Chapter 3

I shuddered at the dreaded memory. I slowly stood up in the grass, looking out onto the horizon. I knew that however horrific my death was, I was here now, in Heaven. I fell back into the meadow, spreading my arms out to look at the sky. After a long while I drifted into sleep, my dreams much more peaceful than my memories.

I was peering through the clouds, seeing the world go on without me. My mother, standing among all the others wearing black, placed a bouquet of flowers on my closed casket. Others, along with my entire family, stared, with sorrow on their faces, at my unseen body. They knew little of what had happened; only receiving a phone call from the police. A single, golden tear flowed from my new angel face, the wings on my back sinking to lightly touch my perfect, silvery skin. As I felt the feathery sensation across my skin, I sat up to realize I was not dreaming. I was an angel in Heaven.

For the last time I once again stood on the field to look up at the dozens of other angels flying in the sky. How I longed to be them, so free and capable. I let my wings spread to their full length, gently exercising the muscles from the base to the tips of each individual feather. Pulling them back, I lifted my head to the clouds, outstretching my arms as I inhaled before launching out into the sky.

It was a magical feeling, to be soaring through the air, with a boundless frontier ahead of me. I gaze down at the other angels, the expressions on their faces similar to mine: pure joy. I flew higher and higher into the sky, parting the clouds as I jetted past them, leaving my mark in their airy form. Continuing up I stop beating my wings, allowing myself to fall as far as I pleased. Nearly reaching the meadow I parted my wings just to glide over the grass. Laughing as I felt the blades grace my skin. With a sharp turn upward I circled through the air.

Still flying around I watched as all the angels stopped to go in a long, proceeding line. Hands folded in front of them, heads down. Their golden glowing halos facing a magnificent alter that held the Almighty himself. Fleeing quickly into the line, I mimicked the others. I looked silently forward, watching to see what the angels were doing. They would each bow before Him, placing their most horrid memory in his lap, and flying away out into the vast lands of the never-ending Heaven. Each memory was contained in an illuminated, ivory ball that slowly floated toward God. Once it reached him, He waved his hand over the light and it disappeared. I was astonished. Where had it gone? Did His power allow that memory to vanish forever? How could He attain such an extraordinary gift? What am I thinking? He's God, he can do anything. The line moved at a faster rate than I had imagined. When my turn came I gave God the memory of my indirect murder. The day of my death.

Kneeling before God I waited as he cupped the memory in his hands, only to close them over it and demolish the very reminiscence at its core. A sudden calmness came over me in that moment. As if all my worries and fears had completely died out. I smiled at the thought that I was free. My halo glowed a shining light, casting a brilliant radiance across my face. Glancing around me I gasped in shock.

I was alone with God.