By the Wings of an Angel


The house was beautiful. That was my first thought when I moved into my friend's house. The year was 2020, and the house was just stunning; the old texture on the wood was beautiful, and the large, ancient French doors put a touch of mystery to the ancient house. My best friend Haley wanted to split the rent with someone, and I seemed like the best choice. Haley and I had been friends since Kindergarten, and when I heard she wanted a roommate, I instantly agreed. The day I got there she came up to me, took my bags, and said, "Amber. You are going to LOVE your room." I thought, what's the big deal about the room?

Haley led me up the two flights of stairs; the room was in a sort of attic. I thought it was kind of strange that my room would be in the attic. There was a long hallway, and at the very end of it were two doors: one on the right, and one on the left. Haley led me over to the door on the right, and as she swung open the door, I understood why she gave me that room. It had an ancient, woodsy-feeling to it. There was a lot of space, but from the hall it looked like it should have been very small. There was a wooden writing desk on the far end of the room. She knew I loved to write, but swore that it had been there when she got here. Right beside the desk was a window with a gorgeous view, and even better, a large telescope sitting in front of it. And I, being interested in astronomy, thought that was why my friend had given me this room.

"Cool!" I said. "You're right! I love the room; I can't wait to use the telescope!"

Grinning from ear to ear, Haley shook her head. "No, that's not why you'll love the room." She leant near me, as if to whisper. "I think it's haunted."

I remember looking at her weirdly. Don't get me wrong; I was fascinated with ghosts and ghost stories, but Haley had never really thought about them. I didn't even think that she knew of my interest in ghost stories.

"I bought this house a week ago, and I chose to sleep in the room across from this one," she said, pointing to the door on the left. "After arranging my stuff in it, I walked over to see what this one looked like. It was locked though. I called the agency from which I got the house, and they said all the keys were in a small box under the kitchen sink. I'm telling you, Amber, I tried every single key, but the door would not budge. I gave up on it." This got to me, because the door was unlocked- obviously, because we were inside the room.

I looked around the room. "Well, what happened then? Did you find the key?"

Haley shook her head, and smiled widely at my confusion and curiosity. "Remember three days ago when I called you and asked if you'd be interested in sharing the house?" I nodded. It was only three days ago, after all. "Well, right after I hung up, I heard a huge crash from upstairs. I bolted up both flights of stairs thinking someone had broken in and was stealing something. I reached the end of the hall, and… The door was hanging wide open. The window was closed and locked. There was no way that the door could have just opened."

I was speechless… and excited. Maybe the house really was haunted. I looked around the room again, taking in every detail. There was a closet on the left side of the room, only a couple feet away from the door leading to the hallway and Haley's room. Turning around, I noticed the bed for the first time. It was a double bed with a large, Brazilian-wood headrest. The bedspread was a pretty green with a floral design. A huge, fluffy white pillow lay against the headrest.

I turned to Haley and I said, "Haley, I hope you didn't buy this all for me-"

Haley's eyes went wide and she shook her head emphatically. "No, that's another part of the story I forgot to tell you- All the house was supposed to come with was the bathroom, the kitchen, and the fireplace. All this stuff was already in here, just sitting around!" That was the beginning of a great adventure for the both of us.

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