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The Beginning

I threw my head back and laughed with the rest of the girls that I was with. My long dirty blonde hair tired back from my face as we drove around in my truck. It was Friday, the day that everyone here in small Redford county looks for. Friday nights were when everyone threw party's and big bon fires. The perfect start of the weekend if I don't say so myself.

"Lain! Are you with us still?" My best friend Courtney asked, all the girls laughing with her. I smiled my cheesiest smile and Courtney smacked my arm. This was when I was happiest. Here in my truck with my best friend Court and two of our other closest friends, Ashley and Rena. I've known all of these girls since I was in diapers. We were the 4 that people never saw apart or fighting with each other. It was like are selves were each others better half. I smiled to myself. That was cheesy, but true.

Courtney was who I was closest to though. She was one of those tall beautiful blonde country girls with the perfect smile. The boys went crazy of Courtney where as I just stood on the side with a smile as she fought them off with the flick of her cowgirl hat. She was funny, smart, and a all around good person.

Now me? I know you're probably wondering. I wasn't much different from Courtney; I was what people called beautiful too but in a more rough and tumble kind of way. I was the tom boy of the bunch. The one always out playing with the boys in the mud rather than shopping with the girls. Not that I didn't go shopping, I just preferred mud. I was smart; I loved books and learning anything new. If I wasn't such a country girl, I'd be such a nerd. So yeah, that was me.

As far as Rena and Ashley go; they were much alike. Both had dark hair with bright smiles. They weren't as county as Courtney and I but they had their moments. All in all, we were a good bunch. At least I thought so anyway.

I pulled into the old lot by the woods where kids were setting up for the party tonight. People greeted us as we stepped out of the truck and we all smiled and greeted back. Courtney took off at the sight of her boyfriend and threw her arms around him smiling and laughing. Rena and Ashley spread out to talk to a group of guys and for a moment I was alone.

It was moments like this that made me wonder why I wasn't into boys like they were. I mean, sure some were cute and funny and charming but not one single one had truly caught my attention.

I shrugged off the tiny bit of loneness that I was feeling and looked around, a smile forming on my face as I run toward pretty much the only man in my life. He saw me just in time to catch me as I jumped on him.

"Lain! My beautiful lady!" I laughed and kisses his cheek.

"Hey Brad! It sure is good to see you right now." His smile faded a little as it always did when he could tell something was wrong. He grabbed my hand and pulled me aside, flicking off the few guys around us as they hooted and whistled at us.

I smiled softly. "I think it's official Brad. Everyone in this town thinks we belong together." He smiled and just squeezed my hand, not saying anything till we were alone. We both sat down on the long by the lake and were quiet for a moment before Brad finally spoke.

"Lain, you know I would have to say that you are my best friend, right?" I nodded, unsure where this was going. I thought he was going to talk about me...but with the sound of his voice, it sounded deeper than that. "Well, I've been keeping something from you for a while now and I think it's time I told you. God, this is harder than I thought it would be." He leaned his head in his hands. I rubbed his back."I'm think I'm gay!"

I stopped rubbing his back for a moment as I tried to process what he said but I couldn't figure it out. God damn, that was fast talkin'.

"I'm sorry Brad, but could you slow down for me, please?" I spoke gently, as not to scare him away.

He stood up and started to pace before dropping to his knees in front of me. He grabbed my knees and looked into my eyes with tears threaten to drop from his light blue eyes.

"I said...I think I'm gay. Oh god! I said it! Please don't hate me Lain. Please god, don't hate me!" My mind went blank for a moment as he laid his head down in my lap, crying. But it didn't take long before my thoughts began racing. How could this strong man, think I could hate him.

I pulled him up and wrapped my arms around him. Gripping his plaid shirt tightly. "Ah honey, it's okay. Everything is going to be okay. I don't hate you. I could never hate you babe." Brad's body finally relaxed, he sat up and looked me into the eye again. This time though, hope brimming in his eyes.

"You mean, you don't hate me?" God, he sounded so upset. I shook my head and smiles, pushing his shaggy hair out of his eyes. He smiled...a different kind of smile. A smile I've never seen before coming from him.

"That's my man. Don't ever do that to me again. I thought you were going to confess your love to me or something." I winked at him and smiled as he stood up and dusted the dirt from his jeans.

Watching him now, I can kinda see it. How spotless he is. His jeans pressed and clean, his plaid shirts always clean and crisp, his boots always shine even as they age. He always looks good and the girls always notice, but he doesn't date either. I just thought he and I were a lot alike but it seems he had his reasons why he didn't date the opposite sex. As for me, I still had no idea.

"Lain, are you still with me?" I shook my head again and smiled.

"Of course I am, just thinking. Brad, I'm glad you told me...but why now? Before the big party?" He chuckled and sat back down next to me before frowning a tad.

"Well, I hadn't planned on telling you this way but when I saw that sad look in your eyes earlier...well it reminded me of myself. How sad I am all the time." He must have saw the I-am-not-gay look I was giving him and he held up his hands in defense. "Not that I'm saying we are having the same exact issue, but you are sad." He spoke more softly.

I sighed in defeat. "I am...not exactly sad, but lonely. I want that special someone. That one person that makes me feel good, Brad. But I don't know what it is. No one around here sparks any interest in me."

Brad grinned. "Oh honey, not even me?" I laughed and smacked his arm.

"Of course you do but look at where that got us babe." He winked and threw an arm around my shoulders.

He started to open his mouth to say something when we head someone coughing behind us. I turned around quickly, thinking someone heard us but before I could think anything, they spoke.

"Whoa whoa Brad, is this your fake girlfriend?" I raised an eyebrow as I saw Brad grin. Brad kissed my cheek and grinned some more.

"Matter a fact cuz...nope." I saw the stranger laugh. "This is my best friend Lain."

The stranger walked close enough that I could make out their features. My heart jumped into my throat and started beating wildly in my chest. Tall and handsome, in black jeans and a button up gray shirt with short shaggy hair and those familiar light blue eyes. I was speechless.

I felt Brad squeeze my shoulder as the handsome stranger smiled a bright white crooked smile. "Lain, meet my charming cousin Ryan. She's here for summer." I almost choked when he said "she".

Ryan stuck out her hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you Lain." I nodded, biting my bottom lip and slowly took her hand into my own...holding in a groan as I felt her skin against mine. Sending shivers down my spine. I quickly pulled away and held my tingling hand against my chest.

"She doesn't talk much, does she Brad?" Ryan said with that same crooked smile.

Brad laughed and clapped me on the back, pulling me to my shaky feet. "Yeah right, she normally doesn't shut up! Something must be up." He felt my forehead. "You feeling alright Lain?" I nodded and put forth my best smile, making sure to pull out my charming self even when all I wanted to do was run home and crawl into bed. God, I've never reacted like this to anyone...why now? And for a girl.

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