School Dreams

The clock ticked lazily, its arms sluggishly crawling past the little black minute marks. I stared listlessly at it, praying for the time to just go faster, for this hellish biology exam to just finish. I readjusted my dark crimson tie so it hung looser around my neck and undid my shirt down to the third button, flashing a little triangle of tender skin where sunburn was finally fading. I rubbed it gently and flinched at how sensitive it had become. My eyes travelled across the paper again, a haze of calculations drifted against my mind. Something about enzymes and reactions; I wasn't concentrating. My attention was really focused on the boy in front of me.

He was in the year below me at school, but apparently he was smart or some bollocks. All I knew was that he was cute as hell and even Asmodeus herself would fall for him. Cute tousles of soft, fluffy black hair waved gently in the breeze from the slightly open door. His eyes were a sharp blue colour and he always had a dazzling white smile on his face. Skin soft as silk and a toned athletic body made his a boy to die for but I knew he wouldn't fall for me. Ever. He had a girlfriend and I was too old for him, at least, according to my friends. Nevertheless, I could still stare at him, no harm done there. For the moment, he was reclined in his chair. His blazer slung lackadaisically over his chair back and his shirt also unbuttoned slightly to reveal his sweet and pale collar bone, coloured like cream. What I would give just to draw my fingers across the pattern of his bones; to feel his pretty fingers dance lightly across my back and his nails bite into the skin at my hips as I-


My head hit the desk loudly and I jerked awake. I looked around muzzily and wiped the drool from the corner of my mouth. My test paper was gone and the room was empty. Fun sense of humour the teacher had, leaving my in a locked room for most of lunch. 'What a cock...' I thought as I gathered my stuff into a pile and stood up. I was about to sweep the stationary and such into my bag when I noticed a red blot in the corner of my sleep bathed eyes. A student, definitely, but who? People rarely stayed back after class unless they had stuff to do, but as far as I knew there was only one person left to finish their experiments... It was...

"Alright sleepy head?" asked James, perching his perfect, tight ass on my desk and looking down at me. I looked up groggily and smiled vaguely, making a little waving motion with my hand. He smiled back and walked back to where he had a few titrations and a list of formulae and reactions he needed to finish. He beckoned me over with one slender hand and asked for my help. I nodded, perhaps too eagerly, and followed over. He lit a Bunsen flame and piled a few powders into a little jar, where supposedly he was reacting a catalyst for his titrations. He asked me to keep an eye on the tubes while he noted down a few results he 'borrowed' from Dr Nielson. I was all too happy to oblige and pottered back and forth between the experiments, tapping burettes to keep the flowing, adjusting the reactants in a formula, watching James wriggle back and forward as he scrawled down figures and notes onto his book. He back was arched beautifully over the desk, almost cat-like in his appearance, and his shirt had ridden up his back slightly to reveal a small slip of perfect, creamy skin. Sometimes I brushed against him to feel his taut, lean muscles against me, never raising any suspicion.

Confident in his obliviousness, I tried a bolder move. This time I 'tripped' and grinded into his body, pushing all of myself onto him. He caught me and I flushed a pinkish colour. He simply gave me a benign smile and pushed me back to my feet. I quickly untucked my shirt and brushed my shirt down over the hard-on that was slowly building up under the black cloth of my trousers. I tried to make it go down but I couldn't so I satisfied myself with sitting down, hiding the bulge in under the folds of trouser fabric. James didn't seem to mind and went back to his experiments to make a few adjustments. I watched him carefully and noticed a few odd things happening with them. A black plume of smoke was coming from the catalyst on his left and the burette was starting to spill over way too much to be normal so I dove in, squeezing the gas inlet tube with one hand and plugging the burette with my other. Suddenly I became aware that I had effectively penned James against the desk. He turned around slowly to face me, his face close to mine. A waft of some sort of sweet fragrance washed over me, a mix of mint and some sort of flower. He smiled again and cocked his head at me.

"I thought that would get you over here," he giggled, turning off the gas behind him and turning the burette valve. His left hand slipped over my hip while his other reached up my back and pulled me close to him.

"But... but..." I stuttered, my face burning with an awkward blush. "What about your girlfr-" He silenced me with one finger placed delicately over my lips.

"Old news now, I know what I want and it certainly isn't her." His words flustered me and I could feel my face beginning to burn with embarrassment and... a hint of anticipation. I tried to move away but his arm pulled me back.

"So, uh, what do you want?" I asked stupidly, raking my fingers through my hair, pushing it backwards and giving me a sticking out tuft. He reached away from my hip and played gently with it, brushing it about and twirling around his fingers. I bit my lip as my dick got harder. 'A strange turn-on point' I thought, but I really didn't care. A mini wave of pleasure jolted down my back and I let out a small mewl. James tittered and stopped his playing to return to my hip.

"Isn't it obvious? And I thought you were the big brain around here," he responded dryly, tickling the small of my back with his fingertips. First tracing small circles, then long lines all up my spine. I moaned and rubbed my body up against him, meeting my chest with his, pressing my hips hard against him and cradling his neck. I looked deep into his crystalline eyes before I summoned up my courage and kissed him tentatively. He snagged a tuft of hair at the back of my head and pressed his lips harder against mine, forcing them apart with his tongue to let my tongue be subdued by his and give him free reign to explore my mouth. I clutched his back, digging my nails in just slightly enough to give him a brief shock and relinquish his control over me. Taking this moment of weakness, I fought back and bit his bottom lip. He pulled away and looked at me, slightly taken aback.

"A bit feisty, aren't we?" he whispered, nibbling my ear and kissing down my neck. Meanwhile, his hands no longer waltzed across my back. They instead worked deftly at my belt and the fastening on my trousers and soon had me down to my boxers. He grasped the tent I was pitching and started to massage the head. Instead of letting pleasure take over, I took the initiative and ripped his shirt off. The buttons flew away and I propped him up against the workbench. Working gently down from his collarbone, I licked around his nipple and started to suck lightly. He gripped the table and a growl escaped the back of his throat. 'Oh, you like that do you?' I thought, smiling. I stroked down his toned chest and slid my hands into his boxers to stroke his shaft. He gasped and bit down on my shoulder, creating a chain reaction and causing me to flinch as ecstasy from the pain filled my core. I writhed against him and kissed him hard, both of us lost in the sudden release of tension.

Minutes of this back and forth biting and scratching continued, raising pinkish and purple marks over both our bodies until he pushed me off and tackled me to the cold, concrete floor of the lab. He pinned my arms to my sides and swiftly undid my shirt. Placing his legs either side of me, he writhed against my dick, his body swaying like a pendulum. A perfectly sexy pendulum. I grasped for purchase on the smooth floor but found none, so I was left to writhe against it, pinned by James' lithe body. He was surprisingly heavy for a boy of his size. I would have shrugged at the thought but a new sensation pulsed through me like a gale. I looked down my heaving chest and saw James licking up and down my member. Surprisingly, his tongue worked like a professional and I was soon bucking in pure, unadulterated bliss as he took all of me into his mouth. I could feel a rush as my head brushed the back of his throat and my mind was lost in a fuzz of emotion whenever he swished his tongue around my head.

"Ungh... James... Ah..." I tried to speak but sentences just wouldn't form on my tongue, only guttural roars of untempered exhilaration. Then, a sudden release of this feeling, leaving my body panting and sweating on the floor. I pushed my hair back again and let out a long satisfied sigh.

"Sorry," I said to him as my body came down of the orgasmic high that it had been led to. James winked up at me as he licked my seed from around his lips. He took a moment to check if I had accidentally got anywhere else on him before he played his hands down my thighs and lifted my legs up over his shoulder.

"This may be uncomfortable, you sure you're cool with this?"

"Uh, yeah. It's kinda something I've wanted to- ahhhh!" I yelped as James' warm, moist fingers tickled my entrance, lubing me up and carefully slipping his fingers inside me. He stared off slow and shallow but soon he was getting faster and deeper. My muscles clenched around his fingers and my entire body shuddered as he grazed my prostate. He grinned at me; clearly he had found what he wanted. My anus was still tight and throbbing when he slid his member in. I felt the need to cry out, to scream out in pain and pleasure, to give in to him. I resisted and bit down on my bottom lip. A salty taste filled my mouth; I had broken skin, but I stayed quiet and kept myself breathing deep. James rocked in and out, pressing deeper and deeper. Each gyration got my whole body to tremble and shake, every muscle fibre tightening as his head beat against my spot like a taiko drum. He played out a furious rhythm on my body while I echoed back with a steady throb of moans and gasps that mingled with his breathy cries for release. He bit down savagely on my chest and shoulders, leaving dark red dent rings in my desperate flesh. I could feel myself about to explode and from the great heaves and stabs that James was making, I sensed that he was going to as well.

Almost on cue, James released an unearthly shriek just as my own cum rocketed onto his chest. We stayed as we were for a moment, simply cradled in each others' arms and enjoyed the near silence that was only broken by their ragged breaths.

"As good as you'd imagined Hunter?" James asked.

"It was... so much better," I responded, pulling myself off of his member and reacquiring my clothes. My tie was lost out the open window and one of my socks simply vanished but I still looked half presentable. James, on the other hand, had a broken shirt, no tie, one shoe and rather strange webbing of scratches on his neck. I smiled with pride and felt a little well of accomplishment in the pit of my stomach. As I rebuttoned my shirt, I felt James close a hand on one of my shoulders.

"This hasn't ruined our friendship, has it?" he asked, much like the innocent he was supposed to be.

"No," I replied bluntly. "In fact, I think it was bolstered. If, that is, you want to... y'know... keep this as, like, a thing?"

"I'd like that. I'd like that a lot," he said as he reached into Nielson's desk and pulled out the keys. He jingled them once and flicked the door key out. "Hey, done with a bit of lunch to spare. Want something to eat?"

I smiled at the sweet innocence of the boy before me. No, not just a boy. Now, he is so much more.