The Trumpet Man

There he goes

Madness in his mustache

Crumpled glass beneath his souls

Marvel at his confetti eyes, butterbrown

And hear him play for the sea

My, that trumpet man

Always in his dappled suit

Whittles the gold

Tears drowning in its mouth

Still, surprise, the trumpet sings

See now the ocean weeps

its white crowns upturn

He's a magic man, a blowing mystery

Writing out wonder

As Mother Moon springs a leak

Milk spouting in the sky

I wait for him, I pretend with him

Sunken in his sadness and buried me in

I love him with a stranger's word

As only a stranger could

And we're all untied and dangled by a single string

Still and still

Gouged in this love affair

With the spouse of the sea

Who could help but applaud

And simply submit to the song ?