So this poem is dedicated to mylilblackpen...she's witting a murder story and although I'm not the biggest fan of those types of stories, its really amazing and totally worth reading. There's a link on my my profile to her story ,Murder on October 31st, along with a blurb on why you should read it. Additional information is on her profile. There's also a link to that on my profile :D

I'm really excited about her story and I hope you check it out!

P.S-I wrote this murder poem in honor of mylilblackpen it kind of creeps me out-so be warned it is dark

Its transparent murder



Beaten up just like you

Into death

Until I no longer recognize your bloody hew
Can't watch your eternal organs,bleed into nothing

Its just to easy

The way you fall
As soundlessly as paper no sound being heard
Nothing but your struggling hands
Desperately clawing into the thick red spotted blackness
No one will watch you
Its all a charade
But I'll control every outcome
You'll never escape me

when they find your lifeless hands
So cold with fear and glee
I'll tell them
I was the one
The one who shed the most

And when they ask me how you got so cold
I'll tell them it was red

You saw red
Like a beating heart
a forgotten painting
it tore you up into madness

The blankness
Yes the blankness
I'll say it tore into you

As Your puny arms drew fourth
I'll tell them it was darkness
With every last attempt at breath
And When they ask me why
I'll say it was the red

And it wont be a total lie
The red blood
quivering down your broken neck
The red blood
like a funny joke
I swore it seemed so vainly blue
As if the oxygen couldn't turn you
Because it already knew
you would
end up dead
Just like the trees
and the birds
and the bees

And when they find you
Ill say it killed me
Weakened my knees as I fell
Lashing out onto the marbles and granite
When they ask me why
I'll say that nothing could bring you back
Ill tell them
I'll speak
But they'll never know
it always was me

When they find the knife that slit your throat
You'll be older
buried deeper
Left forgotten by every loved one
My dna will all but be gone
I'll be living it large

And if they come
I'll fake my death
I'll bury myself
Hidden in past shadows
I'll go to every length and measure
Even if I have to chain myself to you

Begging and screaming
All bloody and red
With tears of falseness and whimpers of somber drops
No one will ever know the tale
Of the greatest murderer of man
So when they ask me who
With a saddened face I"ll enunciate a lie

I'll say

I Transferred from Stanford to MIT
When they ask me why
I'll say it was cuz of love
Even if its spoken in deception

But not so fast

Every lie will have truth my dear
Its all a game
Everything is because of you
To see you bloody
Coded like a silk blanket in death
It's worth it for me
to draw that slick blade again
I was the one

That drew out your lifelong death

Haunted by blood
A fingerprint of crime
Hand prints of hypocrisy
Left on the window
A torment to you
A triumph to me
Watching you dearest victim
Swung over the swings
A Stone cold painful death

And no sound will be heard
I'll make sure of that


Sometimes a heartbeat is all you've got