Chapter One

Jack, Cara, and Karl gazed up at the towering structure that loomed in front of them. It looked like a giant had thrown a 30 story javelin straight into the ground.

"This reminds me of that thing in we went on at the fair – the drop zone, or whatever, mixed with the Eiffel Tower in Kings Dominion," Cara said.

"But I bet we'll be able to see a lot farther from the top of this," said Jack. He had been secretly dreading going to the building the billboards said was the "best view in the state." But after all, you need to do something after you've hiked up Mount Javi. His thoughts were interrupted by his little brother, Karl, sneezing.

"This sounds like so much fun!" he said, and ran up to the elevator door. Karl started pushing the up button as fast as he could.

Cara gave Jack a "we might as well get this over with" look. She also wasn't looking forward to this trip, but for different reasons. She had to cancel a big sleepover party with her best friend, Sam. Because she was the oldest, the kids' mom and dad had put her in charge of taking her brothers to the tower.

"Come ON!" Karl yelled at the elevator door. He turned around and gave his siblings the same command.

"All right, we're coming," said Jack.

The elevator door opened just as they reached it. Fearless Karl led the way, with Cara and Jack following.

"Which floor did the pamphlet say was the visitor thing?" Jack asked.

"Jack, there's only one floor. I don't think they even bother to give it a number. Weren't you listening when the tour guide was talking?" answered Karl, who was the only one who'd been looking forward to this. He didn't normally listen to tour guides. Jack and Cara were impressed.

"Let's go," Cara hit the big grey button on the wall.

The elevator started rising. Jack was trying to prepare himself for the height, and Cara was already bored. Karl was jumping up and down.

"Stop that!" Jack ordered. "Remember what the tour guide said about jumping in elevators?"

Karl stopped, thought for a second, and then sat down.

The elevator lurched.

"Look what you've done!" Cara yelled. Jack followed Karl in sitting down.

"You might want to sit down, too, Cara. Remember what the tour gu…"

"Shut up about the tour guide!" Cara cut Karl off, but followed his advice.

Meanwhile, the elevator started moving faster. The three kids were beginning to feel the power of the speed.

"We must be at the top already!" shouted Jack over the noise. There was another bump, and he fell silent.

It felt to all the kids that something was pushing and keeping them down. Jack looked at the display above the door where the floor number should have been. It said up and up! which changed to higher and higher! He tried to tell the others, but he couldn't speak. The corners of Jack's vision started to fade to black. He attempted a scream, but nothing came out. His eyes were being forced shut, and the speed made him feel like he was being crushed with something very heavy and black. He made one last look at the display. It said, bye bye, kids! Jack blacked out.

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