I had never seen Jay so happy. His smile never faded from his face during the wedding, or the reception. Same with Cam. They seemed to be in their own little world. I wonder if that's how Evie and I looked at our wedding. I couldn't help but smile when I looked at them. I was so happy for them. I waved goodbye to them as they went off on their honeymoon.

I also couldn't help but smile when I looked at Evie. I was so happy to have my wife back. She had been so much happier since she came back from Iceland. We were witting on the couch in the living room. Evie cuddled up on my chest and I wrapped my arm around her. She looked up at me.

"Baby, I'm sorry for everything."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"For being so distant, then disappearing. I really just felt like I wouldn't be okay until Tatum paid for what she did. I know that's no excuse and I shouldn't have lied, or disappeared, and I'm so sorry."

I pushed her hair out of her face. "It's okay. I'm just glad to have you back. Just please, don't ever do that to me again."

"I wont. I'm so lucky to have you. I never want to do anything to jeopardize that."

"You're not getting rid of me. No matter how hard you try." I smiled and kissed her forehead.

Evie smiled back.

There was a knock at the door. I got up and answered it. There were two cops standing at the door. The both were middle aged and had crew cuts. One was blonde and one had brown hair. My heart about stopped.

"Can I help you?" I asked trying to sound calm.

"Are you Jayden Rivers?" The brown haired cop asked.

"Yes" I replied.

I don't know why I did it. Maybe because I didn't want Jay's honeymoon to get ruined.

"I'm officer McNulty and this is officer Green." The blonde haired cop said. "And you are under arrest." He turned me around. He pushed me against the wall, put my hands behind my back and handcuffed me.

"For what?" I asked.

"For grand arson." Officer Green answered.

"Arson? What the hell do you think I did?" I asked angrily.

"We have an eyewitness statement saying they saw you burn down Ridgemont High school." McNulty responded.

"Who?" I asked.

"Why do you want to know, so you can threaten her some more? Tell her you're going to kill her if she ever told anyone?" Green asked as he shoved me against the wall.

"What the hell is going on?" Nate demanded. He, Vince, and Tyler were just coming in and saw me handcuffed.

"Cayden what is going on?" Vince asked.

"Cayden?" McNulty asked outraged. "You said you were Jayden. So now do you want me to arrest you for tampering with a police investigation?" he asked angrily.

"Officer with all do respect, Cayden and Jayden can be very easily confused. He must have thought you said Jayden. Cayden would never try and interfere with a police investigation, or lie to an officer." Tyler said very politely. "Right Cayden?" he asked.

I nodded. "I thought you said Cayden" I lied quickly

McNulty looked Tyler up and down then must have decided he believed him. Tyler did have a way with words and people, when he wanted to.

"Well where is Jayden?" McNulty asked.

"Jayden is out of town on his honeymoon. He will be back in a few days, and he will be here. You can come find him then." Tyler answered.

"Where is he exactly?" Green asked.

"Please, I ask you just leave him alone until he gets back from his honeymoon. I can assure you, Jay did not commit this crime and this all must be a misunderstanding and I promise you we will come down to the station to get it figured out the second he gets back. There's no sense in ruining a young mans honeymoon over a mistake." Said Tyler.

"There's no mistake, we have an eyewitness." McNulty's eyes narrowed.

"I can assure you it is a mistake, I know what night you are talking about, and Jay was with me, Cayden, and his wife, we got in a car accident on our way to a play. He broke his arm and the doctor had given him painkillers. He was in no shape to cause a fire at a high school. You can check with the hospital. Whoever told you they saw him do it is lying. It's probably an ex girlfriend trying to get back at him. I'm sure you know how teenagers can be. They get jealous, and then try to get even. Jay just got married, the girl is probably jealous." Tyler tried to convince them. He must have heard the cop say it was a girl who was the witness. He was really taking a stretch with the whole ex- girlfriend bit. I really hoped the cops would buy it.

"We will check on it. But we still need to bring in Jayden for questioning." You could tell Green was pissed that Tyler was putting flaws in their information.

"And he will be back in a few days, you can come back then and talk to him. I promise he won't be going anywhere." Tyler said assuring.

"Fine." McNulty said giving in. They knew they didn't have a choice, and they didn't like it. But what could they do really? Now that Tyler had given them all that information, they had to go look into it. They could track down Jay, but there's no way they'd fly to Puerto Rico to get him without any actual proof and especially now with all the holes in their eye witness' story. Tyler had just pushed their investigation back at least a few days, which now I see was exactly what he intended on doing.

They took the handcuffs off me. The reassured us they would be back for Jay, and that he better be here. Tyler thanked them politely for understanding then shut the door behind him.

"Damn Ty. You should consider being a lawyer." Vince said in awe. "They were eating out of the palm of your hand." Vince laughed.

"Cut it out. We need to be serious right now." Nate snapped. "What the hell are we going to do? They're onto us."

"Something's not right. Why would they just think it was Jay? Kay didn't even go to that school. If anything, you would think it was blamed on Cayden." Tyler looked confused.

"Thanks Ty. And I guess it does make sense. We were rival schools and Jay was a troublemaker. I could see why they would blame him." I said.

"Cayden…" Nate scolded. "Not helping…"

"Sorry." I replied.

"We need to find out who this supposed 'eye witness' is." Tyler added.

"Dom's cousin is on the police force. I can see if he can find out who it is. It will be easier to deal with if we know who is saying it." I offered.

"Good idea Cayden. Yeah get a hold of Dom." Nate said nodding his head.

"We need to call Jay." Said Vince.

"We shouldn't bother him on his honeymoon." I said quickly.

"The cops are after him for something that could put him in jail for a very long time. He needs to know what's going on." Tyler argued.

"I guess." I said. I got where Tyler was coming from, but I didn't want to ruin Jay's honeymoon, that's why I pretended to be him in the first place. I was completely willing to go to jail as him instead of having the cops hunt him down on what would probably be the best days of his life. That's what mine was. My wedding and my honeymoon were literally the best days of my life.

I could have killed someone if they tried to take that away from me, and I really didn't want anyone to take that away from Jay, but Tyler was right. This was really serious. And what would happen if the cops picked Jay up on his way home? He's be completely in the dark and blind sighted which was even worse.

Well what do we do if this is real? And the person making the statement really did see us there? We're going to go to jail for a long time" I said starting to get worried that this really could be happening.

"If this is real, we run." Said Tyler. "We start over somewhere else with new identities. You bring up a good point. I'm going to call Dave Levy."

It took me a minute but then I remembered who Dave Levy was. It was the guy who hooked my parents up with all their fake documents.

"Where are we going to run to?" Vince asked.

"I don't know?" said Tyler.

"We're really just going to drop everything and leave?" Vince asked.

"What else would we do, sit here and await jail time? They were about to arrest Jay! We don't have much time." Tyler spat angrily.

"Well I don't think any decisions should be made until we talk to Jay, and at least find out if this source is legit." Vince argued.

"Stop!" Nate yelled. Everyone looked at him. "We're not going to become fugitives. We'll figure out a way to get through this, but we can't run from the law. What kind of life will we have if we do that?"

I think we all snapped out of it and realized he made a lot more sense then any of us. We couldn't run from this, we had to figure something out. If we rean, we'd be in hiding for the rest of our lives, and what kind of life would that be?

"First we need to figure out what the cops know, or think they know. And we need to fill Jay in." said Nate.

"You're right. Cayden call Dom. I'll call Jay." Tyler ordered.

'No. You call Dom, I'll call Jay." I said quickly.

I was surprised Tyler didn't question me. He just agreed and walked out of the room.

I wanted to be the one to call Jay. This was my fault. The fire at the school was my fault, and now his honeymoon was going to be ruined because of me. I could at least be the one to call him. I took a deep breath. I really did not want to do this. Evie walked over to me and squeezed my hand.

"You know, that was really sweet of you." She said.

"What?" I asked.

"You were about to go to jail for your brother."

"Well, I didn't want his honeymoon to be ruined."

"And that's what makes you amazing. You're so selfless and caring. You are the most amazing person I've met. It's one of the many reasons I love you." Evie smiled.

"Evie I really don't want to ruin his time. He shouldn't have to cut his trip short because of this. We should be able to figure it out without him."

"Cayden, how would you feel if the situation were reversed? If it was us on our honeymoon, the cops were looking for you, and everything else?" Evie asked.

"That's different…: I argued.

"No, no it's not. How would you feel? What would be the way you wanted things handled?" she asked.

"I would have wanted my brothers to call me and let me know. I would want to take care of the situation and not let any of them go to jail because of it." I said reluctantly.

"Exactly. And you know Jay. Would Jay want the same thing?" she asked.

I sighed. "Yes."

"Then you need to call him."

"I know. And this is just one of the many reasons I love you." I kissed her.

"Why because I am smart and all knowing?" Evie asked with a smirk on her face.

I smiled and kissed her again. "I guess I should call him then."

"Yep." She agreed.

Just then a phone started ringing. No one else was in the room, but this wasn't any of my brother' phones. It was Cam's. She must have left it here before the wedding. I answered it.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Who is this?" The voice asked.

"Cayden. Who is this?"

"Oh. It's Tony. Where's Camilla?" he asked.

"On her honeymoon."

"Oh." He sounded upset. "Well, Cayden I need to tell you something."

I didn't like the tone of his voice. He sounded scared. It worried me.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Well, I'm sure Camilla didn't tell you yet, but I tried to get her to run away with me."

"You're calling em to tell me you tried to get my best friend, who was marrying my brother, to run away with you?" I asked, immediately getting pissed off.

"Yes, no. I mean I'm just trying to let you know how I got to where I am right now, and trust me you need to know." He said desperately.

"Okay continue."

"So when she turned me down, I got upset. I wanted to get away, so I went to Iceland. I just wanted to be around people like me."

"Okay?" I asked, confused.

"So I get here a few hours ago, and a few people bring me in on the plan they're making."

I'm really confused as to why he thinks I would care what his new friends are planning to do. I decide to just go with it. "And what's that?" I asked.

"Apparently when Evie was here, she made a mess."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I mean, she got rid of anyone who got in her way when she went after Tatum."

I swallowed and it felt like I was swallowing a softball. "How many people got in her way?"

"Ten." He answered. "And those ten people had families. And now they want revenge. Cayden, there's a lot of them. 30 being the minimum. They already know where you live and they plan on coming."

I felt numb. "When?" I asked.

"Next week. I'm at the airport now. I'm coming back."

"Why?" I asked.

"To help." He said angrily as if I should know better.

"It's okay, we can…" I started.

"Cayden shut up. I'm on m way back, I'll see you soon."

"Okay." I replied.


"Thank you" I said, cutting him off quickly.

"No problem." Tony said before hanging up the phone.

My heart was beating so fast. I turned to Evie.

"Cayden what's wrong? You look like you just saw a ghost."

"What the hell did you do?" I asked.

Then she went pale. "I…" she started.

I cut her off. "What the hell were you thinking? You just go on a daylight citywide massacre and think there isn't going to be and repercussions?" I asked fuming.

"It wasn't like that!" she argued.

"Really? Then what was it like? Cuz you failed to mention the fact that there are now at least 30 people coming here to kill us!"

Evie's mouth dropped open. "I didn't know." She sobbed.

My brothers came running back in the room.

"Did you just say there are 30 people coming here for us?" Nate asked.

"Yeah." I replied.

"What the…" Vince started but Evie cut him off.

"They're coming here for me, not you. So just leave and I'll take care of it."

"Are you kidding?" Vince did not take her even slightly serious. "We'd never let anyone hurt you, or you try to take all that glory alone." He grinned.

"I don't want to get anyone hurt for my mistakes." Evie argued.

"There was no mistake. Tatum deserved it. Granted, you could have went about it a little more… gracefully." Nate laughed. "But we're a family, and were going to take care of this as a family. Together."

Tears fell down from Evie's face. Vince pulled her into a tight hug.

"Don't cry sis, it's gonna be okay."

"No. There's too many. You guys can't fight them."

"Sure we can" Vince said confidently.

"No, I think she's right." Nate said.

"We're not leaving my wife here to fight alone" I yelled.

"I'm not saying that…" Nate said quickly. "What I'm saying is maybe running away, is the best idea."

"You just said, no more then 5 minutes ago, that running away was the worst idea." Vince argued.

"Yeah, from the law. But this is different. We can't tae on 30 people with the same powers as us. It's suicide."

"So what do you propose we do? You say we should run from the fight. But if we run, we're running away from the cops too. Which is what you said would be the worst idea. " Tyler pointed out.

Nate put his hands up to his head. I could tell he was trying to come up with a solution.

"First and most importantly, you need to get Jay back here. Call him" he said.

He was right. There really was no avoiding it now. All of our safety was at risk, incusing Jay and Cam's. They needed to get back here. I went to call him but then my phone started ringing. It was Jay.

"Hey, I was just about to call you. We really need to talk." I said.

"Cayden…" Jay sobbed. It wasn't the response I was expecting. He hadn't even known what had happened yet. "Help me" He choked out between breaths.

"What's going on?" I asked worriedly. My heart about dropped into my stomach. I was wishing it wasn't what I thought it was, but Jay's next words proved me right. And I never wanted to be right about this. As the next three words came out of his mouth, it felt like a semi was driving over my chest.

"Camilla's not breathing."