Romeo and Julian

A (Smutty) Oneshot by Elira Winter

Check yes Juliet, kill the limbo

I'll keep tossing rocks at your window

There's no turning back for us tonight

'Check Yes Juliet' by We the Kings

Romeo leant against a tree on the footpath of a quiet suburban street, glowering sulkily at the upstairs window of the house opposite him. The teenage boy had sweeping dark hair, big hazel eyes and a lean physique clad in a bulky winter jacket. He checked his watch – eight o'clock. Agitatedly, he fiddled with the crescent moon pendant on a silver chain round his neck, then started when a light blinked on in the window.

"Finally," he hissed, checking briefly for cars before crossing the street with a purposeful stride. He stopped just shy of the overhanging balcony and bent to pick up a small, smooth rock from the grass. With a growl, Romeo threw the stone upwards so it hit the window with unerring accuracy and clattered to the floor of the balcony. Almost immediately, the blinds flew up and a handsome boy with tousled brown hair squinted out. Romeo stood backwards so he could be seen better and waved. The other boy grinned and soon enough, the balcony door had opened and closed softly and Romeo's boyfriend leaned over the elegant railing.

"Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name, or if thou wilt not, then - "

"Shut it, Juliet," Romeo smiled. If he didn't get the other boy to be quiet, he'd recite Juliet's whole soliloquy.

"Hey, Ro."

"Hey, Julian. Happy birthday." Julian's smile wavered at Romeo's solemn tone. "Was it impossible for you to check your phone? I've been calling and texting all day."

"Romeo, I'm sorry, I told you that my parents like to baby me on my birthday and they made me leave my phone in my room the whole day. I've only just gotten time for myself. I didn't mean to ditch you or anything, you know they don't know about us." Julian's voice was pleading. Romeo sighed and dragged a hand through his hair.

"I wanted to give you your presents," Romeo said. "Can you stay at mine tonight?" It was Julian's turn to sigh now. Romeo's parents knew of his sexual orientation and knew of his relationship with Julian, but constantly checked up on what they were doing in Romeo's room to make sure that their little boy's purity wasn't compromised. Constantly. They'd walked in on Julian and Romeo kissing about a million times and seen one of the boys blowing the other more than once. For fear of being caught, the two only had time and courage for frenzied making out, quick handjobs, hurried hair-pulling blowjobs and Julian had sneaked a finger or two into Romeo's arse once or twice. It was infuriating that they couldn't have privacy, and Julian wanted Romeo so badly.

Romeo must have seen the indecision on Julian's face because his own expression crumpled.

"Jules – I thought you – I want to spend time with you, on your birthday, it's special. And…my parents are interstate until tomorrow night, we'll have the house to ourselves.. I got a lock put on my door, too. Please – come over – I really want to see you…" Romeo was begging, almost desperately and Julian immediately felt terrible for hesitating in the first place.

"Gimme a sec, I'll be down," Julian said softly before rushing back through his door. He grabbed some spare clothes, his wallet and phone and stuffed them in a scruffy backpack then clattered down the stairs to the living room.

"Mum, Dad, a friend asked me over. I'll be gone overnight." Julian's parents exchanged glances.

"Where does this friend of yours live? Is it a girl?" asked his mother.

"He lives a couple of blocks away. It's a guy. Just a mate of mine. I've got my phone and everything, just give me a call if you need me." Julian crossed his fingers behind his back.

"All right then," said his dad. "Happy birthday, son."

"Thanks, see you tomorrow!"

"Call if you want anything, honey!" Julian's mother reminded him. With a wave and a smile, Julian hurried out the door.

Romeo was waiting in the shadows over the road, and stepped into the light of a streetlamp when Julian emerged from his house. A small smile, part anticipation, part happiness and part nervousness was playing across his face. He watched Julian jog across the road, wavering between running to meet him and standing back, like someone insignificant; 'just a mate'. They'd had too many arguments about kissing within possible view of Julian's religious, oblivious parents. Then suddenly Julian was there, a gentle hand cushioning Romeo's head as he was pushed up against the tree and kissed firmly.

"Your parents are really gone?" Julian whispered, looking down into the shorter boy's glittering eyes.

"Yeah," replied Romeo breathlessly, hands fisting and unfisting in Julian's shirt collar. "Just…Julian…I'm sorry about my parents and everything, I…I don't want it to be about sex, us, I mean, 'cause sometimes I feel like umph." Julian had kissed him again.

"Ro, baby, I love you. But it's so frustrating, because you're fucking hot and it's like I have an endless hard-on when I'm around you and I can't get rid of it. Fucking blue balls, Ro." Julian ground his hips into Romeo impulsively.

"God, not on the street," groaned Romeo, pushing weakly at Julian's chest. "C'mon, let's get to my place then. Oh, come on, we're right in front of your house, you know!" Julian dug his face into Romeo's shoulder and swore, pushing his hips forwards harder before pulling away.

"Fucking blue balls, seriously. My genitals may explode," complained Julian. Romeo laughed, took Julian's hand and dragged him away.

They finally made it to Romeo's house, after pausing to kiss against lampposts, picket fences and assorted trees. Julian fervently hoped that his libido would calm after he'd finally – finally – gotten to have Romeo, in his room, alone with no chance of interruptions so that he could actually get things done.

Romeo deftly unlocked the front door and rushed Julian up to his room, slamming and locking the door behind him. The click of the door lock was one of the most beautiful sounds Julian had heard. It was the sound of aloneness, pleasure and Romeo's body. Mmm.

"You do wanna have sex, right?" Julian murmured as he pulled Romeo's t-shirt off.

"Duh," replied Romeo as he pushed down Julian's trackpants and gave a greeting kiss to his erect cock.

"Ah! Just making sure it's consensual!"

In a matter of moments, the two boys were completely naked, utterly devoid of clothing in each other's presence for the first time. They took a few seconds to survey each other with hungry eyes – Romeo's jutting, sharp lines with his silver necklace nestled on his sternum and Julian's smoother, trim muscles – then their bodies were fused in a writhing embrace. Romeo pushed Julian onto the bed and drew a bottle of lubricant and a condom from under the pillows, shoving them into Julian's hands. Then he set himself on his hands and knees and stared over his shoulder, waiting. Julian quickly put the condom on and stared blankly at the lubricant bottle.

"If you don't stick your fingers up there right now, I'll do it myself," Romeo threatened. That would be incredibly hot, Julian realised, to see Romeo touching himself there but he felt that he should be the one to do it this time. Since it was their first time together, and all. Julian blindly uncapped the lube and squeezed it liberally over his fingers, before stroking Romeo's arse. He noticed something strange.

"Hey, Ro…you look kind of stretched already. And lubed." Romeo rolled his eyes.

"Julian, I was home alone all day with a full bottle of lube, a shiny new lock on my bedroom door and a distinct absence of my boyfriend. What do you reckon I did?"

"Oh. Oh. Um, you're not too sore, are you?"

"Are you kidding me? I don't exactly care at this point, Jules." With that, Julian pushed a slick finger into Romeo and groaned at the sheer heat and tightness. "Bend your finger a bit," Romeo instructed breathily. "Further…up…OH FUCK. Right there, baby, right…oh god…" Julian grinned and pushed another finger in carefully, drawing a low moan from Romeo. He was always rather vocal.

Now Romeo was pushing himself back onto Julian's fingers, canting his hips to get pressure on his prostate and moaning wantonly. Julian was almost dying of desire.

"Oh god, Julian, please please please!" Then Julian was easing in slowly and sealing his arms around Romeo's hips like a vice as he pushed in again and again, relishing the perfect picture of Romeo's abandonment to pleasure. Romeo's head was flung back, biting his lower lip and panting as his body rocked with the force of the thrusts. Julian pressed sloppy kisses to his neck, nipping sharply in the way Romeo always liked, then reached around to pull at Romeo's erection. There was time enough for a dozen more fevered thrusts, the sounds of groans and moans and panting and the slapping of flesh on flesh and the two came with hoarse cries of the other's name.

They untangled themselves from each other and went through their usual clean up procedure, albeit a lot slower than their usual panic-stricken rush, and finally flopped back onto the bed. They snuggled closer to each other, enjoying the soft touches of their naked skin, sharing giddy post-coital-high grins. They kissed.

Romeo reached into his bedside table's drawer and drew out something glittery.

"Happy birthday, Juliet," he whispered, pressing the gift into Julian's hand. Julian was going to make a retort about Romeo calling him a girl's name just after he'd fucked him in the arse, but he forgot it when he saw the necklace. It was almost identical to Romeo's silver moon, but it was in gold and a red stone in the shape of a heart was cradled in the moon's crescent.

"Oh, Ro," Julian said, overcome. "It's beautiful. Help me put it on?" Romeo smiled and fastened the chain around his boyfriend's neck, kissing his collarbone.

"I love you, Julian."

"I love you, Romeo."

They slid under the covers, Julian pulling Romeo into the curve of his body, akin to the way the red heart was sheltered in the arms of the golden moon.