He saw in me

The moon and stars

A Goddess born

A rose afar

Who was I

To steal his heart

His love, his hope

Oh, naïve start!

Through day and night

Through cold and warm

Did we both see

A quiet storm

Disdained, ignored

Though both we knew

His heart soon would be set askew

Those gentle hands

And soulful eyes

Refused to know

The bitter lie

Beneath my smile

My careful words

All of which

Remained unheard

With callow faith

Thus did he court

A heart of stone

Of love, t'was naught

Ill moods

He would erase in me

And so he quashed all guilt to see

By winter's chill

I'd had enough

Of constant games

And playing bluff

I told him Stop

There's more to life

Than slender limbs

Or pretty eyes

Dismayed he was

Of Love turned Lie

All he said was simply:


Come soon, I spoke

You will believe

There's more than one fish in the sea.