In this city

there are no losers

also there is only pretty

but everyone are mere babblers

they rant on about their problems

yet they sit down 3 hours a day staring at a screen of moving colors and light

their drawers are full of condoms

to be used later on that night.

They see eachother, yet they do nothing

they only worry about themselves

and one day they will find themselves asking.

"whats with ourselves?

can we not break the system?

Are we all just going to stand and wait to die?

Or are we going to solve this problem?

Yes thats what we'll do, we'll wish the system a goodbye."

But how can they do that?

They, like always, will wait for their savior.

And when someone claims to be it, they will be happier than if they just stole a cat

this makes them fell much better.

But heres the dilemma

there has never been one throughout history

So this city, will fall into a coma.

The people, they will be hurt badly

and so the system falls,

but did they succeed?

Something else was killed behind these walls

so did they really succeed?

There were no losers

there was no pretty

because there was only winners

because there was no ugly.

There was no good or bad

because there was no ying, to the yang

people didn't like dealing with the bad

so the graveyard bells rang