A/N: "I just want to know that this isn't over... to know that night wasn't the last kiss we'll ever share." "Of course it wasn't. Do you think I would ever leave you alone like that?"

The Dancer

A delicate dancer takes the stage

A pass-time piece in a modern age

She moves with grace but will not sing

A twirl and a breath in a small silent ring

A man in blue sees her feet en pointe

Outstretches a hand so he won't disappoint

Her red silhouette in a movement of lust

Leaps to his arms in a moment of trust

But bones too brittle and muscles too frail

She fell to the floor as the audience hails

A man made for catching cannot revive

A small dancing girl no longer alive

With a pretty pink twist and a shimmering break

She'll live in a world no longer awake

Giving her life for a man's mortal sin

She'll yearn for the days she can dance again