We were friends for so long

I loved you, you loved me

Even now when it is wrong

I wish that we could be

But, alas I lost my chance

I should've told you how I felt

We never got our dance

With the pain I've never dealt

You two have been together for almost three years

You and my best friend

But these feelings won't dissapear

The regret The warm smile directed at her now

I think is what I most miss

I love you both so much

I really don't want to hurt you

But I want to feel your touch

I wish you'd get a clue

I want to let you go

But your existence keeps me caged

I hate that a friend's a foe

I cry at the bitter pain

But I'm glad you've kept me around

And I know you still care for me too

In you, a friend I've found

I'm happy just being with you

I'm happy just to see you smile

And hear you laugh

Even if it will take awhile

To find a different path

A path that doesn't lead to you again

A path with a different end

A path where I'm my own girl

But you'll always be my friend

I'll always love anytime we spend together

I don't have to be your wife

I'll love you everyday of forever

But I'm content to just be in your life