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Chapter Two: Note to Self, Nightmares Lead to Shower Fun



Oh, how I hated them. I had them pretty often, ever since that night in the hospital when I'd thought I'd lost Ryan for good. The machines had been wailing, the doctors and nurses had been so grim, and Ryan had been so still and pale. I could still picture it clearly in my mind, like a home movie playing behind my eyelids no matter what I did to try and stop it.

The nightmares had happened pretty regularly at first. Those first few weeks after that night, I had stayed at Ryan's side while he recovered in the hospital. When he'd first woken up and looked at me with those wonderful eyes, I had blinked back tears and clung to him with everything I had-because he was everything to me. I knew that. He knew it too, or at least I liked to think so.

Mostly the nightmares were about him. Naturally. Sometimes he broke up with me, said he hated me and that he'd never loved me in the first place. Other times, it was him lying still in the hospital, dead and gone from my life forever, with his wicked mother standing over him, laughing at my despair. Other times still, I dreamt that he'd died instantly when he'd gotten shot, and I'd never had a chance to say goodbye or react or do anything. All of these nightmares involved me losing him, and I couldn't let that happen. I loved him.

So on this night, when I came awake gasping for air, sitting bolt upright in bed, I shouldn't have been surprised. However, my heart was always left racing when I had these horrible dreams. They had died down somewhat but they still resurfaced randomly, interrupting my sleep and Ryan's as well. He usually woke when I stirred, especially when I woke gasping for breath. As per my usual when these nightmares occurred, I instantly looked around and spotted Ryan next to me. I reached out and grabbed his shoulder, feeling his warm body beneath my touch, alive and well. His quiet breaths stirred the silence of the room. I released a slow breath, relieved, and closed my eyes as I lay back down.

I curled my face into his back, wrapping an arm around him. He stirred somewhat and released a muffled sound, his face buried in his pillow. He had a thing about burrying when he was in bed. I thought it was amusing at times-and cute.

I startled somewhat when his hand grabbed hold of mine, which was wrapped around him and resting on the flat of his stomach, over his shirt. His head rolled to look at me and I shifted back somewhat so I could see his face. "Ali?" he asked through a quiet yawn. "You okay?"

"Yeah," I breathed. "Why?"

"Another nightmare?"

It was creepy, almost, how easy he could read through me. I sighed heavily and nodded, hanging my head low as though ashamed. I shouldn't have still been having nightmares, right? Everyone kept telling me it was in the past, that it was over and everything was okay now. Which, they were right, of course, but my mind couldn't forget. It wouldn't let me forget those horrible images of Ryan in the hospital, dying, leaving me forever. It wouldn't let me forget how I had cried and begged with him to stay. It wouldn't let me forget how horrible things could have gone, how I could have lost him then and there. How he wouldn't have been here with me now, holding me, in bed with with me...

It all could have ended, and I just couldn't 'let it go' like they kept telling me. It was too hard.

"It's okay, Ali," Ryan said, tightening his grip on my hand. He rolled toward me and my arm stayed where it was, so now my hand was on his back as he faced me, releasing my hand. "There's nothing to be ashamed about."

I sighed. "Easy for you to say," I mumbled.

Ryan shrugged and leaned his head forward somewhat. His leps pressed lightly against mine and I sighed into the kiss, tightening my hold on him as I scooted closer, our bodies touching. Too bad he slept with a shirt on...sigh.

"It's not easy for me either," he told me sincerely, looking into my eyes after we broke the kiss.

I blinked at him. "You don't have nightmares every night," I scoffed.

"You either," he said. "Just a few times a week, right? It's normal. Nothing is wrong with you. And I have nightmares too, Ali."

I blinked at him yet again, frowning slightly. "You...what?" He had nightmares too? Since when? Why hadn't he told me about them before? Why hadn't I noticed? Now I felt like the world's worst boyfriend and best friend ever. "Why didn't you tell me?" I sat up in bed, releasing him as my frown deepened.

He shrugged and sat up as well, rubbing at the back of his neck. "I didn't think it mattered," he said, "and I didn't want to bother you with them." By the look in his chocolate eyes, I knew he was telling the truth. He reached a hand out and cupped my face, hooking a thumb under my chin to make me look at him. I sighed and did so. "It doesn't matter, Alex. Everyone has nightmares sometimes. There's nothing wrong with you."

I looked down. "How is it you always know what to say?" I grunted.

I knew he was grinning even though I wasn't looking at him. I could hear it in his voice when he spoke next. "I'm just that awesome," he said surely. "Now, Ali, do you think you can get back to sleep?"

Ashamed, I shook my head. Even though I couldn't remember what this particular nightmare had been about, my heart was still racing too much to allow me to sleep at the moment. I could rarely ever get back to sleep after a nightmare.

"Alright, then come on." Ryan grabbed my arm and hauled me out of bed. Shocked, I could only stagger after him as he led me out of our bedroom. None of the rooms in this small apartment were too big, and so it only took a few seconds before we reached the bathroom. I stared at Ryan once he pushed me inside.

"Um...what?" I asked, wondering what was going on.

Ryan followed me in and turned on the shower, fixing the water so it was the right temperature. "Get in," he said, nodding toward the water. I frowned but began stripping from my clothes. I smirked a little when I saw him strip down as well. Ah, Ryan without clothes...I grinned.

"So what are we doing? Showering?" I asked him as I stepped into the stream of water.

He followed me in and my smile grew wider. "You're tense," he said when he lifted his hands and began massaging my shoulders. I relaxed against him, my back to his chest as he stood behind me.

"Yeah, well...nightmares and all that jazz," I said, shrugging slightly. "You're actually not half bad at that. You could get a job massaging people."

"You want me to touch other people?"

I grimaced and growled. "Hell no," I said instantly, shaking my head, listening to him chuckle behind me. "Mine."

"Just yours?"


"Don't worry, Ali-you're all mine as well." He kissed at the back of my neck and I relaxed against him all the more as the water covered us.

"I could get used to these 3am showers," I told him with a smirk.

"Let's not make it a habit of not sleeping," he said in response. "Consider this a special occasion."



"Well then. I could get used to these special occasions." I looked at him slyly, turning somewhat so I could face him. He dropped his hands to his side and looked at me, cocking his head to the side cutely. "But I think it's my turn."

He looked at me with amusement. "How do you figure that?"

"You're still hurt. No unecessary movements, remember? Doc's orders and all that." I smirked and pushed him against the wall. He rolled his eyes.

"But this is necessary," he argued.

"Nope. I'm boss tonight, thanks very much. And you better do as I say or you will be punished. You got that?" I grinned. I loved being the boss.

He grinned at me, his eyes bright and full of mirth. "Yes, master."

"Good. Now turn it."

Yeah...I could really get used to this.

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