I was released from the chair, yet they kept my hands tied painfully tight. Afterwards I was lead through the wooden door quickly. The creature who'd spoken to me earilier was now proding my spine with the hilt of a knife. The hallway was dark and I still couldn't see anything. I had no sense of where I was. The only motivation to move was the 'thunk' on my back. After what seemed like hours of walking through that narrow dusty hallway a glimmer of lantern light made my heart jump.

I flinched at the gleam, my pupils became pinpointed, as my hands flew to shield my eyes. I felt a warm breath on my neck and immediatly stiffened. My hair stood on end and my teeth clenched.

"It is your time young one. You must choose your path and clan. But, most of all, do not stray from the light."

My head went blank as I was pushed into the brightness of the next room. 'They're going to kill me...' I thought silently over and over. The last thing I remembered was the faint scent of chalk and wax before I succummed to the blank white pain of the latern light.

I was shoved, not so lightly, to the ground. A heavy body pressed my arms together then crossed my eyes with a thick black cloth. All the sounds in the room quieted, and I could sense other people in the room. I could feel their glares penetrate my soul, feel them gaze upon it in expectation. Feet shuffled closer to me, the scratch of thick claws grated the floor and the quick pad of inhuman feet ran out of the room.

"Hine dow." A light airy femenine voice whispered. I looked into the direction of where I heard the words, but I could sense no presence. I inhaled slowly taking in all the scents around me. There was the wax and chalk and... a metalic smell. Also fur, I could smell very individual scents of fur yet they seemed all to smell similar. It was terrifying. 'These insane cultists are probably going to sacrifice me to some... hairly diety...'

Fire. The wax was melting now. The candles were burning. Insense. A memory sculpted it's way across my retinas. Me and Mother sending Dad off when he wen't to join the military. I was four.


Mother crying to the foot of her bed, praying silently to the god who's name she thought she'd never say. I was six.


Father coming home from war, completely unharmed in his striking black uniform. Mother cried. I smiled.

The insense faded and I immediatly felt pain. My eyes were contracting, my pupils growing smaller. I heard a snap, loud, clear, and sickening. The quiet nerves in my ear ignited suddenly and exploded. They elogated, as did my teeth. I saw blue, green, yellow, red, and white shapes. they formed in front of my eye causing an even more unbearable pain. My back split and I could feel something.. emit from the crevace. My spine thinned and burned like hot iron. I writhed in agony... for hours. A higher exsistance was reshaping my entire being.

Like a gypsy or magician I saw things none would see for centuries. Our world uin utter chaos. Bodies lie in the streets and people of both races faught together against a black mist of an army that I could not identitify. I screamed, rolled in the dust and chalk trying to push away the images. That's when I felt it. The soft hand of woman on the center of my chest. A power flooded my entire body, mind, and soul, from my feet to the last hair on my head. I wanted to see her face. Her face, the face of the woman who'd drained that horrible pain and ache away. Who'd given me a new life and a hope to hand onto. Seconds later she dissapeared and I was left there to throb in my new born body.

I laid quiet on the floor, breathing like an overworked mule. I was still without my sight and my hands were still tightly bound. I felt tears well up inside of me. They poured into the band over my eyes when a sharp pain hit me in the knees. I tried to scream but what came from my throat was not human... but, animal. My eyes started to burn and then I could hear the roar of blood in my ears. The ground seemed to shake, pressure plunged down on my chest and ripped the air from my lungs. All of my joints cracked then a monterous pain enveloped me. My mind finally couldn't take anymore and I blacked into a painless unconciousness.

I appeared in a dream world. The woman who'd come to me before was standing in front of me, slightly out of arms reach. There was a thick gray hood covering her face and peasent robes hung on her body. Her tiny feet were in a small wooden sandals. Her perfect lips moved but I heard no sound. I blinked. She was farther away now. I ran to her but she wouldn't get closer. I ran and ran but she would just get farther away. I stumbled and hit the ground hard, pain wove it's way through my nerves. I glanced up, one eye squinted open enough to see the golden woman look back one last time then vanish into the dim everlasting light. I closed my eyes and pounded the floor in a fit of anger. Halfly because I was trying to not think about the burning flame in my bones and beause I wanted to see her face. At least her face, if not her name. The methodical rythem of my fist againt the floor lulled me into a dark sleep, so I didn't fight it. I embraced the night and threw away my cares.

I woke up to a voice and a throbbing headache. I was lying in a cot, my body stiff as a board.

(What happens next? We'll have to see.)