Author's Note: Please read the Author's Note in the end, otherwise I would ruin and spoil this Short Story.

Not Right

He stood right in front of me as I went out of my classroom, and I almost bumped in to him. Surprised I looked up, staring with my poison green eyes, in matching contrast to my black eye-liner, in his face, his pretty face. Nevertheless I was pretty sure he saw only one of my eyes because one side was covered by my black diagonal bangs. He was taller than me and had a well shaped body. Smooth it looked on a growing man. His hair was blonde, cut short, but not too short; he still could style it in some way.

My heart immediately was dead; it didn't beat. Right after it went crazy, it wanted to break out of its' cage. My feet were glued to the floor, they didn't seem to live either; I dare not say a word. A light gap between my lips though revealed the desire to say at least one word, which would touch him softly. He would remember, and be eager to feel my breath again. Yet instinctively, and trying to avoid his gaze, I lowered my eyes from his handsome ones, his gorgeous crystal blue eyes. They seemed ocean. My glance met the cold floor; quickly I went past him. I am not sure, but it was as if I saw his head slightly turn to follow my movements. Briefly my shoulder touched his upper arm when I raised the pace in my still dead legs, but I had to get away; my escape was the washroom. Messy was my mind.

No. He hadn't felt anything at all. How could he? It's not like I am anything special everyone wants. I was different from him! He never would go out with me. I never would dare to ask. And he just never would because he doesn't like me anyway. He also has for sure a girlfriend. Dammit! Why am I even thinking about him? Stop it! ... But his look, his face- No, no, no! Don't even try!

The words in my head carried on to twirl around and round, not stopping to think about him. Not even that person in the mirror could arrest my thoughts about him; that person made it even worse. I splashed water in my face, needing to cool down. I wanted to slap myself, hoping that I might wake up, though my opinion was that I could even hit myself to death; this incredibly good looking boy would follow me, no matter where I would go, how fast I would run. It was hopeless, and my next class started soon. I swear, I was trying to concentrate, but my friend electro shocked me back in to reality. "Hey, Mitchel," he said. "What was our homework again?"

Author's Note: I do not hate gays, neither am I against them in any way. I just like to surprise and have unexpected endings. Oh, and neither am I implying that "Emos" are gay. - I don't even really know anymore what "emo" is supposed to mean. Everybody has a different view about it! - I just simply love black hair and the poison green eyes. So, if you review, please do not imply the gay things and/ or the emo ones. Thank you if you do so. Oh, and an other thing, the title is "Not Right" because the narrator himself thinks that it is not right. Anyways, thanks for reading.