italics are my random thoughts

Theme: Words

Seventeen syllables

All made of letters

This is my Haiku poem.

writing a poem about a poem, boy am I not full of coolness...NOT

Theme: Math

I don't like writing

Not one little bit

That is why this is the end.

I really highly dislike math, I really love english, but i feel sorry for the english haters out there and decided to write this for them.

Theme: Lolly

My brother loves them

But they rot your teeth

Sometimes I wish they didn't.

I really need a cookie right now... oh look a bird flew by.

Theme: Seaweed

Now I am eating

Green, packaged the salt

Edible goodness

Eating packaged seaweed is not the best... tastes damn good. Hey look, it's the guy next door!

Theme: The Guy Next Door

Struts down the thin path

Bends down, looking for letter

The box is not there.