Why we do what we do

What makes a dreamer dream?
Or writers write?
Why is it that painters paint
the sun or the sky above?
What causes workers to work
a job to which they hate?

Is it the time of the day,
the weather outside,
the dollars they make,
or the things they wish
could be done?

It might be all those
but it also is something else,
something more.

Their drive is neither
abstract nor concrete,
moving nor still,
but rather pushed
by the abnormality of life.

They strive to make meaning
of things that others simply
do not try to make meaning of.

They borrow the energy around them
and create something of new origin.
And not only do they lose themselves
but others get lost as well
in this new world.

We manipulate what we have
to see what we wish to gain
in the future.

We put forth our best
in hopes to receive better in return.