Fire and Ice run through her veins, like whiskey and wine.

Her life, balanced on the edge of a knife, her dreams, an escape, her smile, is it fake?
Her friends, do they know, that she lives on deaths roll, her mother, what would she think, to see her daughter drink?
Is peace then answer, is war the solution, would harmony last or would disaster follow?

Freak, loser, those who abuse her, when will they lose her? Will the skies run red, with lakes so deep from all the tears that came from all these past years? Does her brother know, will he be to slow? Will darkness take her, will the night claim her, will Satan save her or will daylight break through?

Questions, questions, there are so many answers which ones are right? Who did it wrong, who will break and who will make it to the end?
Goodbye, goodbye, don't be a stranger, come calling anytime but remember… Fire and Ice, like whiskey and wine, run through her veins, so before you ask questions, are you ready for her answers?