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Now let us begin.

Preface: All That Moves

I couldn't help but wonder at what was happening. I looked at Alex to see fear imprinted on his face as he clung to me. Wincing a little at the tightness of his hold, I inched backward a little so we could lean against the far wall. I wanted to find a way out and keep him safe, but then again, what could I do? Not really much of anything. We were trapped in a room that seemed to be moving. What did that mean? I wasn't sure...hell, I wasn't even sure if I wanted to find out. What could possibly be happening?

The room jolted and things fell from the wall and shelves, causing us both to flinch at the sound of glass shattering on the ground.

Okay, so we were trapped in a room and it was moving and things were falling to the ground...just great.

Yeah, the prefaces are pretty short. The fun in this preface? You don't know whose POV it's in because this story switches POVs. Is Ryan alive? Is it a new person? Is it Alex? Hehehe...my evilness XD Go ahead and click the review button, and then onto chapter one, yeah? Or just go ahead and review on chapter one first...the preface doesn't matter...yet :D But I live off reviews! They make me update. Thanks again!