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Note: Gala, Nottingham is a fictional place I created, the small town Aubrey and Vincent lives at. Plus, I don't know how England bases their school, so I kinda used references from my school. xD

As the Winter breeze blew at my face and the snow slowly fell to my feet, I stared at the small brick building in front of me. It was simple, one story and...peaceful, fit for a small town like this one. A town just east of Nottingham, England.

My name is Aubrey. I came from the busy streets of San Francisco and now moved to the native part of Gala, Nottingham. I used to live with my Dad, but he got arrested for several reasons, so I was forced to live with my Mom, and her new family; a loving husband, and a little boy, no older than four. And as life would have it, I'm now standing in front of my new school...

Which I plan to make Until Further Notice.

As soon as my Dad's out of jail, I'm out of here.

I sighed, entering the rusted blue doors. The inside looked like how a normal school hallway would look like, and since class is going on, it was empty. I headed straight to the office, asking the secretary for my timetable. She looked young and pretty, said her name was Angie and toured me around the small school. There were 5 rooms in total, from Year 9 till Year 12, and a small gym. So apparently, each year had one section. After the small 3-minute tour, she showed me in front of my room; year 12. Knocking, she told me she had to file some paperwork and left.

Then, ever so slowly the small door opened, revealing a man in his late 20's in a wheelchair. He looked like the average smart person; trimmed black hair and square-rimmed glasses. I smiled at him, "Hi, I'm the new student..?"

His pale face lit up, immediately backing away, motioning for me to enter. "Class, looks like the new student is here." he said to the class. I walked in with confident steps and a smile...only for it to drop when I faced the class.

There, about 50 students were talking and bickering and well, being plain...chaotic.

"Pardon them, they can be pretty...rowdy, during self-study period. They're a total of 42, with you included." the man in the wheelchair said, so I was a bit over-exaggerated by saying 50. "My name is Mr. Fanning. I'll be your new homeroom teacher. We don't really do introductions, so, where would you like to sit?"

I glanced back at the forty-one students in front of me. The classroom was an fairly big, but with over forty students, it seemed cramped and almost...suffocating, "Oh, um, anywhere's fine, Mr. Fanning." I said, smiling softly.

"Alright then, you could sit beside Vincent Abercroft." he said, then making his voice louder, he called for the so-called 'Vincent' to raise his hand...and ever so cliché, Vincent Abercroft sat at the very back of the class near the windows. I gulped, for the first time ever, I'm quite nervous.

As I walked to said empty chair, Mr. Fanning chuckled, sensing my nervousness, "It's alright," he said, "Though they're all noisy-" he shouted to the class making them look at him and sit back in their seats, shutting up, "-they're all good-hearted and I'm definitely sure they would welcome you here. Right guys?"

With smiles on their faces, and seemingly as a choir, they all chorused, "Definitely!"

Making the smile return to my face.

The class had dragged on. Making me bored out of my mind.

Everytime I tried talking to Vincent, a guy with soft black locks hanging over his ears and the nape of his neck, a girlish hand and very pale skin, he'd ignore me or just stare as if glaring and saying, You don't get it, do you? So I stopped trying to talk to him, it was making me frustrated anyway.

So I started talking to the pretty brunette girl beside me. At first, she glared, like one of those glares that say 'Stop talking to me before I injure you in places you can't even spell.' But I kept talking, asking her questions about the class and simple girl gossip. Though it was a one-sided conversation, I continued, distracting myself from the immature 18 year old's.

Then abruptly, as the noise the other students were making drowning her words into mere whispers, she said rather angryly, "Look here, city girl, I'm an outcast here, so if you care about your reputation as a student, you better stop talking to me." then turned back to her notebook, scribbling some things I can't see from my seat.

I sighed, I don't really care about those things. My life has been about struggling and disappointments, I don't have time to spend on useless things. I may be confident, but I'm the average no-sex-appeal girl and I have a severe case of Monophobia. A fear of being left alone.

I looked back to the brunette, "What's your name?"

She kissed at her teeth, "You're really persistent, aren't you." she said that as a statement rather than a question, "Adriana, school loser." she held out her hand.

I laughed at that, taking hold of her hand, "Aubrey Sheldon, city girl." I introduced, using her nickname for me. "So, Adriana, mind telling me what to expect in this school?"

"Well, I guess." she drawled, her voice sounding of never-ending boredness. "This is your stereotypical school, some bitches that think they run this place, jerks that have sex with every girl they meet, and a school loser, which is me."

I didn't know what to say to that. My school in New Jersey was better than this, though there are still bitches and whores, we treat each other as equals, nothing more, nothing less. "Ohh, okay," I said, my eyebrows raising from her explanation, "I have one teensy tiny question though, if you're the school loser, what is he?" I whispered as I pointed to Vincent.

"Oh, he's not a nerd, nor is he a nobody." she said, finger twirling her bangs that reached her eyes, "He's the normal kid? But not so normal, people keep away from him, saying he was creepy."


"See that guy over there?" she said pointing to a lean, muscular guy with blonde hair throwing paper balls across the room, "Henry tried beating him up once, but he stood his ground, fighting back."

"Oh. Doesn't that make him cool though?"



"Because he's mute."

I changed my mid about making it into a one-shot. I have so many ideas for this fiction that if I make it a oneshot it's gonna end up with more than 15,000 words. Which would make it hard to read and shit. So I cut it and made it into a mutli-chapter story!

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