The Secret of St. Jeanne


Chapter 4: Midori

Note: This is a female muscle expansion, breast expansion, lactation, girls love, and straight story, and there will be scenes of a graphic sexual nature.

"Little Witch, little Witch..."

I walked toward the pile of rubble that used to be my school. The sky was a blood-red, the Sun blazing hellishly. No one else was around, and there weren't any buildings either; just an endless flat red expanse. I was dressed for school though, and the deep, seductive voice compelled me to come closer.

I stepped slowly through the burnt-out ruins, wondering how I was supposed to attend class with only a ruin. Someone should start repairing this place.

A crimson light pulsed on the floor. I walked to it curiously. The floor erupted into a pillar of red light before my eyes. I couldn't move as a smooth brown-skinned hand shot from the light and seized my shirt. Blazing red eye peered at me from the abyss.

"You belong to me, Witch," the voice stated.

I was yanked into the light and plunged through a long shaft with no bottom in sight.

My eyes snapped open and I sat up in the guest bed, my tits juggling loosely. I was naked, and Yagokoro was sleeping naked beside me. Our brief burst of passion returned to me and I blushed, feeling giddy over how we gave each other our virginity. I remembered how a few months before I had my first sexual experience, a similarly brief run of passion with Botan-chan. I felt so complete and happy then too, and had decided to follow Saeko onee-chan's hedonistic ways. As long as it was consensual it was all right. That's my rule and I stick by it.

A knocking at the door woke Yagokoro up. He looked around blearily, like he didn't remember where he was.

"Mistress, are you in there?" Botan-chan called. "I brought Yagokoro-sama's new clothes and dinner's ready!"

"Come in and leave us the clothes!" I called back.

"What? No!" Yagokoro fretted, pulling the covers over himself.

The door opened and Botan-chan came in with the boy's clothing folded neatly in her arms. "Oh! You're sleeping with Yagokoro-sama?"

I grinned but didn't answer. He blushed and slid under the covers to hide.

Botan-chan pouted. "I wish you invited me," she said. "I wanna get to know him too! It's been really long since I last had fun with a boy."

"Maybe later," I said. I got out of bed and took the clothes. "Give us a moment to clean up and get dressed," I instructed.

Botan-chan nodded. "Of course, Mistress!"

I took Yagokoro into the bathroom and we quickly washed up and got dressed. He picked red shirt and some jeans while I got a black jumper and skirt. We joined the rest downstairs. Hachiya still looked a little bewildered but otherwise seemed grateful to eat. Toyoe looked very pleased by the food. Botan-chan was beaming with pride. Housenka was playing with her food like a child. Jeanne glared sullenly at her meal, as though suspicious of it.

"You're that boy from before, aren't you?" Toyoe said when she saw Yagokoro.

"Yeah," he said. He looked uncomfortable around everyone else. He took a seat to my left, Botan-chan to my right. Botan-chan had made everyone diner set consisting of a bowl of rice, a bowl of vegetables with bits of meat and tofu, a small plate of sashimi, grilled chicken, a bowl of miso soup, and glasses of milk (when it's just Botan-chan and me we often use my milk, but there wasn't any way I would serve my guests breast milk—this was cow's milk).

"Itadakimasu," everyone except Jeanne said. When she stared silently at the food, Toyoe reached out to take her hand, and they bowed their heads in what must have been a prayer. It hadn't occurred to me that Jeanne probably didn't know how to use chopsticks. I hoped Toyoe taught her.

Housenka peered at Yagokoro. He caught her gaze, and blushed at her intense look. "Is there something you need?" he asked.

"You're an Anmyutsu," she stated bluntly.I frowned at the unfamiliar word. It sounded Japanese to me, but I couldn't put any sort of meaning to it.


"You're an Anmyutsu," she repeated. "Did you fall through the spacetime crack too?"

"What are you talking about?" he asked. "What did you say I was?"

"An Anmyutsu."

Yagoroko's eyes widened. "I'm a...'dark one'...? But I never heard that word before. I...understood it?"

"Of course you do; you're an Anmyutsu," Housenka said. "Anmyutsu all instinctively understand Yun; it means 'the eternal language' in their tongue."

"But what's an Anmyutsu, Housenka-san?" I asked, fed up with how casually she was about it.

"Call me 'Fran' or 'Tilly' or 'Tillyfran' or 'Frantilly', but don't call me 'Housenka-san'," the alien girl said testily. "Life's too short to give people meaningless titles."

I sighed, exasperated. "Fine, Frantilly, what's an 'Anmyutsu'?"

"Thank you," Frantilly said. "An Anmyutsu's a person from the World of Darkness. They are an embodiment of negativity and death. In short, darkness given life, a complete abomination to the Multiverse."

Yagokoro went pale. "No!" he insisted, terrified. "I'm not like that! I must be a Vampire instead! I'm not force of evil!"

"I don't see any qi flowing through you though," Jeanne said. "You feel cold, like a walking void. You're even less human than the Witch and her Familiar. Even this 'Frantilly' feels more Human than you, and she isn't Human at all. It's like you're a walking corpse."

Botan-chan and Hachiya wore bemused looks regarding the surreal conversation. Botan-chan turned to me, hoping I would say something. I nodded sternly to her, and set my chopsticks in my chopstick holder.

"Listen, Frantilly," I said with as much authority as I could muster, "I won't let you bully Yagokoro-kun. I think you're just making this up anyway. He must be a Vampire! You too, Jeanne! Don't even think of harassing anyone here!"

"I only say the truth," Jeanne sniffed haughtily. "You're blinded by your compassion."

"I must admit," Toyoe said, her tone apologetic, "Yagokoro-kun feels very different from anything I've encountered before."

Frantilly flashed a sadistic grin, and said to Yagokoro, "我乃名前是 Frantilly Scientia-Ilm Housenka。你乃名前是何嗎。" It was a language that sounded like Japanese, yet only Frantilly's name was familiar. Everything else was totally foreign.

Yagokoro immediately replied with, "我是 Yagokoro Tsurugi。很高興認識你。" It was definitely the same language. He realized this, then fell back in shock.

"How did I understand that...?" he asked, horrified.

"I keep telling you: You're an Anmyutsu," said Frantilly simply.

"But how?" he demanded. "I'm supposed to be Human!"

"Anmyutsu can turn non-Anmyutsu into more of their kind," Frantilly explained. "Earthlings got Vampires and Anmyutsu confused long ago since both drink blood. It's Anmyutsu that can't stand sunlight and recruit people into their populations. Vampires aren't bothered by sunlight and must be born naturally."

Damn. It was hard to remember the real facts about Vampires after years of the pop culture version.

Yagokoro slumped in his seat. "I don't know what happened," he said. "I have no idea how this happened to me. I can't remember things up to a point."

"I like a good mystery," Frantilly said airily.

I turned to Yagokoro and smiled. "I'll make sure everything's all right for you, Yagokoro-kun. I'm not afraid!"

He smiled weakly. "Thanks a lot. Oh, and you can call me 'Tsurugi' now."

"OK. Call me 'Akiko' then! We earned a more familiar recognition, right?" I gave him a cheeky smile and wink.

He grinned. "Yeah, I guess we did."

"So that's how those Vampire myths began," Toyoe said. "But what can we do for Yagokoro-kun? We can turn him Human again, can't we?"

"I've never heard of a converted Anmyutsu turning back," Frantilly said. "I can't imagine why you would either. You're significantly stronger now than as a Human. You can call upon the limitless powers of darkness and death to attack with, and suck qi out of the air and lifeforms to strengthen yourself! It's pretty sweet deal to me."

"I don't wanna be an embodiment of evil though!" Tsurugi protested.

"I never said you were," Frantilly remarked. "I said you were 'an embodiment of negativity and death'."

"That sounds evil to me!" he protested.

"I think you might want to find other ways to help..." Hachiya said in a weak tone.

Frantilly looked at her as if she were an idiot before turning to address Tsurugi. "Life needs negativity and death. Those are essential elements of the Multiverse. Negativity and darkness, constantly absorbing the endless output of positivity and light. If the darkness wasn't there then life and positivity would overwhelm the Multiverse, spiraling out of control and burying us in an pile of ever-mutating flesh, bathed in scorching endless light. And no one would ever die and be free of that existence. Ever."

I can't say I ever thought of it that way. Tsurugi hadn't either, and he backed down, his disquiet seemingly replaced by thought. At least he looked to have calmed down.

"You seem to know a good deal of how the universe works, Frantilly," Toyoe said.

"It's my job and my life to explore the Multiverse and publish my findings so that I may brag about it," Frantilly answered.

"What's this 'Multiverse' you keep bringing up?" I asked. "There are multiple universes?"

Frantilly nodded. "Exactly. There is an infinite number of universes, the major ones each with a particular trait to make it unique. This universe has been designated 'the World of Humans' because all intelligent life that arises naturally is derived from Humans. My home's 'the World of Elegance'. My people, the Gari, long ago developed the means to travel effortlessly through the Multiverse by unlocking the secrets of time and space, making us the most advanced civilization in the Multiverse."

Modesty just isn't her thing, I suppose.

"So what am I supposed to do?" Tsurugi asked.

Frantilly shrugged. "Stay out of the day and find lots of fresh blood to drink. Sorry, but that's all I can offer if you choose to stay on Earth. I could take you to the World of Darkness where there's unlimited amounts of artificially grown meat and blood to survive on, but I wouldn't wanna leave you there, considering how it's run."

"Why's that?" Toyoe asked.

"The World of Darkness is a theocratic dictatorship bent on enslaving the rest of the Multiverse," Frantilly answered. "Also, I'm not well-liked there, and if they caught me they'd kill me and steal my spacetime yacht, and that's the last thing the Multiverse needs right now. Luckily they can't easily escape the World of Darkness."

"So how come I'm an Anmyutsu?" Tsurugi asked.

"I haven't any clue," Frantilly admitted. "Sometimes Anmyutsu fall through spacetime cracks, and one must have caught you and made you into one."

Tsurugi sighed unhappily, sagging into his chair. I couldn't stand seeing him like that.

"Tsurugi," I said, "I'll let you stay here for as long as you need to. We'll learn more about this together!"

He looked at me in amazement, then managed a smile. He was so cute! "Thanks so much. I don't know what else to say..."

"It's no problem," I answered him.

"So, any headway on fixing that spacetime crack?" I asked Frantilly.

Frantilly looked thoughtful as she chewed on her food. "I think it must be on the grounds of the school. The fire might have obscured it though. Or made it easier to access. Who knows?"

I looked to Hachiya. "Speaking of which, I think after dinner we should begin our magic lessons."

"Y-yes. All right," Hachiya stammered. The poor woman still wasn't sure what to make of her bizarre new life.

Frantilly looked to Jeanne. "Something's been bothering me about you, but I can't remember what it is now."

Jeanne didn't answer.

"I'll ask you my question once I remember."

I took Hachiya to the library after dinner and we sat at the table, facing one another. "All right, magic," I said. "Magic is a force harnessed from the World of Devils to manipulate the physical world. Most people can control a little magic, but it's very difficult. There are rare people like you that have an affinity for it. Sometime it just takes a little exposure to magic to get it working."

"I see," Hachiya answered. She seemed uncomfortable having to switch places with a student.

"Now, I'm a 'Witch'," I continued. "I'm a Fae, with a natural connection to magic that's I can't get rid of or ignore. "You're a 'mage', a Human who purposefully takes hold of magic and bends it to your will. Magic won't come as easily to you, but you have a broader range of magical ability than I do."

"Why is this all secret?" Hachiya asked. "Why do I need to be kept in the dark, then find out my perception of reality was completely off and millions of people are living under a lie?"

"All the Fae and mages were almost killed in a great war long ago," I said. "We started hiding under the Order of the Dragon, determined to keep magic from the mundane Humans. We, well, don't trust most 'Mundanes' with it."

Hachiya frowned. "I understand regulating it, but hiding it under a lie seems...well, knowledge like that shouldn't be suppressed."

It was hard to imagine a world where magic was public knowledge. I shook my head, not wanting to devote thought to it that moment.

"Let's just focus on the magic itself, not the philosophy of it," I suggested. "So your magic is pretty uncontrolled right now. Let's start with alchemy, which is how I started. You want to change anything about yourself with a potion? Like get a new hair color or make your skin lighter?"

"Change myself...?" Hachiya blinked, then blushed deeply. "Well...No, it's nothing..."

I raised an eyebrow. "Come on, Hachiya-sensei. Anything physical."

Blushing furiously, she avoided my gaze and mumbled something.


"I..." she said in a louder tone, "want bigger breasts."

Oh, of course. All those times she looked at me with annoyance in class. She was jealous! I couldn't suppress a cheeky smile.

"Now, Hachiya-sensei, there's no shame in that." I stretched my arms and pushed my boobs out. Hachiya blushed even deeper and turned away with a scowl. I giggled and bounced my boobs up and down. It was so much fun teasing her!

"It was magic that gave me these," I said, cupping my tits. "All these curves too. You can be the same, although I think you're pretty sexy already."

"Eh?" Hachiya turned back to me, surprised. Her big brown eyes were adorable behind her glasses. "Oh no, I'm really quite plain! I'm not interesting enough for a boy friend!"

I nodded sagely. "Your problem, Sensei, is that you lack confidence. I think all kinds of guys would like you, but if you need boobs for confidence then so be it! Let's get you some bigger tits!"

Sensei was blushing again, but regarded me with a flat expression. "...All right," she said, not quite sure what to make of that.

I chuckled as I went through the alchemy books on changing appearance. I could have used the laptop, but I thought it was more impressive to Hachiya using those huge dusty books. Setting the right mood is very important! She watched as I plucked ingredients for a potion of breast expansion from jars and plastic bags, placing them in a glass bowl.

"So," I said, "we just need some milk and your magic!"

"You had milk at dinner," Hachiya said. "We'll get that."

"We could," I said, trying not to laugh, "or we could get some really fresh milk."

"You've got a cow?"

"Nope!" I grinned and lifted my right breast.

Hachiya gave an incredulous stare, then backed up a bit. "No. No you don't!"

"I'm a Witch. Of course I can! Watch..."

She could only look on in bafflement as I pulled up my jumper, letting my right boob pop free. Holding it over my bowl, I gently squeezed on it till drops of milk formed at the full nipple. I made sexy little moans as streams of milk jetted out in the bowl, mixing with the ingredients.

"You enjoy that?" Hachiya asked, her eyes wide.

"Mmm, yeah..." I answered languorously, my voice breathy and lustful. "It's like an orgasm in my breast. I love being a dairy cow."

Hachiya stared, trembling in place. Her lips kept parting, as though to say something, but she could only make small noises and run her tongue nervously along her pretty lips. Her eyes were filled with undisguised lust. I just wanted to tease her, but Hachiya actually getting horny for me was...well, it was getting me horny, and when I get horny, I tend to make a lot of milk.

The gentle trickle of milk suddenly became a swift white fountain, overflowing the bowl and splashing milk on the floor, my hands, my jumper, and Hachiya's face. "Oh no!" I cried. Hachiya blinked and found herself with some drops of milk on her cheek. I set the bowl on the table and pulled my jumper down, milk spreading and soaking through.

"I'm sorry, Hachiya-sensei!" I insisted. I shivered. It still felt really good, but it was just so embarrassing to lose control like that. It was a good thing I was a Witch; otherwise my jumper would never lose the stains.

Hachiya slowly raised a hand and wiped the milk off her face. She looked at the droplets for a second, then licked them off her fingers. I watched in silence, feeling my arousal grow again, my milk problem forgotten.

"It's delicious..." Hachiya said quietly. "I...want to lactate too. Please?"

"All right," I answered, pleased beyond imagination how this was turning out. Would I have my English teacher as a lover too? I already had Botan-chan to play with whenever I wanted, and I just had sex with Tsurugi. I wasn't trying to build a harem of lovers like Saeko onee-chan had, but I didn't see anything wrong with it either as long as everyone was willing.

I had Hachiya stir the potion, reading the incantations to make it work and to visualize the size she wanted, which she did with nervous excitement. With that done, she drank the whole thing.

"That was a lot," she murmured, and made a quiet burp. "When does it work?"

"The book said it should be in moments. I didn't try this potion—mine altered my entire body—but that was almost immediate."

I remembered how weird my stomach had felt, and I couldn't stop burping after. The transformation itself had knocked me out.

Hachiya blushed and rubbed at her modest breasts through her white button-up shirt. "Oh, I think it's working!" she said giddily. "My breasts are really tingling! It feels—"

She let out a yelp, her eyes snapping wide. Her back arched, thrusting her small tits out. Not small for long though. Already the white fabric was tightening around the bumps of her chest. My heart pounded. I had made my own tits grow, but I haven't seen another woman's enlarge before!

"Whoa! Oh! I'm growing!" Hachiya stammered. "I feel it! My chest is so hot!"

"Wait!" I said, realizing something. "Let's get you out of those clothes! You might ruin them!"

"No!" Hachiya gasped. She took off her trademark green blazer and threw it on the table, but kept her shirt on. "I wanna feel what it's like to bust a shirt open!"

I shrugged. "OK then. That sounds fun, I suppose."

Hachiya was taking deep, fast breaths, her chest pushing out a little more each time. Two points formed at the center of her tits, the shirt getting soaked through at the points.

"I feel it!" Hachiya gasped in ecstasy. "I'm milking!"

My pussy tingled at the sight of Hachiya's boobs swelling bigger and bigger. When would they stop? They were close to my size and still they grew! Buttons strained to withhold the magnificent fleshy orbs, but it was a losing battle. Hachiya's face scrunched up as something tore. Her tits let out a long wobble and bounced before sagging downward somewhat, and I realized it had been her brassiere that broke. There was a sharp ripping sound, followed by a quick rattle on the floor, the pale tops of Hachiya's tits exposed. More followed, as her buttons broke off one after another, her shirt finally wrenched open by her expanding tit flesh. Hachiya moaned loudly as they wobbled in place, the growth either slowed down or finished altogether, her fat nipples erect with pride, and dripping milk. Hachiya was a sight right out of my wet dreams, panting and sweaty, glasses askew, eyes burning with lust, and her beautiful silky hair wild and messy. Her tits had definitely stopped growing, and sat exposed, at least as big as mine. I made a horny groan, and she followed up, hers sounding almost animalistic.

"I've stopped," she panted, and cupped her colossal tits, hefting them experimentally. "So heavy!" she squealed. "But I don't feel bothered at all!"

"Yes, I made sure you'd be able to handle the strain," I said, leering at her mighty breasts.

"Mmm," she purred, rubbing her boobs. She licked her lips sensually. "I came three times during that. Maybe we should shrink these and grow them again...or grow them even bigger!"

Smiling, I imagined us growing to immense sizes together. "I'd like to try that too, but let's enjoy this size for now." I peered at Hachiya's new boobs. She caught my eye, and arched her back, thrusting her chest out.

"We seem to be the same size now. I see you really admired my tits!"

"Yeah, I was always kinda jealous," she admitted. "I wanted to be as big as you."

"Believe in magic now?" I asked as I gave her left tit a light squeeze.

"Oh, keep doing that!" she begged. "Touch my tits! Please!"

"Of course, Sensei." I cupped her giant boobs, squeezing them to get her milk flowing. "That had to be one of the sexiest things I've ever seen," I told her. "I should find more excuses to enlarge breasts and film them so I can always enjoy the moment."

"I'd love it if you filmed me getting bigger," Hachiya said. "I'd have so much fun with that!"

"Yeah..." I knelt down to kiss her left breast, starting at the top and trailing down to her leaking nipple, licking it a few times, tasting her warm, thick milk. Like mine it was mildly sweet and it felt right on my palate. Opening wide I engulfed it and as much of the surrounding areola that I could. Her areolae were huge, reminding me of pancakes, and were a rich rose color. The surface was covered with tiny bumps, familiar to me after experimenting with my own breasts. The pressure from my mouth caused her milk to flow over my tongue and wash down my throat.

At the same time, my right hand had crept into her skirt and was lazily tracing the outline of her pussy through her soaked pants. Her pants felt smooth, not lacy like the ones I favored. I wanted to finger myself, but with both hands busy I devoted myself to my beautiful English teacher. My hand entered her pants, my fingertip meeting the silky hot wetness of her virgin cunt. I moved up slightly and bumped her protruding clitoris.

"Oh yes!" she hissed. "Please, more!"

My index finger tapped the clit, feeling out how big it was before moving back down. I pressed against her wet folds, sinking into her core, provoking a pleasured cry from Hachiya. My fingers went to work, pulsing in and out gently. Botan-chan liked it hard and fast, but Hachiya was new at this, and somehow I thought it would be more her style to go slowly. Her muscles clenched down, and I felt a torrent of fresh pussy fluid leak out all over my delicate hand.

As I sucked and fingered Hachiya, I felt a wet drop against my bent knee. It was my milk. I was so aroused that I was freely lactating through my poor jumper. My nipples felt hugely swollen against the soft fibers, and my cunt burned with need. My clit seemed so erect it was like I had a miniature phallus. Knowing I was bringing so much pleasure to Hachiya was making my juices run down my legs. There must have been a puddle forming beneath me!

I drank down a final mouthful of milk and stood up, panting. I licked the hand I finger fucked Hachiya with then raised my skirt up, showing Hachiya my soaked black pants. "Don't you think, Hachiya-sensei," I began as I slowly peeled my pants down and pulled them off my right leg, "that the top student should be rewarded for her efforts? I want that lovely mouth eating my horny cunt!"

Hachiya looked startled for a moment, then lowered herself. "Yes, I understand," she said, and brought her head under my skirt. Her warm breath teased my pussy, my clit extending to its full five centimeter length. I know from masturbating enough that it actually looks a little like a boy's cock now, albeit a very small one. I wondered briefly if I should make it bigger and try fucking with it. All thoughts toward the future were banished when Hachiya's hot tongue licked along the length of my clit, almost making me cum right then. Instead of continuing that way though she licked my swollen folds, her tongue probing deep inside. I moaned and held onto Hachiya's head, my fingers entwining with her hair. "Oh fuck, that's good," I panted. Looking down, I found my jumper totally soaked with breast juice. My huge nipples poked through the fiber easily, milk forcing its way through. I hugged my glorious tits, reveling in their absurd size. This time twin jets of milk escaped my jumper, and I angled them upward to catch as much as I could in my mouth. Fuck, I love drinking my milk! I felt a huge orgasm coming along, stirring in my crotch.

"I'm going to cum," I groaned. "Get ready! This is going to be wet!"

Her tongue stopped for a moment. "Yes, Numa-sensei!" she told me, and dove back in, sloppily eating me. That did it. Acknowledging me as the teacher now, I lost control. Biting back a primal scream, I unloaded my orgasm onto Hachiya's face, a few quick spurts of juice shooting from my over-stimulated cunt. My tits responded in kind, streaming like alabaster fountains, arcing into the air and raining down upon Hachiya's back. I wept, it was so good. My legs shook like jelly, and Hachiya grasped my full ass to keep me steady.

"Fuck! Oh fuck!" I swore. "This is too good to believe!"

Dizzy and light-headed, I at last stepped back, my cunt still dripping some fluid. Hachiya's face was soaked. She was licking her lips and smiling, tired but happy. "Oh, I never thought I'd do that with a woman," she said. "Am I really a lesbian?"

"I think a lot of people can find new pleasures with their own sex," I answered. I knelt down beside her and gave her a kiss. "That was great."

"You're welcome." She was blushing again, perhaps not quite believing what just happened. "It was...incredible."

So, yet another beauty seduced. How would Tsurugi react when I told him, not to mention explaining to both him and Hachiya how Botan-chan had been my lover for a few months now. I'd have to tell them at some point.

I looked at Hachiya, and realized that even if she hadn't learned all that much about magic, it had been a good night for her.


To be continued…

Author's note: So, almost a year after I last updated, here is another chapter. I actually felt reluctant to return to this story since the idea of writing more sex scenes sounded like an exhausting chore instead of fun like I had imagined when beginning this story. However, I had so much fun working on this chapter that I very much look forward to the next chapter now. I hope to at last complete this story before the end of summer so I can begin some new autumn horror stories. Please read and enjoy this latest offering, and I shall see you later!