Everything was perfect. Each of us was making trillions of yen every year, Pherumite-powered weaponry was turning the War in our favor, and Pherumite implants and injections were saving countless cancer patients. The world was entering a new age: an age of limitless power, life, and possibilities. Pherumite, the crystalized form of Pherium, the new element discovered miles into the earth's crust, found by my professor, Professor Jerome Klaxon. Pherumite contains no power of its own; the power of Pherumite lies in Pherumant, an indescribable substance it secretes. Pherumant is not comprised of atoms like all other matter, but is made up of microparticles similar in size and form to protons and neutrons.

…Or so we thought.

Skip ahead a few decades and here I am, Drew Klaxon, the outcast doombringer of this world. Continuing the work of my father and professor, Jerome Klaxon, I searched far and wide to uncover the mysterious truth behind Pherumant. Two years ago, I returned to Atlantis, the underwater cave off of Okinawa, where my father had first discovered Pherumite, and, therefore, Pherium. I continued working with only my wife and two closest colleagues, digging deeper and deeper into that forsaken mine; it was there, under countless tons of earth and water, that I found Ert.

The Atlantians, who were the first humans to discover Pherumant and its powers, had built a legendarily powerful and successful society, yet they mysteriously vanished. Why? The answer: Ert. Ert is the other inependant-particle substance (aka: IPS); it is a gas that is extremely toxic in concentration and has particles even smaller than electrons. The queerest, and most dangerous, quality of Ert is that it "infects" Pherumant. When Ert was released from its hellish cavern, it took the lives of my wife and two colleagues, rushing out into the water. Unlike the Atlantians, I had no way of collapsing the island to trap it in because there was no longer an island to collapse. However, also unlike the Atlantians, I managed to escape with my life.

Over these past two years, I've been forced into hiding; Ert has spread over nearly the entire Earth; everyone who was infected (i.e. directly exposed to Pherumase and Ert) has been killed, quarantined, and/or mutated; and all Pherumite mines and major cities and farms have been protected by gigantic Plexiglas domes. Also, two major truths about Ert and Pherumant have been uncovered: the particles making up Pherumant are actually tiny, virus-like organisms, and Pherumants that are infected by Ert become tiny Ert factories. All of the organisms and machines containing corrupted Pherumants have mutated and overrided, becoming undead monsters like something out of a horror movie.

However, humankind refuses to give up. Instead, they plan to recover the earth with a three step plan:

1) Create a network of Plexiglas domes and tubes across the Earth

2) Find a cure for Ert

3) Eliminate all infected machinery and organisms

It's at this third step that my own son, John Klaxon, comes into play. I'm sorry if I mislead you, but this is not my story; it's his.