Is Something Wrong With Me?

Something inside me has come undone.

My heart?

My brain?

Whatever makes me who I am.

A part of me's been missing,

I tried not to admit it.

There's no fighting it anymore;

Something's wrong with me.

Even when I'm with you,

A part of me remains dark.

Even when I feel lifted,

A part of me stays shadowed.

I haven't been able to enjoy anything to its full extent;

Not the joy of living,

Not the sounds of nature at peace,

Not even your laughter.

I'll say it again if you want me to:

Something's wrong with me.

A part of me's gone black,

As black as coal.

No wonder I've changed.

No wonder the shy, sweet girl is gone.

No wonder why my heart constantly aches.

No wonder my soul went dark.

And it's all because of them.