Chapter Eight

Cara, Karl, and Jack looked at each other.

"Well that was strange," Jack said.

Cara picked up the handkerchief. A yellow skittle fell out.

Karl reached down and ate it.

"Karl!" Jack and Cara complained.

"It was there. I was hungry." He swallowed.

"When a mysterious person comes out of nowhere, saves us from Brussels sprouts, vanishes, and leaves a skittle, you don't eat it!" Cara scolded.

"Let's keep walking," proposed Jack.

The siblings walked down the sidewalk of Catalina's cul-de-sac. They turned left, walked a few minutes, and arrived at a town.

"How did we miss that when we came here?" Karl asked rhetorically.

The siblings walked a bit more, and came upon a sign that said "Do not trampoline to the moon, for you shall fall off, as foretold in the prophecy."*

The three walked on.

Buildings appeared slowly at first, and soon the group found themselves surrounded by shops. One shop was called "Gozen Island Gifts and Cheeses."

"This island is officially wacky," Cara proclaimed. They went inside anyway.

Instantly the smell of all sorts of cheese surfaced; gouda, cheddar, swiss, and mozzarella were a few.

Apart from the multitude of cheeses, the shop had another product: gifts. Cheap (mostly) small glass statues were stacked on rows of glass shelves, portraying dolphins jumping out of water and different types of jellyfish encased in glass.

Karl stretched out his arms and poked his siblings, who were on either side of him.

"Guys," he whispered, "That's Arnoldover there..." He pointed over at the cash register.

Cara unconsciously ducked to hide, but realizing she wasn't hiding behind anything, stood up again.

"I thought he was a dentist!" Jack said.

Karl formed a theory. "Maybe this is his part-time job. And maybe he also has a part-time job being an astronaut!"

Cara pictured Arnold in a spacesuit. "No."

The realization that a potential evil person was standing just a few feet away from them finally set in. All three backed away slowly.

Suddenly Arnold's head snapped over in the direction of the siblings.

"You... Brussels sprouts... avoiders!" His speech crescendoed to the last word. Arnold charged at the children.

The siblings stumbled down the hill leading to the gift shop and turned left.

"I'll get you!" Arnold yelled as he chased after them.

The three realized that the dentist was gaining on them (somehow). Cara came up with a plan.

"Jack, you and Karl go left at the stop sign over there. I'll go right. Let's meet back at the cheese shop once Arnold loses us."

Before Jack or Karl could reply, the three reached the stop sign. They were forced to follow Cara's plan.

A few seconds later, Arnold arrived, paused for a second, and ran to the right.

Jack and Karl walked down a path to the ocean. The reasoned that Cara could deal with Arnold on her own. The two brothers sat down on a sand dune behind Gozen Island Gifts and Cheeses.

"You know what's strange?" Karl started. "We've been on this island for three days, and haven't even thought about how weird it is."

"You're right. We don't know how we got here, what our parents are thinking, that sort of thing. I mean, we don't even know Catalina that well and we're using her house!" Jack thought for a second. "I guess we should be worried, or something."

Karl thought of something.

"Why don't we just call Mom on Catalina's phone?"

With Cara, she stopped running and looked around. The town had changed into a foresty area. Arnold had disappeared a few seconds ago.

Cautiously, she started heading in the direction of the shop. All the sudden, Arnold appeared out from behind a tree. "Aha!"

Cara was finished with this.

"Arnold, why are you chasing us? I mean, what are you going to actually do to me? It's like you're trying to be cheesy."

Arnold looked like he was thinking for a second, seemed to come to a conclusion, and smiled.

"Nothing," he said, sounding much less grumpy than before. "Good job! You caught me. I'm not really a crabby old dentist (I am old, though). I'm a scientist."


Whew. I thought I'd never get that chapter out.

Sorry for the delay; stuff happened (like it normally does). I'll try to write the next chapter after I write Chapter Three of What Really Happened.

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*Alright, pretty random, I just needed to get that out.