O Serva me a Malefico*

Where is the border between us?

To not trust, and yet to love as deep
as the ocean. My fate is cruel;
to love the one that would

destroy me slow with your narcotics.
I swallow your pills eagerly, and wash
it down with the sweetest strawberry wine.

You are the light to my darkness.
You always whisper to me,
yet I call you Angel (Reaper).

Strike me down with your scythe,
and drag me down to Hell.
(I would be so blessed
to dine with the devil.)

My Patience, rests in your arms;
please, be the protective force
that enfolds her. The Corpse
Princess to the Skeleton Prince.

O serva me a malefico.*
O serva me a periculo.**
(There is no prayer
for the damned soul.)

A.N: Latin: Save me from evil.*
Save me from danger.**

I apologize if I mistranslated the Latin. Please let me know if there are any errors.