Lights out, black out

and say goodnight,

goodbye. No weeper,

no keeper of doves,

old past loves, take

the road not taken

and be not shaken.

Silence is golden, I

don't remember what

I used to be like back

then when I had a

smile on my face.

Born to rebel, I am

Torn and worn out just

like an old piece of paper.

I can hear satan whisper to me.

Anger eats me up inside,

but I can't breathe outside

my internal abyss. Nobody

cares about what I have to say,

therefore I shut down and

let silence have its way with

me. In my heavenly bliss,

night gives away to daylight,

how can the silence feel so right?.

I hold myself so tight that I might

never have a reason to let myself go.

How can just being numb and going

through the emotions feel so right?.

I recover my innocence as result of living

in silence where I discover inner strength

to help me win this fight against my demons.