Hello! This is my first oneshot, yippee! I've never been able to condense an entire plot into a single chapter without making it, like, 20 pages long, but I've finally done it. With a little encouragement from my little bro, my dream became a reality!

Um. Anyways. So this was originally a collab story with my bro Link's Bromance, but he decided it was too happy for him so he decided to let me finish it. But some of it is still his. Also, a friend helped to come up with the male main character's last name, so props to him! With that, please enjoy! :D

Destined to Meet

The girl slowly descended the concrete steps from the school building, breathing in the warm summer air.

The boy ran for his life, speed and trouble mixed into one.

Not paying attention to anything except for the fact that he needed to run-run-run, he crashed into something and fell on top of it.


Picking himself up, he screamed, "Screw you!" Then he realized it was a girl, and his entire demeanor changed. "Oh, shit, I'm so sorry!" He held out his hand to her.

A short, sporty-looking girl with long, dirty blonde hair blinked up at him with innocent blue eyes. She groaned, "Please watch where you're going!" She took his hand and stood up, dusting off her butt. Glancing at him again, she took in his windblown appearance: messy brown hair, sharp brown eyes, long nose, and tanned skin. He was really tall, she noted.

He threw his hands up. "I said I was sorry!"

The girl rolled her eyes. "Okay, okay, whatever." She bent down to pick up her bag and its spilled contents.

He crouched down to help her, but abruptly he glanced behind him and said, "Shit, I better go. Don't tell them which way I went."

"Wait, tell who?" she asked but it was too late. Confused, the girl watched him sprint away with an almost superhuman speed.

Sighing, she shrugged and continued to meander down the sidewalk absent-mindedly.

She heard angry voices behind her and the sound of heavy feet thumping quickly. She turned around only to see a mob of angry chavs racing in her direction.

As the mob ran past her, a few of them broke away from the group and yelled at her, "WHERE IS HE? WHERE ARE YOU HIDING HIM? TELL ME WHERE THAT FAG IS!"

"What? Uh, that way? Maybe?" She pointed nervously in the opposite direction that the boy from before ran.

"THIS WAY!" Half of the mob heard them and followed her finger. The other half acted deaf and continued on their way after the boy.

She gulped. Feeling worried, she fidgeted around for a few seconds before making up her mind and following the crowd who was chasing the boy. She turned the corner into the dark alley and heard angry yelling and violent noises. Stepping closer cautiously, she saw the boy in the center of the mob, trying to fight them all off, somehow managing to strike the many of them a few times. Slowly, though, he tired and weakened, and the gang began to overpower him.

He spun around, trying to fend them off at once, but there were too many. He was struggling to keep up with the relentless assault. They wrestled him down and pinned him to the cold concrete.

"YOU LITTLE FAG!" They yelled at him, smacking him across the face over and over again.

He wasn't screaming or crying. His face was still furious and angry. But with an ever-so-slight touch of helplessness.

They stomped on his gut.

She gasped. How cruel! Were they even human?

They grabbed him by the collar and lifted him up, against the wall.

"YOU NO-GOOD WOMAN-STEALING MAN-WHORE!" they spat in his face.

He opened his mouth to speak, but all that came out was trickling blood. Coughing, he managed to gasp arrogantly – if breathlessly, "It's not my fault if you can't satisfy them."

"YOU-!" Outraged, the chavs gave up on talking and continued pummeling him.

But then the girl jumped in and shoved the main assaulter away from the boy. "Stop it! If you don't get the hell outta here, I'll call the police!"

The mob smirked and laughed at her. "Yeah, right. Move, bitch, unless you wanna die too."

Defiantly, she whipped out her phone and glared at them. "Wanna bet? I'll dial 9-1-1 right now."

They scoffed. "You won't do it."

"Watch me." Holding her phone up so that everyone could see it, she pointedly pushed the button 9-1-1 and then dramatically hit the "call" button. She set it on speakerphone, allowing the obnoxious ringing to fill up the tense silence in the alley.

As it rang, she raised an eyebrow as if to challenge the whole lot of chavs. They exchanged glances with each other, slightly frightened, but still they agreed, "You're gonna chicken out. Once someone picks up, you'll hang up."

She smirked. "If you say so."

Suddenly, the ringing stopped and a deep voice asked, "Hello?"

The girl turned off the speakerphone and began to speak in a slightly wavering voice. "Hello, is this the police?"

"Yes, how can we help you?"

"Um, well, right now I'm standing in the alleyway off of Fourth Street, near the public high school? Um, and there is a gang of boys who were beating up another boy here. I think they half-killed him! They didn't believe I would really call the police and now I'm really scared that they're gonna beat me up too! Can you please help me?"

"Alright, please remain calm. I'm sending a couple officers over right now. Where did you say you are?"

"I'm standing in the alleyway off of Fourth Street, near the local public high school.""

"Okay, miss, help is on the way."

"Thank you, thank you so much!"

The officer hung up and the girl pressed the "end call" button, sliding her phone back in her pocket. She faced the mob again. "Well? They're on their way, you know. This place is pretty close to the police station."

Sure enough, police sirens sounded in the distance. Truly scared now, the horde of boys struggled to run away quickly. They shoved and kicked, practically falling over each other.

Stupidly, none of them noticed the door on the side of one of the buildings, but the girl did. She spun around to look over the beat-up boy and saw that he had succeeded in propping himself up against the brick wall. There was a lot of blood on his shirt, and his mouth was painted red as well. She knelt in front of him and lightly placed her fingers on his cheek. His head moved and his eyes slowly opened.

"Thought I…told you…not to tell…them which way I…went," he coughed out.

She smiled a little. "I didn't, but only half of them went the other way. I guess these guys didn't notice that half of them weren't with them anymore."

Concerned, she looked him over, her gaze lingering on his stomach. Then, gingerly, she pulled up his shirt a little and winced at the bruising skin. "That looks…painful," she acknowledged lamely.

Chuckling weakly, he bluffed, "Nah, doesn't hurt at all." Wiggling a bit, he tried to sit up, only to let loose a strong of profanities under his breath after barely clenching his stomach.

"Doesn't hurt at all, huh?" She looked at him in amusement. "Alright, let's get you cleaned up and I'll take you to the hospital."

"No! Just…help me get back to my apartment, okay? No doctors." His eyes stared into hers.

"What? But look at you, this is serious! You have to get medical treatment. Come on, doctors aren't that evil."

"No doctors," he repeated, clenching his teeth against the pain.

Sighing she gave in. "Fine. But when you end up dying or something, don't blame me for your stupidity."

She reached forward, then pulled back, thinking. "Um, so how do you wanna do this? I can't think of any way that I can help you move without hurting you a lot."

"It's fine, just get me outta here. I'll deal with the pain," he panted.

She could tell that he was close to unconsciousness; that the pain was fogging up his brain and dragging him under. She had to act quickly. Sliding an arm around his back, she dangled his over her shoulder and slowly, carefully, pulled him up.

It was going well; he was almost fully standing, when he suddenly tensed and cried out, hacking up more blood. He nearly slid all the way back down, but she firmly supported his weight and began walking him to the door.

"You know, it might've been easier if I just carried you. Wanna try it?" she grinned at him.

He eyed her short figure dubiously. "I doubt you would actually be able to hold me up. You're so tiny."

"Hey! I may be small, but I'm strong."

Shaking his head, he said, "Nah, that's okay. I've still got my pride and dignity, you know."

"Whatever you say."

They limped their way to the door. As they walked inside the building, the girl looked back and saw that the police had arrived and were stuffing kids into their cars. They were probably looking for her, the caller, as well, but she didn't really want to deal with the police.

Once they got inside, they located a bathroom and she tried to clean him up as much as possible, which was hard, because it hurt him to move at all, and the bathroom was really tiny, but they somehow managed.

After, the boy directed her to his apartment and she worked their way inside, finally laying him delicately on his bed, an island amidst the messy clutter of dirty clothes and stale food. He fell asleep almost instantly, so the girl decided to do a little necessary cleaning.

She discovered a clean-looking T-shirt. Glancing at his blood-encrusted shirt, she cringed and helped him out of the dirty shirt into the clean one. He was too tired and overwhelmed to wake up

She tossed the bloody shirt into his laundry and left the apartment, not expecting to meet the boy ever again.

But they did. Meet, that is.

A couple months later, school started. On the first day of school, the girl walked into the building and literally bumped into someone's back.

"Oh, sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going," apologized the girl, looking up at the person.

The person turned around and looked down.

Two pairs of eyes widened I shock and recognition, one pair brown, the other blue.

"You!" they realized in unison.

"What are you doing here?" she blurted, completely stunned.

"Oh, uh, I'm a sophomore here," he explained. "You?"

"Me too!" she exclaimed. "Wow, I never thought I'd see you again."

He grinned. "Guess we were destined to meet."

"Guess so," she agreed. "So. Since we're gonna be classmates and all, I might as well introduce myself." She stuck out her hand. "Hi. I'm Celeste Willows. And you are?"

He grasped her hands. "Felix Silva."

They shook hands.

"Nice to meet you."

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