A/N: Ok, so this chapter was mostly to explain what the hell Alfred was talking about in the last chapter, Cause me and Alejandro's creator thought it'd be funny if they had all these encounters but didn't realize that they were all with each other. But then I realized Alfred wouldn't forget any of that cause he's got beastly demon powers and a REALLY keen sense of smell, his best feature, and because of that he doesn't forget scents easily.

"OMG! Alfred! You gotta do me a favor~!" Brayden shouted glomping Alfred from behind.
"Hmm?" he hummed.
"You know that kitten I smuggled in? The one I named Blue?"
"...Yeah?" Alfred asked perking up a bit.
"My mom found him."
"What! The cat Nazi!"
"Yeah, so time for that favor..." Brayden said shrinking under Alfreds stare.
"Could you maybe...keep him for me, since ya'know, you live by yourself?"
"...c'mon, let's go get him." Alfred sighed adjusting his duffel bag and walking ahead.

"Thank you~ Thank you so much again~" Brayden laughed hugging Alfred and pecking him on the cheek.
"I gotta go though or my mom'll throw a fit." He said running a ringed hand through his blond hair.
"See ya tomorrow." He laughed kissing Alfred goodbye.
"Bye." Alfred called watching Brayden run to the corner. Oblivious to the speeding car turning the corner until it was too late.

Somehow Alfred had managed to make his mind work enough to do what needed to be done. Now there was only waiting. Alfred had been getting coffee when his mind had finally crashed. So he stood there, his forehead pressed against the hot machine. He didn't know how long he stood there exactly before there was a tap on hi shoulder. He turned to face a boy around his age.
"What do you want?" He asked.
"What do you think I want? Some coffee. God what are you even doing in here."
"What do you think I'm doing in here?" Alfred hissed moving to the side to add stuff to his coffee.
"Loitering around. But seriously, what're you in for?"
"Boyfriends in the emergency room. Got hit by a car. You?"
"My grandpa had a heart attack." Before Alfred could reply warm arms were wrapping around his neck and pulling him into a bone crushing hug. It was Camilla.
"Alfred, oh my god, is he ok?"
"I don't know Camilla...also; you do know you don't have a shirt on right?" He asked a small smile on his lips. Camilla looked down.
"Oh shit!" She hissed fumbling with her jacket. "I was sleeping when you called me, I just threw my jacket on-"
"It's ok." Alfred interrupted. He turned to finish addressing the boy from earlier but found he'd retreated back to the side of an older woman.

"C'mon Cam, lets go sit." Alfred said placing his hand on her back and guiding her towards where he'd left his jacket. And then, they waited.
"Um, excuse me?" Both Alfred and Camilla were alert in seconds at the sight of the pretty young doctor.
"Is he ok?" Camilla asked immediately. The second the doctor looked away, however short it was, Alfred knew.
"Is he?" Camilla persisted.
"...No," Camilla's hands flew to her mouth and Alfred's over his eyes. "We were...unable to save him. I'm sorry for your loss." And with that she left. Alfred toppled over, laying his head on Camilla's shoulders. His life was over. He had no reason to live, not with out him...and he was being dramatic, though not as openly as Camilla who was sobbing harder than Alfred had ever seen her and much louder too. In a few years time the two would eventually recover, but at the moment the pain was unbearable.

A year later found Alfred in an obnoxiously long Starbucks line. Normally he'd of left, but he was not going to his classes with out his morning cup of god-juice. Ah-uh, fuck that. He NEEDED his god-juice like a crack-whore needed her crack. He was vaguely aware of someone stepping up next to him. When the smell hit him, it too him a minute to register where he recognized the scent from. It was the boy from the hospital. Alfred would recognize that scent anywhere. He smelt like fresh roasted coffee beans, with a hint of vanilla. Alfred decided then and there that he would forever love that scent. He turned his head to look at the owner. The boy was attractive, tall and lanky. He had a smile, that might've been charming if Alfred didn't instantly hate it. He might love his scent but he would never love the owner of said scent.

"What?" Alfred demanded, turning his head back to the front counter.

"You come here a lot, don't you? I see you all the time."

"I live across the street." Alfred shrugged as he stepped up to order his coffee.

"Oh…that's pretty damn convenient…So…."

"Listen. I come here for one reason. And that's for my coffee, Keep talking to me and I'll stop coming." Alfred hissed taking his cup and a proceeding to dump five sugar packets and three things of crème into it.


"Apology not accepted, now kindly fuck off and die." And with that Alfred pushed out the door, messenger bag banging against his thighs. There might have been a little nagging voice in the back of his head telling him off for being such a huge asshole. But Alfred brushed it off. He was miffed about being flirted with, yes, but mostly he was upset that the boy clearly didn't remember him. He slowed down his pace a bit. He had plenty of time before classes started. He hadn't honestly expected the boy to remember him. Human memories sucked. But it had been kind of a disappointment.

"Fuck humans." Alfred mumbled taking a sip from his Styrofoam cup.

"Fuck them all."