This is a poem I wrote around the beginning of January 2011. It is based on the demoralization of our society, and basically all the corruption and lies seen on the news.

Corruption is a horrible, vile disease.
It is a wildfire among the human race, spreading quicker than a flame in a forest overcome by drought.
Its danger may be evident from the start; yet, it may fume unnoticed for awhile before the deadly spark becomes a flame.

Then, rapidly, it burns through each person one by one.
The blaze and heat increases as more and more are consumed by fire.
It takes society by firestorm, blinding the untouched with smoke before they, too, ignite.

Everything we believe in will be set ablaze.
Everyone we think we know, incinerated.
And everything we've ever lived for, reduced to ashes.

There's only one effective extinguisher;

But when our world is going up in smoke, right before our eyes,
how could there possibly be enough hope
to smother this sea of flames?