The ocean-blue sky hid behind the cloud's veil.

The furious wind forced the strongest trees to kneel.

What disaster awaited would soon be revealed….

Lightning gave a wicked smile behind clouds so dark.

So cruel the thunder was, it sounded like the Devil's bark.

So powerful they were together, the earth seemed to split.

Wonder what happened to the poor creatures they hit…

Scorching drops of rain soon began to spill.

It seemed like Nature had declared a war at her will.

What disaster awaited would soon be revealed….

While Nature was revolting against man-kind,

Wonder what reigned in that poor little girl's mind.

Sorrow, pain and loneliness were all that she had got,

Because while relationships can end, love cannot.

A useless body that she really wanted to kill

Tried to fight vigorously against her strong will.

What disaster awaited would soon be revealed….

A passer-by was awe-struck by her eyes so placid.

His blood curdled at the sight of that face burnt with acid

From her own tear-drops as she stood still like a ghost.

Acidulated heart longing for the one she loved the most…

A/N: I wrote this when I was, like, 13? 14? Yes, my own hidden darkness scares me sometimes. Because I've reached the light now, I just cut off the last darkest verses, so if this seems incomplete, you know why.