The Secret of St. Jeanne


Knowledge Compilation

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Akiko Numa (沼 明子 [ぬま あきこ] Numa Akiko)

CV: Tae Okajima (Kotonoha Katsura in School Days, Zhang Jiao in Shin-Koihime Musou)

First appearance: Chapter 1

Sex: Female

Nationality: Japan

Birthday: 1 October

Age: 16

Blood type: A

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 51 kg

Three sizes: 104/56/86

Hair: Chestnut

Eyes: Brown

Occupation: Senior high student

Hobbies: Reading, clothes shopping, accessories

Favorite foods: Chocolate, milk, salad, steak

Least favorite foods: Salty food

Likes: Sex, stuffed animals, music (classical and J-pop)

Dislikes: Deception

Appearance: Akiko is tall and extremely voluptuous with creamy pale skin, pouting lips, a straight nose, large breasts, a thin waist, and wide hips. Her hair is long and wavy, reaching her backside. She wears small oval glasses and hairclips.

Personality: Akiko is a sweet, compassionate, difficult to anger, curious, sociable, and fun loving Witch. She is highly intelligent in academics, and has a natural talent for Witch magic and alchemy. She wishes to emulate her beloved aunt, Saeko Matsuyama, and is extremely open sexually. Akiko is a self-proclaimed "slut" and believes that sex should be viewed as an enjoyable group activity.

Botan-chan (ぼたんちゃん Botan-chan)

CV: Yuu Kobayashi (Setsuna Sakurazaki in Magister Negi Magi, Akitsu in Sekirei)

First appearance: Chapter 1

Sex: Female

Nationality: Japan

Birthday: 1 October

Age: 37

Blood type: N/A

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Three sizes: 95/57/90

Hair: Pink

Eyes: Amber

Occupation: Familiar

Hobbies: Cooking, cleaning, mixed martial arts

Favorite foods: Fish, squid, octopuses, milk

Least favorite foods: Cat food

Likes: Back scratches, chasing small animals

Dislikes: Fleas

Appearance: Botan-chan normally looks like a black cat, but her true form is that of a well-muscled young girl with long wild hair, cat ears, and a cat's tail.

Personality: Botan-chan is Akiko's loyal Familiar, inherited from Saeko. She is totally devoted to her mistress and does work around the house for her eagerly. Botan-chan is helpful, perky, and excitable.

Midori Hachiya (八谷 ミドリ [はちや ミドリ] Hachiya Midori)

CV: Chiemi Ishimatsu (Advising teacher in Eiken: Eikenvu yori Ai o Komete, female high school student B in Dance in the Vampire Bund)

First appearance: Chapter 1

Sex: Female

Nationality: Japan

Birthday: 27 February

Age: 32

Blood type: AB

Height: 169 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Three sizes: 86/60/94

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Occupation: Senior high English teacher

Hobbies: Collecting green clothing

Favorite foods: Sandwiches

Least favorite foods: Soup

Likes: Things colored green, English language

Dislikes: Pushy men

Appearance: Midori is tall and thin with long glossy black hair with the fringe almost falling into her eyes. Two long fringes hang down to curl near her chest. She wears large square glasses, and is know for her green blazer and skirt.

Personality: Midori is cheerful, but wishes her figure were more voluptuous. She is single and lonely, and has a romantic imagination. She is jealous of the sexy girls attending her class.

Toyoe Kujouin (九条院 豊恵 [くじょういん とよえ] Jakuriinu Rakuroa)

CV: Yuuko Gotou (Mikuru Asahina in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuu'utsu, Machina in Dragonaut – The Resonance)

First appearance: Chapter 1

Sex: Female

Nationality: Japan

Birthday: 9 June

Age: 21

Blood type: AB

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 54 kg

Three sizes: 122/72/94

Hair: Plum

Eyes: Red

Occupation: Nun

Hobbies: Reading, calligraphy, napping

Favorite foods: Milk, rice, green tea

Least favorite foods: None

Likes: Students, quiet

Dislikes: Loud noises, her clumsiness

Appearance: Toyoe has astonishingly large breasts that her habit cannot fully hide. Her wavy hair tends to spill out from under her hood messily. Her eyes are wide and childlike, and she wears a silver crucifix necklace.

Personality: Toyoe is very shy and gentle. Her clumsiness and insecurity haunt her though, and she wishes to be a stronger person. Extremely self-conscious of her voluptuous figure, she worries about tempting boys into lusting after her. Her faith in God is very strong, and likes to meditate on her thoughts outside.

Tsurugi Yagokoro (夜心 剣 [やごころ つるぎ] Yagokoro Tsurugi)

CV: Soichiro Hoshi (Kira Yamato in Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, Keiichi Maebara in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Kazuma in s-CRY-ed)

First appearance: Chapter 1

Sex: Male

Nationality: United States of America

Birthday: 10 April

Age: 16

Blood type: A

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Blue

Occupation: Abandoned one

Hobbies: Video games, visual novels, bike-riding

Favorite foods: Meat, blood, crepes

Least favorite foods: Limes, candy, alcohol

Likes: Pretty girls, comedy shows, role-playing

Dislikes: Traitors, the occult

Appearance: Tsurugi is a scrawny boy with neck-length, slightly messy hair and fairly pretty features. He usually doesn't care what he wears.

Personality: Tsurugi is easy-going yet modest at the same time. Cynical, which can lead to snarky comments, but tries to keep a positive attitude. Although reliable in times of need, he doesn't give himself enough credit for his efforts. He gets aroused whenever he tries biting someone to extract blood.

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Kaori Minase (水無瀬 香織 [みなせ かをり] Minase Kaori)

CV: Saki Nakajima (Chikaru Minamoto in Strawberry Panic!, Chizuru Honshou in Bleach)

First appearance: Chapter 1

Sex: Female

Nationality: Japan

Birthday: 14 July

Age: 16

Blood type: O

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 51 kg

Three sizes: 86/53/83

Hair: Brown (dyed blonde)

Eyes: Black

Occupation: Senior high student, president of Occult Club

Hobbies: Collecting occult tomes, fortune-telling

Favorite foods: Natto

Least favorite foods: Spinach

Likes: Occult

Dislikes: Skeptics

Appearance: Kaori is curvy and beautiful, her hair tied in a ponytail fringes frame her face. She looks serious and possesses a subtle power in her presence.

Personality: Kaori is quiet and dignified, treating her occult interests with utmost seriousness. She offers her fortune-telling skills to anyone interested. Recently she has taken an interest in New Eraism, a new religion.

Frantilly Scientia-Ilm Housenka (フランティリー・スキエンティア=イルム・鳳仙花 [フランティリー・スキエンティア=イルム・ほうせんか] Furantirii Sukientia-Irumu Housenka) A.K.A. Rie Mochida (持田 理恵 [もちだ りえ] Mochida Rie)

CV: Ai Nonaka (Kafuka Fuu'ura in Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei, Kyouko Sakura in Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

First appearance: Chapter 1

Sex: Female

Nationality: Unknown

Birthday: 3 February

Age: Unknown

Blood type: Unknown

Height: 144 cm

Weight: 33 kg

Three sizes: 75/53/77

Hair: Teal

Eyes: Teal

Occupation: Senior high student

Hobbies: Exploring, learning

Favorite foods: Jelly babies, fish fingers, custard

Least favorite foods: Beans, bacon

Likes: Science, nature

Dislikes: Crowds, guns

Appearance: Rie has curly hair, large eyes, and a thin build.

Personality: She has no self-consciousness, and is highly energetic. She can be childishly smug, and gesticulates wildly when excited. While staunchly opposed to killing, her anger can be tremendous if pushed far enough.

Jeanne (ジャンヌ Jan'nu)

CV: Erika Narumi (Zhuge Liang in Koihime Musou, Silvia van Hossen in Princess Lover! Eternal Love For My Lady)

First appearance: Chapter 1

Sex: Female

Nationality: France

Birthday: 6 January

Age: 19 (physical age); 609 (true age)

Blood type: A

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 51 kg

Three sizes: 92/56/84

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Occupation: Knight

Hobbies: Horse riding, swordsmanship practice

Favorite foods: Stew

Least favorite foods: Octopus

Likes: Dogs

Dislikes: Cats

Appearance: Jeanne is busty and well muscled. She wears a suit of blue plate mail that covers her body entirely. Her hair is worn up in a short boyish style, and her face is stern. She prefers to dress as a boy.

Personality: Jeanne is strict, judgmental, demanding, pious, and stubborn. She will not hesitate to make her mind known, and cannot stand feminine women, believing them to be inferior. She is a disciplined soldier, showing incredible fighting ability.



Devil (魔人 [まじん] Majin): Beings from the World of Devils. They are without physical bodies outside the World of Devils, so they must possess bodies to do anything.

Sneak Smoke (隠密煙薬 [スニークスモーク] Suniiku Sumouku): Potion for rendering a subject invisible.

World of Devils (魔界 [まかい] Makai): Where the Devils came from.



Ilm (知識撃 [イルム] Irumu): Frantilly transfers her vast knowledge to another person in the form of an oscillating beam of flashing silver light. The transference is so chaotic, traumatic, and painful that it often renders a target unconscious and unable to remember any of the incredible knowledge that had just been experienced.

Lampo Bianco (白雷撃 [ランポ・ビアンコ] Ranpo Bianko): Akiko fires a bolt of white lightning at a target.