Pick up, pick up, please pick up,
Sometimes I would love to see your name flashing,
Signaling a call just for "me, only me",
For once, I'd l_o_v_e to hear your voice,
Asking me simple questions:
What are you doing today?
Are you doing well in you classes?
(you never will but I still want you to)

Not, can you give the phone to him,
That's the greatest gift−
to not feel ignored,
He won't answer your calls, butIwill,
I'll call you first, just to prove you didn't forget,
_p_l_e_a_s_e_ pick up
You wouldn't right, I'm your only daughter
(do you hear the desperation?)

One more time, I swear, then I'm done,
Honest this time, I won't call again,
Maybe "I'll try" Steven's phone, then she'll…
(life is full of surprises; I just didn't think they happened to me)

I choke, just a bit, breathe in and exhale out,
We talk− I talk, you listen…I think,
Your silent, but I'm talking about calculus,
Let me talk and assume, I need this,
I hear a quick goodbye,
A h a p p y birthday tacked on at the end,
I'm stuck saying "I love you" to a dial tone, again.
(well I did have a birthday)

Three Cheers− Cha Cha Cha 7/12/11

A/N: Trying this half-ass visual poetry. Let's see where it goes.

© 2011 by knownkonvict

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