A/N Hey guys! I just wanted you to know that this is NOT mine. This is one of my friend's short stories.. His name is not important. But he will be going by Turtle. He is in one of my other stories... 'I Killed Bob'.

Anyways, He came up with this story while looking out his window and saw a groundhog eating grass.

His dad is dieing. Just letting you know. He came up with this story to act goofy and try to momentarly forget about it and other stressfull things.

By the way, he named that groundhog Todd. Lol.

Anyways, once again, here is the short story.

-Line Break-

Todd has a wife, Lauren and two little groundhop babie, Jeremy and Max. He came home after working at the Groundhog Bank, to find out that his wife was cheating on him, with his best friend David. He gets mad and storms off to the Groundhog bar to drink away his problems.

Well the bartender kicked him out because it was closing time. Well by this time he was SMASHED (AKA drunk). So he stumbles to his car and starts to drive home to deal with his wife.

On his way home he crashes into a tree. He was okay but he was also passed out. Another groundhog saw the accident so he called the Groundhog Police. When they get there they made sure he was okay to be moved. So they take him to the Groundhog Hospital. The groundhog doctors put a cast on his broken paw.

The first thing he sees when he wakes up in the hostipal was his nurse. Which he instantly falls in love with. Soon they sent him home.

But when he got there he saw that David, his ex-best friend has moved in and all his stuff was out on the crub. So he goes to the Groundhog homeless shelter. He stays there for two days.

Oh and he also lost his job. Well he decides that he will never be able to find that nurse again. Sooo he starts to drink again. After 8 shots of strong liquor he gets his nerves up to go to the hospital and ask that nice groundhog nurse out on a date.

He gets in his car and starts to drive to the hospital and he gets there safely. He asks for the nurse that helped him when he was checked in the hosptial. He waiting for a while for that nurse. Soon a male groundhog nurse walks up and asks "You asked for me?'

Moral of the story is that looks can be deceiving when your drunk.


-Line Break-

A/N okay well... There it is. I know it is short and all but still. He tryed cheering himself up along with me. Turtle and I have been going threw two hard weeks of depression. We will get over it though...

I hope his dad will survive. Honestly I do. From what Turtle has told me his father (by the way he is adopted.) is a very good man. He went threw alot. So anyways, I think his dad doesn't deserve to die. He made Turtle the way he is now.

Pray for his dad please? He really needs it. The doctors say that his dad could die tonight.

His father is on oxygen and still having trouble breathing. His left lung is infected.

Thanks for reading!