongest person I had ever met, cry.

His lips began to form words as fresh tears spilled down his face. Words of love and words of regret; words of hurt and words of grief that I never imagined could come from him. Then one final word, whispered with all the tenderness in the world.


That was when I looked into the unyielding eyes of the man I had thought I would spend the rest of my life with, one more time before everything turned black and my memories deserted me.

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