Chapter 2 – Melinda

I have completely lost it. I've gone bonkers, loony. Here I was, standing in my room, with my wet hair dripping onto my school uniform shirt, talking with a ghost- no- my Guardian Angel. The gh- angel in front of me sighed and flicked a golden lock from his face. "You are not crazy, bonkers or loony. You are not sleeping. This is NOT a figment of your imagination," He seemed quite irritated, "This. Is. Real."

My legs seemed like jelly and I collapsed into my desk chair. I looked him up and down. He was dressed in a simple pair of blue jeans and a gray tee shirt. His blonde hair was a little shaggy, but otherwise neat and his brown eyes stared back at me through thick golden lashes. I watched as his mouth stretched into a soft smile, his white teeth almost blinding.

"You done checking me out?" He asked.

Heat rushed to my cheeks and I looked away. "I was not checking you out." I mumbled. He laughed. I cocked my head to the side as I listened to the sound. It was masculine and soft, kind of calming. I felt like I had heard it before somewhere.

"My name's Matt by the way." The angel told me. I looked at him again and arched a brow.

"Matt? That's not a very angelic name."

Matt stared at me for a second before frowning. "What did you expect? The great Raphael to come and bow to you?"

My cheeks flamed again and I silently cursed myself for having pale skin. "No, I just meant-"


I looked to my door as my mother called me.

"Hurry up or you'll be late!"

I looked back to Matt- who was suddenly gone. I frowned and rubbed my eyes. "You just had a conversation with air. No big deal Mel; nothing to worry about." I glanced at the stop where he had just been standing and shook my head.

"Melinda!" my mother called again.

I rolled my eyes. "I'm coming!" I yelled back. Mornings in my house were never quiet. I got up from my chair and picked up my brush from the floor. After raking it through my hair once more, I threw it onto my bed and rushed out of my room. I bashed on my little sister's door as I went. "Chelsea! Time to get up!" I called as I hurried down the stairs.

"Coming!" she called. I heard her door open and slam close, then her footsteps rushing down the stairs after me.

Our mother was sitting at the kitchen island with a mug of coffee in her hand and the news paper in the other. Her crazy curly hair was sticking out of a messy bun at the back of her head and she was still in her pajamas.

"Momma," I said as I popped some toast into the toaster, "aren't you going to work?" I asked.

My mother looked up, her green eyes resting on my wet hair. Disapproval flashed through her eyes, but vanished just as quickly as it had come. "Yes," she replied, looking back to her paper, "but not until later this morning."

I nodded and got two glasses from the cupboard. "Orange juice Chels?" I asked as my sister slumped into a chair at the island.

"Mhm." She answered. Next thing I heard was her head connecting to the wooden surface of the counter. "This sucks. Why does high school have to start so early?" she whined.

I smirked and poured us the juice. "Because the teachers want to make us as miserable as they are." I told her. I put her juice on the counter next to her head and spun around as my toast popped up. I grabbed the pieces out of the toaster and quickly buttered them. I put one piece on the counter next to my own juice and the other next to Chelsea's juice. "Eat. We gotta go in like five minutes." I told her. I munched on my toast and watched the clock. Three minutes before we had to leave I chugged the rest of my juice and ran back upstairs to brush my teeth and put my make-up on.

All I applied for make-up was a thin layer of foundation and mascara. I quickly brushed my teeth and pulled my already drying hair into a bun. The brown tangles didn't want to cooperate with me and after a few tries I gave up and let it lay on my shoulders.
"Mel!" my mother called, "time to go!"

I sighed and ran back down the stairs. I swiped up my bag from the floor at the bottom of the stairs and rushed out the door with Chelsea.

again, its really short but i was lazy. so i just got back from my friends cabin in tulameen (about a hour west of princeton) which was really fun :)

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