So I did say that I was going to be doing a series of shorts and drabbles for this story and I think the reaction that I got when I posed the idea was relatively well received. Sorry that it's taken me so long to actually get back into the groove of doing actual writing, especially now that there are so many of you that are following me I feel like I'm a bit of a disappointment.

But no matter. The series of shorts has been posted, for those of you that hadn't noticed this yet, it's called 'Graphite and Rollerball'. A big thank you to anyone who has read this little project of mine and I hope to be back sometime soon with another.

Wow this is late, and I'm so sorry I'm inactive, but I just started university and oh, god, I'm everywhere which apparently doesn't include here, and I'm sorry I'll try and balance this out a bit better, and when I get settled in to classes and work and homework and everything on top of that I'm going to pick up writing more.

-R. E. W.