Across the universe

here comes the sun

you and I say so let it be.

We are seperate, but we are

equal in so many countless

different ways. How does it

feel for you to be different

from me?. You have so much

fire in you, you have so much

passion in you and I love you

for your fighting spirit. Nothing

is ever going to change my

world. I will always be ordinary,

hoplessly dreaming in my sleep

to be something and anything, but

me. Day after day, my life is the same

old boring thing while your fame takes you

places that I have never seen and been.

If God was one of us, what would be his

name and would he win in the game of life?.

I am nobody to the world, but you consider

me to be somebody special with a very pretty

name. You make me to be apart of your dream

team, its just more ice cream on top of the cake.

You have no time to watch television because your

vision sees beyond the material things of this world.

Work consumes most of your time, but you are never

too busy to make time for me.