[Apologies Man]

Humans and vehicles weaved between each other on a busy city street. Dust collided with orange smog making the air near toxic. Still like mindless drones pedestrians pressed onward to their respective homes or escapes. Neon lights flickered on as the sun faded away to clear way for the pure white moon.

On the side of the long road sat a bustling Hot Dog stand. All of the patrons waited patiently for a sandwich except a grubby street worker. Loudly he complained of the slowness of the stand employee while brushing chunks of mud from his neon vest. The person in front of him grimaced from the curses of the hardhat's lips.

"Come on! Who the hell came up with the idea of a one man stand! People have work—"

Out of know where a pre-teen boy ran straight into him and fell backwards. Those who were waiting were more than glad to have that oaf silenced for that spilt moment. Rubbing his bum the message button covered adolescent got to his feet.

"Isn't there something you want to say to me you little punk?"

"Hi…how are you? I don't know what?" He groaned as his bottom throbbed.

Moments of his life seemed to tumble from memory as he was yanked off his feet. A hefty snarl grumbled from the worker's feet as he stared into the boy's teal eyes. Everyone turned around watching the teen struggle against the burly man.

"You bumped into me you little prick!"

From the line stepped a debonair gentleman with a thin beard and curvy shoulder-length hair. What had began as a calm walk changed into a speedy pace. Using all of his strength he ran into the hardhat worker.

"Oh I am so sorry!"

"Apologies man—"The pre-teen smirked, while pulling the older man away. "Let's go eat somewhere else."

A sharp pain ached into large man's gut, quaking he glanced at his side. Protruding from his flesh was a carved wooden handle. Startled he acted fast and took the item out.

"I've been stabbed!" He screamed as blood oozed out. "Dear god it hurts!"

He looked for the two that had run into him but they were long gone. Whining the man collapsed in his own blood. A circle of people hung around him, except for the man ordering his hot dog. He paid double he owed before walking cockily away.

"Thanks Martino!" The stand worker shouted, before studying his distracted costumers. "What's going on down there?"

About two blocks away from the crime scene the two attackers gave each other high-fives. From his pocket the older man showed the kid a roll of hundreds. They both laughed at the simplicity of their kill.

"That's the whole five thousand Kangaroo. We'll have enough money to last us until our next job." He announced, while pushing the cash roll back into his pocket.

"Who knew this business could make so much money. Hey Joe, do you think we could get some beers to celebrate?"

"Only if we can have some hookers over man, I really need to get it in." Joe responded, while pulling off his leather gloves.

"Man I am only thirteen; I don't want to see any nasty night women in my room no more. Go do that shit elsewhere."

"You'll drink but you won't lose your man-cherry. Men need a feminine touch every once and a while. Women oh they are so soft and warm.

"Yah, like curdled milk." Kangaroo teased as he ran up a flight of office stairs. He pushed the door open and flipped the light on for the sign outside. Joe put his hands on his hips as he watched the neon words, 'Keep it Green Lawn Service' light up over his business. Shaking his head with a gleam he walked into the building.

As Martino stepped into the traffic he bit into the salty processed meat. Chili and mustard infused into his taste buds, each aspect so delicious. Heads turned confusing the gentleman; it was only a hot dog. Unknown to him it was not his meal but who was following him.

A living mummy wearing in an open white dress shirt and khaki cargo shorts hung at his back. It wasn't long before he wrapped his arm around the man and pulled him into a dark alley. The man appeared surprisingly calm in the presence of the undead man.

"Mr. Hawkins, you are a creepy one aren't-cha?"

"Those boys are stupid." Sid sighed, while hitting his forehead. "In front of all of those people, there are better ways of killing someone."

"Yes. I figured they would fuck up, that's why I got you around—"

"Allow me to correct you. You have me around because you have something I want."

"As I promised you will receive your farm back." Mr. Martino rolled his eyes, before tossing the sandwich to the ground.

"And Edna, don't forget my Edna."

"Yes, you'll get your doll too."The plump man sneered. "Just make sure you handle those sloppy fucks okay."

"Ha, don't you worry I'll handle the sloppy men real good." Sidney responded before disappearing into the darkness of the alley.

"Fucking toilet paper freak, you'll never get your shit back."

Midnight came and the two murders were having a grand party in the home above their business. Beer bottle covered the floor that Kangaroo danced on. Joe rested on the couch with two busty women; a half gone cigar hung out of his mouth. Music from old juke box unwound the muscles of the thirty year-old. Invigorated by the man's musk the woman with the green haired wig began to suckle the bottom of his ear. Naughty words came from the other drunk as she stared the younger one down.

"You sure can dance Kang." She said in her heavy Jewish accent.

"Oh yah does it turn you on lady?" He blushed swinging back and forth.

"As a matter of fact it does." The woman grinned before joining the boy in a slow dance.

"I learned it from my mom…do you want to…be my mommy, Crystal."

"Sure if that's what get you heated, you dirty lush."

"There you go Roo! Take her to your room and show her how yah get down." Joe hollered, before blowing smoke from his nose. Deep laugher ensued with Kangaroo turning redder by the second. "Make her feel like a teen again—"

A small creak from the apartment door and both of the men seemed to sober up fast. The elder man reached in the couch seat for his gun.

"You didn't invite anybody else did you Roo?"

"Nope and I guess you didn't either."

"What's going on?" Crystal questioned, as she hid behind Kangaroo.

The door slid wide open and both of the residents had firearms pointed in that direction. Nervous the other whore pulled out her switchblade. Leant against the frame was Sid.

"Get those women out of here; I've got something private to speak with the two of you about."

"Oh yah well we're closed for tonight pharaoh." Kangaroo snapped, before stepping in front of mummified man.

"Best you learn if you aren't going to think first to keep your tongue to yourself." He warned while pulling out a stack of half cut money.

"Good lord." Joe mumbled before pushing the wide eyed hookers out. "Please come in sir!"

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