-Prologue Macaroni Party-

His head hurt. His head hurt very badly. As if someone had taken a nail-bat to the back of his head twenty times. Alfred sat up glaring at himself in the mirror. The thin trail of dried blood under his nose was a tell tail sign that he'd been gypped. He ran his slender fingers through his messy black hair muttering,

"Those bastards...I want my money back." He glanced at his purple hoodie lying discarded at the foot of his bed. Did he feel like hunting down some bitches? Alfred smirked pushing himself off his bed, grabbing the hoodie and slipping it on. Why yes, yes he did.

Despite all his boasting, Callum Jaxx wasn't a very hard man to track down. Especially if you had a long history of getting fucked over by said person. Which made Alfred wonder why he'd accepted the cocaine in the first place.

Silver Pendulum was a club that Alfred frequented with his sister and her friends, though Alfred hated the place personally, for two reasons. One, Jaxx worked there. And two, the drug dealers sucked. Grudgingly Alfred entered the club and made his way to the bar. He could see the douche bag now, smiling and chatting up some guy. When he was close enough Alfred called out,

"Oi! Jaxx! You've fucked me over for the last...time..." Alfred had gotten horribly distracted by the man walking past him. He'd never had a very good attention span, and he was easily distracted by attractive people. As he was now, so much so that his my-prey-is-getting-away sense didn't kick in and he didn't notice Jaxx slip out from behind the bar and make a break for it.

When Alfred managed to compose himself he let out a sharp hiss, finally noticing Jaxx's absence.

"That bastard." He spluttered angrily plopping down into one of the stools and snatching a bottle of José Cuervo from the other side of the bar. He took a swig glaring at the vast array of liquor. It didn't take him long to down the entire bottle, or forget why he was at the club in the first place. By the time he was halfway though the Jack Daniels bottle, his mood had completely shifted and he was more then a little buzzed.

Three tequila bottles later found him stumbling into the bathroom, in an attempt to escape the heat of the club outside. He leaned against the farthest wall, not noticing the other occupant until fate had him sitting on the ground staring straight at the man taking a piss. His eyes shifted to his face. It was the man that had distracted him earlier, allowing Jaxx to make his escape. 'Fucker.' Alfred thought bitterly, Ignoring the mans obvious discomfort until he snapped finally.

"What!" the man hissed shooting Alfred a glare. Alfred wondered if the douche had any cocaine on him, he highly doubted it, but decided to ask anyway.

"D'you have any Aunt Nora?" the man stared at him for a minute before answering hesitantly.

"...no." Alfred shrugged. He'd figured, but he continued to stare until the man snapped again.

"What!" He asked in exasperation throwing his wet hands above his head.

"Can you take me to my sister's house?"

Surprisingly enough, the man had agreed. So an awkward conversation later had the two men walking from The Meatpacking district to an apartment in Tribeca. Nearly two miles away. Alejandro had no idea why he'd agreed.

He walked without stumbling, being completely-or mostly anyway- sober, next to Alfred who was anything but, a lit cigarette dangling from his lips, the smoke wafting up and mixing with the filthy New York air.

"Rauchen ist schlecht für Sie ~! Ah, warum habe ich beschließen, Ficken Tribeca gehen? Chelsea ist so viel näher, und ich tatsächlich dort leben..."(Smoking is bad for you~! Ah, why the fuck did I decide to go to Tribeca? Chelsea is so much closer and I actually live there...) Alejandro looked at the other man in confusion.

"What?" Alfred looked up at him questioningly, as if he didn't realize he had just spoken in another language.

"You weren't speaking English..." Alejandro explained.

"Oh~ I was speaking German then, sorry~!" He said with a huge grin. He had dimples Alejandro noted somewhere in the back of his head.

"Do you mind walking to Tribeca, like, at all?" Alfred asked

"No, I live in Chinatown, Tribeca's right next to it." Alfred deadpanned before muttering, something else in German.

"Warum zum Teufel wollen Sie in Chinatown leben, wenn man nicht asiatische bist?"(Why the fuck, do you live in Chinatown if you're not even Asian?)

Half an hour and ten attempts to speak English later, Alfred found himself being helped into an elevator by a very disoriented Alejandro. Alfred snorted remembering the song, before falling against the side of the elevator in a fit of giggles. The ride was short since Glenda and Taji, his younger sister and her fiancé, only lived on the fourth floor. When they reached her door, the silence seemed to stretch on for awhile. Alfred was almost scared to knock. And then he finally did.

There was a bit of swearing, the creak of the floor, and then the door swung open to reveal a very pissed of, young woman, who was, practically naked. Her Long dark hair fell in masses of ringlets over her shoulder, covering most of her black bra, while her short kimono robe covered everything else. And her pretty round face was red from her anger. Her tone was dangerous while she hissed,

"Wo zum Teufel bist du gewesen? Es ist schon VIER WOCHEN, Alfred! What the fuck..."(Where the fuck have you been? You were gone for FOUR WEEKS, Alfred!) Her eyes drifted up towards Alejandro and her speech drifted off.

"Whose he?" She finally asked

"Watashi wa koko ni watashi o motte kare o nattoku sa seru kanri hōhō ikutsu ka, anata ga monosugoku kiniitta tawagoto kurabu de atta, kare wa kawaiiga, kare ga〜 ni sa rete imasen ka?" (I met him at that shit club you like so much, some how I managed to convince him to bring me here, he's cute ain't he~?) And Alejandro didn't recognize that language. Glenda stared at Alfred, her expression clearly reading, omg, you're drunk, you dumbass.

"You're speaking Japanese, you dumbass." she hissed before throwing the door open and walking back into the confines of her apartment.

Alejandro wasn't even given a choice whether he wanted to stay or not, as soon as he turned to go, Alfred's thin fingers wrapped around his wrist and dragged him into Glenda's apartment behind him. Stepping into the apartment was like stepping into a whole new universe. 'Holy shit! I'm in the presence of nobles!' Alejandro thought as he looked around the huge apartment. There was no way they could afford the place on a normal salary, and they didn't. A loud squeal shook Alejandro from his thoughts and he turned to see a small girl, about thirteen, with short black hair launch herself at Alfred.

"Oh my god! Big brother! Glenda said she was gonna drop us off at your house tomorrow, I didn't know you were gonna pick us up!" If anything were to sober Alfred up, it would be his younger siblings.

"Leonie, hi...I'm not, actually. I was gonna crash here for the night...god..." Alfred glared at Glenda and she glared right back. She had this way of weaseling out of watching Leonie and Jonas, basically by dumping them on Alfred without warning.

"God, babysitting...that's just...so degrading for a demon." Alfred muttered under his breath not realizing Alejandro was standing right next to him.

Alejandro froze cocking his head to the side and smiling.

"Wha? Demons?" He asked. Alfred peered up at him, and for the first time, Alejandro noticed his less-than human eyes. They were more like snake eyes, and extremely green.

"Yeah, we're demons; you seriously didn't notice my fucked up eyes?" Alfred asked quirking an eyebrow.

"Oh, ha, No, I didn't till now, actually...I should uh...be going..." and with that Alejandro ran.

"Well that was rude..." Leonie said placing her hands on her hips.

"Actually..." Jonas began

"That was the politest reaction I've ever seen..." Glenda said in awe. And then, Alfred started laughing. He was doubled over, laughing so hard his eyes were watering. Glenda glared before slapping him upside his head.

"Go make sure that poor man isn't traumatized!" She said pointing a finger at the door.

"Fine~ Fine, god." Alfred laughed walking out the door and taking the stairs two at a time. It wasn't hard to find the guy since he hadn't gone that far in the first place. But his scent was still fresh on Alfred's brain, so that made it even easier. In no time at all, he found him pushing through the crowd of New Yorkers, hurriedly. Alfred smirked and snuck towards him, his mind hamster working hard. He waited for him to turn onto the nearly deserted street Alfred knew he would have to take to get to Chinatown.

"Hi there buddy!" Alfred exclaimed jumping in front of Alejandro, who nearly had a heart attack.

"What the- Oh my fucking god! You can't have my soul!" He exclaimed taking five good steps back.

"Soul?" Alfred asked raising an eyebrow

"Yeah, demons eat souls..." Alejandro explained as if everyone should know this.

"I take offense at that, it's a very common misconception, but we don't eat souls."

"...You don't?"

"No, not at all. I mean yeah, there are some that ultimately can, but they have to follow very strict guidelines, or they're liable to get sued, those are lawyers."

Alejandro stared in disbelief for a minute as Alfred went on and on about god knows what.

"...What are you talking about?" he finally asked shaking his head in defeat.

"Demon Lawyers man! Lawyerssss! They're the scum of the earth!"

"...right, I forgot you were on drugs." Alfred frowned.

"Drugs don't effect me the same way as they do humans, I function...perfectly." Alfred explained with a shrug.

"Anyways, Glenda sent me to make sure you weren't traumatized, you're not, so wanna like, I don't know, do like...something, other than stand around?" Alejandro thought for a minute, did he really want to go somewhere with a demon-man-person?

"I'm hungry, which is rare, so we could go to my restaurant and like I'll cook...something..." Hell yeas he did.

"Ok. Sure. I mean you do so owe me." So one delicious meal later, they were both sitting outside of Alfred's restaurant, The Point, each smoking their own personal choice.

"Ha, You know who might eat your soul?" Alfred said outa the blue.

"You?" Alejandro muttered.

"No, I prefer cheap whores, and Tools, you're not either of those. Glenda. She'd so eat your soul." Alfred smiled taking a drag from his Cigamo whilst beside him, Alejandro stiffened.

"I thought you said you didn't eat souls."

"Meh, only on Christmas, kinda like a special treat, ya'know?" Alfred could practically taste the fear and alarm radiating off of Alejandro.

"Dude...You're scared~!" Alfred laughed.

"I am not! I'm so confident, that she's not touching me."

"Dude, I know you're scared~ I can tell, Confidence makes my stomach churn, fear gives me butterflies~."

"Butterflies?" Alejandro asked quirking an eyebrow.

"Ultimately I just said, it makes me horny." Alfred explained adjusting his glasses.

"Oh...This is kinda...awkward now." Alejandro said squinting at the bright city lights.

"Is it? It's not like I said come hither, let's fuck, which I totally wouldn't mind if we did~ but I didn't so it's not quite awkward yet." Alejandro choked on his smoke.

"Dude...I'm not gonna sleep with you! What kinda guy do you think I am? You wanna eat my soul don't you?"

"I think you're an extremely gullible but awesome bro. And no, I already said only on Christmas."

"You're gonna save me for Christmas!"

"I am not, by then we'll probably be dating, so that would completely eliminate whatever whore like actions you took, and besides everyone knows, the one on bottom is always the whore."


"Yeah, and since I doubt I'll be topping, that'd make me the whore in this situation." Alfred said smirking a little bit.

"Oh, well, still! I don't wanna risk it! I'll finally be able to get a ps3 this Christmas and I'm too young to die-er, lose my soul!"

"Dude, I'm rich. I can buy whatever the fuck I want, dating me, you get whatever the fuck you want by default." and with that, Alejandro was almost won.

"You'd really buy me stuff?" he asked quietly.

"I don't see why not…But I ain't buying you shit till Christmas." Alfred said with a smile.

"Cause you're gonna eat my soul!"

"Hmmm, how bout this, I'll give you your Christmas presents the day before Christmas, for as long as we know each other, and if I ever don't give you a present Christmas eve, well, you have every right to run for the hills." He smiled up at Alejandro while he thought.

"Ok then, deal. Christmas Eve, and don't try any of that mistletoe shit either."

"Oh c'mon, I have way more swag then that~!"