The Girl's Not Right
The Girl's Not Right

SUMMARY: About me, my mind, what people don't know about me. If they knew, they probably wouldn't like me.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'm so "normal" and calm all the time. No one likes to hear me talk about what goes on in my mind. They always change the subject or just stare at something behind me. I guess the don't like to see what really goes on in there... but who would blame them?

This is one of my favorite poems of mine. Hope you enjoy!

... know until you walk a mile
In my shoes
Got nothin' to lose
See the world through a different light
A more liquid light
A twisted sight
This is my mind
And all you can think is
The girl's not right
And that's all you know
And what you know is what you show
And what you show is
The girl's not right
So now you know what goes on inside
What makes me cry
Why I smile
And now you know why I try
To lift you up when you're pushing me down
And now you know why I'm never around
Sittin' down
You hear me
Clear and loud
And they yell my name
A quiet whisper
The lights that came
The little shapes
And the people in my bed
You all mistook for dead
Coming from my head
And now we're just screaming red
So how does this new light
Look to you now?
Do you see the girl's not right?
Told me
Little girl, just don't cry
Why don'tcha smile?
Physically unable
No fault of my own
Mentally unstable
Dusty little bones
And as I grow older
You see me grew bolder
And now you will find
That I've changed sides
And now I will fight
But the girl's not right
Now you feel like a fuckin' martyr
Just push a little farther
Here we go now
Don't look back now
Drift back without a sound now

So now the mile looks a little longer
Now the trail looks a little longer
Now you see
What is in me

And now you know
What I want
And what I want
Is the light you own
The light that keeps me
At the brink
Spilled in ink
On the outskirts
Of the Sanskrit
The light
The sight
You took from me
The liquid light
The glorious sight
Of what's within me
The faded light
Is what you know
That is in me
The faded light
The jaded light
The insane sight
Holds me tight
And all I can say to you now

The girl's not right

You won't ...