No it's probably not true,

These feelings I have for you…

There must be some explanation,

For this weird infatuation.

It must be something I ate

That's why I can't sleep till late,

Not because I'm thinking of you

And wondering what you do.

It must be something I drank

That made my heart sank

When you said you won't text me,

That couldn't have bothered me.

I am definitely feeling ill

I should be taking a pill…

For I just keep on missing you,

Wishing you think of me too.

Now I will be very frank,

I think I'm sort of drunk…

For I keep on telling lies,

Saying it's you my heart desires.

I'm going to say it once again

While I still know what I'm doin'

These feelings I have for you,

No it's probably not true.