Chapter 1

"Stop! Why are you showing us this?" My twin sister and I pleaded as we grasped each other's hands and closed our eyes. I tried very hard to keep the vicious images out of my mind, but even as I closed them the pictures intruded my head. The pictures were of the scariest horror movie I have ever seen. A huge black forest lay about with green and red twisted tress wrapping around everywhere, eating up all the empty space and replacing it with darkness. Giant beasts were everywhere to be seen; half of them were covered with dark animal hair and took the form of a dog like creature, and the others where something that looked like winged immortals. These beasts were brutally fighting against each other using their inhuman abilities. Thick blood spattered almost every surface as the beasts ripped each other apart. As the scene went by setting changed drastically. It started out as a dark cloudy evening and as the fight awakened and flourished a dark grey glow came through the trees sucking everything in like a black hole. I have never seen anything like this before.

My sister and me were sitting on the grainy sand with out bodies facing the screen, Nymph had resurrected from fire. But now my sister and I were turned around and on the verge of crying. I couldn't believe Nyx and Nymph would show us this, and on the Island Of Hopes. It was us four girls favorite place to be all together, and when Nyx and Nymph bring us here usually good things happen. Nothing like this has ever happened and i have a strange feeling in my gut that it was very important.

"We are eternally sorry for showing you two that, but it had to be done," Nyxallas said in a warming tone as her sister Nymphios turned her hand over and over playing with the fire that she raised from the earth into a clear sheet were the horrible images had been displayed. I was still kind of pissed at what had just gone on but I glanced at Nymph out of the corner of my eye and watched anyways.

I wondered as I watched Nymph turn her hand around so it faced outward, drop on one knee, mumble under her breath, then lift both arms up in the air carrying her body with her, and dropped them gracefully letting the fire disappear. It looked to me as if they were thanking some superior god for… 'letting them use their power' you could say. But who is more powerful than Nyx and Nymph? Who could they be thanking? Her face was smooth and gentle during the whole process, and she did this with such beauty it disgraced the most beautiful rose. But seriously who can be more powerful than them?

"You really shouldn't worry about that right now. More important things are at stake."

I was shocked as I always was when either of them read my mind. My brow furrowed and looked at my sister questioningly. Nyx and Nymph had promised not to intrude our minds unless given permission.

But before I could ask them what was going on Nyx interrupted saying,

"Alexis, please excuse my sister for her rudeness." She said as she floated over to stand in front of Alesia and me. I was so stunned by Nyx's beauty that I forgot what I was mad about momentarily.

Both Nyx and Nymph always amazed me whenever either of them walked… or even when either one of them moved. They were so beautiful, charming, and elegant with their knee length brown hair, their wide glistening eyes, and their slim yet strong figures. They were so much alike but looked so different. I looked up at Nyx who stood in front of me her eyes pleading for forgiveness. She was the nicer one of the two; she was also very mature and patient. I could relate to her a lot. That is one of the reasons why I love visiting this place every night with my sister. Nyx was the peace maker, the one who was in charge most times. Nyx was wearing all blue (as usual); a stunning light blue dress that was had straps that criss-crossed in the back and met in the front where there was a deep v-neck outlined in white gems. The dress fit her snug around the waist and then flew loosely out at the bottom. She was comely and wore millions of bracelets all over her arms and legs, and a white cloth headband that matched the gems on the front of her dress that was tied in the back and loosely flowing in the wind. It was a very elegant outfit and it made her look superior and powerful. She was like those models you pick out of a top model magazine.

I glanced over at Nymph and she had a certain expression on that told something was wrong. She was wearing all red (as usual); an elegant, blood red dress that reached below her feet like wedding dress, it was a tube top dress and the top was bedazzled with black gems that faded away around the thighs. It hugged her upper body and then flew nicely to her feet. She also wore deep black silk gloves, a silver tiara (I now it sounds like some kind of princess but when you look at the tiara it really completes the outfit, and if you tried to picture her without it you couldn't), she also wore jewelry on every body part. This outfit stood on her elegantly and made her look strong and powerful just like her sister. Nymph was the more impatient one, the sharper one, and the funnier one. Nymph was more laid back and was more of the kid. Although toady as I got a better look at Nymph it looked like she was fighting against something inside her that was trying to come out. Something was not right today.

The only things that Nyx and Nymph shared in common where the fact that they always had a white glowing tint, and they always wore the same clothing but with different accessories. Today though I knew it was not the time to be thinking about looks.

"Then why are you showing us?" Alesia growled shaking me back to the future. I looked over at my twin sister, her bad temper coming alive like a match being thrown in a tank of gasoline, and squeezed her hand. She looked at me, guilt building in her eyes and quickly put her head down, still furious but she knew she couldn't handle talking. She doesn't like being to be mean to our Angels but when she gets mad she can't stop herself. I knew she was done talking so it was my turn to talk. I swallowed trying to get the lump out of my throat and tried to hide the terrified look I knew I had on my face.

"Please, tell us why? Why would you show us that? It was so gory… why were they hurting each other. You know we don't like violence. There was so much going on… W-Why would you scare us like that?" I whispered gradually getting quieter.

"You will see in the future young ones. And believe me we are so truly sorry we had to show you that… but it was necessary. Just remember what we told you and what you promised us before we showed you this picture. You have to remember every detail you saw. We told you how important this was so you, us, and… You will see…" Nyxallas replied as she turned and took her sisters hand. They reminded me of my sister and me, but older. Then they both winked at us as they slowly drifted up towards the sky and out of view.

I got up and rubbed the sand off my butt trying to make sense of all of this. Alesia got up too and both of our gaze was being torn to something near were Nymphois raised the fire. It started out as a bright dot and suddenly it started getting bigger and bigger. It was orange and light yellow that swirled like a funnel. It was so mesmerizing that both my sister and me were standing there watching it, speechless. It was getting brighter and brighter and the colors got brighter until it was practically white, it reminded me of the white glow that Nyx and Nymph had but maximized, and as it got bigger a shape started to form. The funnel was swirling its way into a shape of a… I craned my neck trying to see what the shape was, but that's when it got so bright my eyes where forced away form the intensity. My sister and my gazes met each other at the same time and I knew we were seeing and feeling the same thing. The bright shape and… fear. My gaze was yet again drawn back to the mysterious shape, and suddenly a flash of blazing red and blue light exploded out sending us flying backwards off our feet.

I snapped forward, getting a huge head rush, as I looked over at my sister who was in the same position. What just happened? That was the most terrorizing dream I have had in a long time. I then released my breath that id been holding and started breathing heavily and frantically trying to calm myself down. Once I got control over my breathing I slowly laid myself back down trying to slow the frantic beating in my chest as I wiped the sweat that dripped down the side of my face.

"What the hell was that about?" Alesia gasped, "I thought Nyx and Nymph were like angels? I thought they were supposed to keep us entertained and happy in our dreams? Not show us people dying and telling us to remember it!" My sister said growing louder.

"Its okay, quiet down. Maybe we should write down what we saw in our dream journals, they said it was important?" I suggested.

"Write it down? Write it down! Are you joking me?" Alesia snapped.

"But they said it was important. And we have trusted them for like ten years and we have been having these dreams since we were six. We always have dreams with them and this is the only time they have done that." I replied.

"Phh. Do what ever you want Alex, but I am going back to bed." Alesia retorted as she turned over and flopped herself onto the bed.

I knew she was never going to give in so… I was going to do it myself.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was 3:30. I was going to have to wait until I knew she was asleep.

Finally 3:45! I tried to be as silent as a mouse as I looked over at my sister lying on the opposite side of the bed. I had noticed that she wasn't moving and that her breath was steady. I took my hand anyways and reached over to my sister laying two feet away. I nudged her once then twice, but nothing happened. So I decided it was time as I pulled my legs out from under the heavy comforter and watched as goose bumps rose all over my skin. I continued anyways and dropped myself soundlessly on the floor. I crept on fours towards the desk in the corner, slowly sliding my feet along the baby pink rug. I got to the desk but I stayed on the floor as I heaved with all my might on the old wooden door. Darn, it was stuck, like usually. I then had an idea (light bulb). So I got down on my belly and laid myself flat on my pink fluffy rug. I was heading towards my sisters desk where I knew she kept a diary of all the dreams we have had and hers was just on the other side of the door. I glided across the cold wooden floor, getting the chills again, and moving swiftly to get onto Alesia's dark plum colored rug. I got parallel with her desk and I quickly checked to see if Alesia had seen or heard. As you can tell I'm not that good at sneaking around, I tend to get paranoid. So then i rolled to my left with my arms tucked against my side and lightly bumped into it. This whole process made me very proud of myself.

I looped my feet under my body making sure not to make a sound and I swiftly opened the door while pulling the little book out. I read, Alesia's Dream Diary, on the cover it made me feel like I was committing a bad crime but I sneaked back over to my side of the room and hid in between my colorful beanbags that were next to my desk, and also hidden from Alesia's view.

I knew Alesia would get angry at me but I had to write down at least the basics. I just had to, Alesia and me called Nyx and Nymph our Guardian's, and they were like sisters to us, always taking care of us, having fun with us, and keeping us together. It sounds crazy, but I think they are more real than just any imaginative dream figures. Nyx and Nymph have proved themselves by hinting to us what was going to come in the future, and talking about things in our life that we have never told them. My sister just takes it as a coincidence, and she says they are just figures of our imagination and they get all our info from our brains, but this has crossed the line. They notified us that this was very important and we had promised to remember it even though we didn't know it was terrifyingly sad and gory. I had a strong premonition that if I didn't write this down that something would go wrong. This had to relate to real life, and I'm writing this down. Alesia can't change anything. My mind is set.

I looked down at the old tattered book and I knew I could miss an hour or two of sleep, for something this important; I am a night person anyways. I took the black ballpoint pen that was hanging from a string on her book and got writing.

"Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep!" my watch alarm blared. I sat up yawned and went to climb off my bed when I completely fell off and was on the floor within a millisecond. I was so scared I was going to get hurt but as I fell off what I thought was my bed, the fall was not big and it didn't hurt when I hit the floor. My instincts completely took over and I sprang up not knowing were I was. I used all my strength and snapped up, while my head came in contact with some really hard wood.

"Crap!" I screeched in a hushed voice as my back caved in and my hands reached towards the already aching spot on my head. I was going to have a bruise. I wiped my eyes with the back of one hand as I sat up still clutching my head. I put my hands to my eyed trying to hold in the tears I knew were trying to get out. I reached down, confused, trying to figure out my surrounds and realized as I felt a cloth material that was smooth but bumpy, that I had fallen asleep on my beanbags. My thoughts were all jumbled from sleep, so i didn't think twice about it as I slowly tried to stand up.

I straightened up trying to push the pain away, as I groggily walked towards to my bed. I extended my hands straight in front of me, trying to feel what or where I was going because I was dead on my feet. But as I took my first step something stopped my foot in a jeering way, and I stumbled forward just barely catching myself on the edge of my bed.

"Ughhh," I moaned as I reached for what had tripped me. My fingers fumbled around lazily and I gave up within seconds. I would have looked for it but my body was in totally sleep mode. I got up using all the strength I had and crawled into my bed as I let my mind go of all thoughts. Swiftly I drifted to a dreamless sleep.

"Alexis GET UP!" someone shouted my name, what felt like five seconds later.

"Hmmm! What?" I mumbled as I turned around to my other side trying to get away from all the sounds. But slowly my mind came alive.

"Crap! What day is it? What time is it?" I yelled as I sat up straight in the air almost bashing heads with Alesia.

"Ugh! Alexis it's May 14, and it's…ugh its 6:45!" Alesia groaned as she looked up from her watch.

"Why didn't you wake me up earlier? We have 20 more minutes till the bus comes?" I asked angrily, feeling dizzy from my sudden movements.

"Well I thought you already got up! You woke up like an hour before me, like usual, so when I heard your alarm go off at 5 and I heard you making so much noise I thought you had gotten up! So when I got up and went downstairs already for breakfast I just thought you where in the bathroom or something! But when you didn't come out I came up here and checked and... well you know the rest."

"Ohhh!" I said halfway through already putting a brightly colored yellow v-neck on over my head, "I wasn't up! When…what... I don't remember what happened! I don't even remember my alarm going off?"

"Well it did! Then why were you making so much noise?"

"I can't talk now Alesia! I'm sorry but I only have… 17 minutes!" I rushed out of the room, yanking on my favorite faded blue skinny jeans, and sprinting down the stairs three at a time.

I got to the bottom of the stairs and took a right around the corner and through the dining room, running past my dad who was sitting at the table reading his regular newspaper. I stopped in the kitchen and stood there with my hands out, but not knowing what to do next. My mind was having a blank out.

"There's leftover pancakes in the fridge" My dad exclaimed from behind me.

I jumped back to reality and said, "Thanks dad," as I sprinted to the fridge and went right for the pancakes on the middle shelf. Dad's homemade pancakes are the best food there is, and I was so grateful he had made them this morning, of all mornings. I quickly threw them on the granite-covered island in the middle of our kitchen and ran to our pantry. I swung opened the wooden doors and searched for a paper plate. When I soon found one I also threw it on the island next to the pancakes. I ran around the island taking the longer route and getting a fork out of the silverware drawer and at the same time reaching for a glass in the glass cabinet above. I then tossed those on the island and grabbed the fridge door opening it with my foot, while then grabbing the milk. I twirled around and filled my clear blue glass to the rim and in the same swift moment placed it back in the fridge before the door had time to close. I guess i get too panicked about school sometimes. And still I was dissatisfied because I still needed to fix my bag for school before I could eat.

I groaned and took off out the other door of the kitchen that lead to the work room where my sister and I did all our school stuff. I grabbed my light blue LLBean bag and filled it with all my binders and books. History? Yes! Science? Yes. Math? Ugg sure. I tried to remember all the things I needed today, when the time on my watch caught my eye warning me. I ran with the bag flung across my shoulder back in the kitchen, through the dining room, and flung it at the bottom on the stairs right in front of the door.

I went back to the pancakes starving, and swabbed some butter on the cold spheres. I would rather have them cold because I am not a big fan of hot food, and I don't have the time to heat them up. I took my drink and food and went back through the dining room across the stairs and into the TV room where Alesia was sitting with a smug look on her face.

"Good job! That took exactly… 7 minutes!" she said, looking at her watch, "That's a record!"

I narrowed my eyes and stuck my tongue out at my sarcastic sister.

I went and sat on the comfy blue chair that was next to the matching blue sofa Alesia was sitting on. I looked at Alesia up and down noticing she was wearing her favorite tank top that changed colors from black to dark blackish pink, and then to dark pink, and then to pinkish red, and then to dark red. It really looked great on her and it made her boobs look great. She was also wearing dark almost black jeans that flared at the bottom with her black flats on. I was always jealous of her dazzling outfits, even though we were twins. I completely sucked at fashion and she had a sixth sense about it. I looked down at my own outfit and frowned.

"Your outfit is fine! Don't even worry." Alesia informed me as she appraised my outfit then looked at the tray I was holding in my hand, "Are you going to eat? We have to leave soon" Her words triggered something in me and I instantly grabbed one of the cool pancakes and stuffed it in my mouth, not giving it a choice.

I looked at Alesia with my mouth full to the brim and smiled showing her how good my breakfast was. We both burst out in laughter and she threw a pillow at me almost knocking all the food out of my mouth. I slowly chewed and then drank my milk trying to wash out the crumbs in my mouth. I kept eating trying to be quick and clean, though that was hard for me sometimes.

"What's going on with you two?" My dad's voice boomed as he leaned over and peered at us from the hall, "Bipolar much. First you guys are yelling at each other about, God knows what, and now you're laughing your heads off. What's going on this morning?" My dad asked. I looked over at my dad, who for one was not a regular dad. At least not from my eyes, but I liked it that he and my mother were different. He was a good seven feet tall and very muscular, the type that would scare the living day lights out of any school bully. But he was strange as he looked out at us from his brownish blue eyes that stood behind glasses, that always twinkled with adore. But if you got to know him you would realize he isn't intimidating at all, he's actually quiet. He was very handsome from my point of view. And his hair... that's a whole different subject. That's the one trait about our family that all of us have, which was the same creamy dark brown silky hair. It was a trait that both our parents have and that's the one thing I loved about myself. My hair was always so soft and it had a good wavy thickness to it.

But he and my mom were different. They were always very careful with us and they were very protective but in a good loving way. They cared so much about us, and all of us had a deep connection between each other. We were like the four musketeers. We did everything together and told everything to each other. The only exception was our Guardians. This stirred something in my mind but Alesia cut me off when she spoke.

"Well maybe you should ask Alex what happened! Because I certainly have no idea?" Alesia answered as she looked over at me telling me with her eyes that it was time for explaining.

"I swear I have no idea what happened! I kind of have a memory like in the back of my mind of my alarm going off and…" I stopped talking as my hand got pulled to my head. And there just as I thought was a huge bump.

"Owww" I hissed.

"What? What's wrong?" My dad said as he ducked his head and ran around the coffee table and over to me. This TV room was about the only room that's door wasn't tall enough to fit my parents. They said it was because when they built this house, which is totally cool, that they knew they would have kids that wanted to watch TV, but they never watched it so they decided not to go the extra length and make the doorframe higher. But as soon as my dad came over he slide his hand underneath mine and examined the bump.

"Alexis this is a serious bump. I'm surprised you don't have a concussion. This happened… last night didn't it. You must have seriously hit something hard?" My dad told me. It was kind of creepy the way my mom and dad always knew my injuries, what happened, and when they happened. But that's what makes them different, that's why i loved them.

"Dad its no big deal." I said as I tired to pull my head away but finding it no use from his steel like grip.

"Alexis tell me what happened. Or so help me I'll call your mother!" My dad threatened.

"I told you dad I don't know I'm sorry! I just can't remember." I said getting quieter.

"Well… this could be a symptom of having a concussion. So you must've hit something… but the blow would have to be hard enough that it shakes the brain inside the skull. So you must have hit your head on wood or… no wood," My dad said as he paced backing forth in front of me with his hand on his chin, "And it temporarily prevented your brain from working normally, which is why you can't remember." My dad concluded turning to me with a look of horror.

"Dad I don't have a concussion. I swear! I can tell you everything I did last night. First we all went out to dinner at… Frescos! And I had the teriyaki chicken salad. Umm... then we came home and… me and Alesia watched one of our favorite movies on TV, The Parent Trap. Then we went up to bed after we all sat at the dinning room table and ate at our Wednesday Weekly Ice-cream buffet that you and mom set up! Then I fell asleep and I remember in the back of my head that my alarm went off but I… I-I… shut it off...and I don't know went back to bed. Okay are you convinced?" I stuttered.

"Well maybe it's just something that happened in your dream that effected you and then you hit your head but you don't remember because your mind is shutting your brain off to the bad memories that happened during that nightmare" My dad stated as he finally stopped pacing and looked at me. He had no idea how true his words were.

"I can't even remember my dream dad. Please let me put some ice on it and just go to school. I have a test today." I pleaded as I glanced at Alesia and saw her turn her head.

"Hmmm. Let me see your head once more." He cautioned as he held my head with both hands and shut his eyes. My head did hurt a little less as usually, Dads hands are the best healers.

"You'll be okay for today. But if it gets any worse you go straight to the nurse and call me. I will be home today because you know I don't work on Thursdays, and I will call your mom and have her come out of the hospital and we can find out what's wrong. Okay?" My dad stated.

"Yes dad. I swear." I looked down and ate the rest of my now colder pancake.

"Can we go now? The bus will be here in 4 minutes!" Alesia asked with attitude from the hall. I didn't even realize she had gone, and when I looked at her she was holding both of our coats and backpacks.

"Thanks." I answered with as much affection in my voice as I could.

I walked up to my dad with my plate and glass and gave him a tight hug right around the stomach. I then gave him the plate and glass and smirked at him.

"Thanks for the pancakes, Dad." I said as I pulled on my light pink sweatshirt on and zippered it up. I went to the door with my sister and slipped on my light yellow colored flip-flops that matched my shirt feeling very calm and happy.

"You remember what i said Alexis. You guys have a good day in school. I love you." My dad said as he walked away.

"Jeez can you take this already?" Alesia retorted as she dumped my bag into my arms, and opened the big wooden door while stomping out.

What's her problem; I thought as I wrapped my bag around my back and took off after her. I turned around and looked at the place I have lived since I was born. I turned back and shivered from the change in temperature to the 51 degree weather of Houghton, Michigan. I looked around in dislike. Its not that i don't like nature, I mean its pretty and all but I hate summer. I wish it were winter.

I looked around me and saw Lupins sprouting everywhere like usual. They were Alesia's favorite flowers, which were tall dark pink and purple flowers that are unique and extraordinary just like Alesia. These flowers are only suppose to grow in the wild, but they seem to appear all around our house in the summers. I am not such a big fan of nature or summer, but I know Alesia is! *Light bulb* I dropped down and plucked a fuzzy green stem right out of the dirty earth. It had just started to sprout little buds of pink and purple and will soon turn into beautiful flowers. I looked up at Alesia and started running after her trying to catch up. I don't know why she was mad at me but i was going to figure out, and use some persuasion to help my case.

My hair flew wildly in front of my face and I had to slow down and pull it back into a ponytail realizing I forgot to get ready and look at myself in the bathroom this morning. I cupped my hand in front of my mouth and blew out smelling my breath to make sure it was decent.

"Can you hurry up?" Alesia screamed from halfway down our street.

"I'm coming!" I said as I caught up to her, "Here take this" I said as I tucked the flower behind her ear and smiled.

"Thanks." She said as she blushed and turned her head. Alesia was like that. She would get angry so easily and then she would be all nice the next second. I stuffed my hands in my pocket and I became aware of my empty pockets.

"Crap, i forgot my phone!" I stated remembering about the science test I was suppose to text Angela about.

"Not me!" Alesia said as she held out her phone.

"Oh good can I use it quickly?" I huffed as i reached for her phone replacing the thoughts of Alesia's anger with problems about school.

I flipped open the identical phone Alesia had and started typing a new message to Angela.

Sending To Angela: Hey this is Alexis btw. I totally forgot about our science test and im sorry i didn't text you last night i forgot. Did u find the answers to your? about plate tectonics? I must have not had my phone with me!

Reply From Angela: Hey i stayed after yesterday and Mr. Hembry answered he my ?'s! I texted you but i guess you didn't get it. I didn't quit understand the answers he gave me, ha you know how he is, but he was nice about it. Did you forget to study?

Sending To Angela: No I studied like crazy whn i got home for like 2 hours but that's it. I'm so gonna fail. U?

Reply From Angels: Well i did study a lot yesterday, so i think i will do good. But don't worry you will do fine you always do. Ill see you at school and we can study some more.

Sending To Angela: Thks Ang see you soon.

I shut the phone and handing it back to Alesia realizing i have been quiet for at least five minutes.

"Sorry that was about our science test. So... where is the bus?" I said over the silence.

"How am i suppose to know?" Alesia answered.

"Ugh well i could have spent more time on my hair." I said as i ripped it out of my ponytail and the beast flared out around my head giving me a mane.

We burst out in our identical hysterics and she came over to me and patted my hair down for me.

"God what happened to your hair it's never like this?" Alesia puzzled.

"Well I guess I slept on it wrong?" I puzzled myself as i tried to think back to what happened last night? As i was thinking Alesia's face hardened and she turned away not looking at me.

What the hell happened last night? I thought. When I got the courage up to ask her what happened the bus pulled up out of nowhere and opened the doors with a squeak. Alesia clambered on purposely getting away from my questions. I walked on right after her and using to railing to help me stay right behind her without falling over. She got ahead of me after all my trouble and slid into a booth next to Sarah before I had time to say anything. I narrowed my eyes at her, knowing she did this on purpose, and sliding into the booth in front of them.

Her and Sarah started blabbing the moment she sat down. They were much alike, which is why Alesia always talked to Sarah. She was more of Alesia' best friend and I was fine with that because Lily was more of my best friend. It's a long story, but to put it in simple terms; Alesia had her popular outgoing friends once while I had my normal nice friends. We eventually combined our groups in fifth grade because there was no point to not be friends. We all became friends and right now in 9th grade, there are no popular groups and no geek groups in our grade. Everyone is equal. We are all nice to each other and everybody knows everybody else. I can't take all the credit for uniting our grade but i did help. Me and my sister were to close to have separate friends 24/7 so we said why can't we all be friends? And that's exactly what happened. I couldn't see anything else happening with our grade. It was perfect.

I slumped in my seat after saying a hello to Sarah and letting them giber jabber the whole ride to school. I looked out the window for something to do, and watched as the landscape passed in a blur. I decided to try to picture what kind of animals or object the blurs looked like. Ha. First I saw a blue pig with a little white snout. After that I imagined a big bunny that was completed by the passing by bush. I did this for a while amusing myself with the surroundings. I then looked to the very edge of the window instead of in the middle and watched as all the outdoor scenes meshed together. I watched for several seconds that then turned into minutes. I forced my eyes to stay open so i could see the whole image. But as hard as I tried I couldn't see any picture, and this bugged me tremendously. It just looked like a big black dot that starting swirling in an endless pattern of madness. It was swirling in a pattern that sparked a memory in my mind that I couldn't conjure. The fear inched in my brain making my fingers tremble and sweat dribble down my forehead, but I ignored it and watched the image as the colors changed to orange and yellow as we passed by an orchard. The image I was trying to decipher started to swirl in flashing circular motion. I tilted my head this way and that trying so hard to decide what the figure was. As it was about to take shape the fear in me had increased and it shook my whole body. My head throbbed and something in me wrenched my body away from the window and onto the floor.

The next thing I knew Alesia was next to me on the floor and she looked at me with curiosity which soon changed into pure fear at the face I was emitting. I couldn't move my body or my face so I just kept looking at her with the same horror struck gaze. I didn't know what was going on but all I knew was that I couldn't get that horrifying image out of my head no matter how hard I tried. I used all my strength to free my mind from the image trapping it but i just didn't have the key. I was frozen with my knees on the ground and my hands clutching the seat not able to move until Alesia shoved her hands under my armpits and hoisted me up and back onto the seat.

She looked me straight in the eyes, and asked in a whisper, "Alexis are you okay? Please talk to me? Do something?" Her eyes were widened with fear as they started to glisten. She put her arms around my neck tightening them trying to ease the pain. I felt her embrace and tried to focus on that and nothing else. I need to tell her I'm okay; I don't want her crying over nothing, do i? I inhaled her berry scented hair and focused on my sister and only my sister. I focused on all the good times we have had together, how much time we spent together, and how much fun we had. I loved my twin. She was the only thing helping in this world at the moment.

I tired as hard as I could to move and after a couple of seconds I was squeezing her until both of us were strangling each other. I let go swiftly and looked into her eyes.

"I'm sorry. I'm fine. I have no idea what just happened. I was looking out the window and the next thing i know I'm on the floor and can't move." I confessed.

"What was wrong? Why were you so frightened? I have never seen you that scared before. I thought... I thought you were dying or something." Alesia asked in a less frightened tone.

"You would never believe me if I told you." I answered as I looked away from those dark brown eyes.

"Alexis tell me what happened or so help me I will call Dad and tell him to pick you up from school. You are definitely not okay." Alesia stated with fierceness.

"Fine. I was looking out the window and saw this swirling black dot that became orange and yellow and it shaped into a figure that i couldn't identify, but i know I have seen it somewhere before. It was... terrifying," I gulped, "I then couldn't move and I had to look away it was so frightening. Are you happy?" I asked with frustration at the memory.

Alesia slowly let her body rest onto the seat from its rigid position. Her eyes were fluttering and it looked like she was thinking so intensely if she moved all her thoughts would be lost. I waited with a fearful anticipation. I wanted to know what she was thinking about.

"Shit. I'm sorry Alex you where right. We should have wrote down our dream we had last night. I was wrong and know their punishing us for not writing it down. Crap. I'm sorry. I didn't know it would actually hurt us. That image... did you see what the final image was, cause remember how last night we didn't get to see what the image was?" Alesia said.

"What dream? Wait you know about the image? Alesia i don't remember any dream? What are you talking about?" I asked my fear bubbling back.

"What do you mean what dream? It was only the most frightening dream we have ever had. Nyx and Nymph told us to write it down and i didn't listen," Alesia replied as she shook her head back in fourth in disgust, "I should have listened to you."

"Wait... I forget. What was the dream about?" My mind was giving me a blank when I tried to remember last night. I shoved hard at the fuzzy walls trying to push them over. I remember I went to bed and... and...something about... fighting and a bright light. It was like watching the television when the antennas are broken and all you can see are fuzzy nothingness and occasional flickers. And the flashes that I see now and than don't help at all.

"You forget!" was the only thing Alesia said as she looked at me in astonishment.

"I mean I... I just remember these flashes of fighting and then this really bright light. I don't know? What else happened?" I asked in confusion. Why wouldn't i remember the dream i had last night. It seemed like it was really important and the only thing i could remember was a terrifying fight and an extremely bright light.

"Alexis. This is not good." Alesia stated as she covered her face with her hands.

"What isn't good? Is it that big of a deal?" I asked. Why was Alesia making it look like such a big deal? Did something life or death related happen?

"Wait. Please before we go on can you explain to me what happened in this dream? I have to know." I asked wanting to get all the information out so I can figure out what is so not good about this situation.

"Alexis. I... fine I'll start from the beginning but i am shortening it. Its not my fault you brain can't remember the dream." Alesia explained as she was cut off by a flock of screams and metallic crashes.

What I heard first over everything were each individual scream or sounds coming from all the kids in the front of the bus and gradually moving towards the back where me and Alesia were sitting. It was all happening in slow motion, and the first scream of a girl in the front seat started the frenzy.

I heard this and looked over at Alesia in surprise. Her face looked the same way but she had a hint of sorryness, I'm guessing because of the words she just said, and how ironic they were. I wanted to tell her it wasn't her fault but the screams made their way towards the back of the bus getting louder and more bloodcurdling. We both had looks of confusion and terror as we tried to make out what was going on. The bus then took a jolting turn and spun on all fours. I slowly turned my head around and looked out the windows towards the damage causer and saw a blue truck that was clashing with our bus. It was sending us flying towards the other side of the street through the intersection.

More screams. Terror rose from every person and bodies were all being pulled to one side of the bus by gravity. Alesia and I were shoved against the window and two kids from the seats across from us came toppling on us forcing us to sandwich against the window. My head was banged against Alesia's and my arm was twisted behind me.

I watched in agony as the bus skidded with the truck crashed into its side, towards a pedestrian pole. I stared at the pole and saw where the pole was going to hit, right where me and Alesia were sitting. I racked my brain as fast as I could and without thinking, grabbed the backpacks we were holding and tried to cram them in between us and the window. I was racing with fate as the bus came to a halting stop and the pole came in deadly contact with the bus. Slowly the pole smashed into the side of the bus and pushed against the backpacks that just barely made it. The impact of the pole was taken by the backpacks but as I watched in horror as the backpacks sent a reverse force on us pushing us out of the seat and onto the cluttered floor. I held on to Alesia for dear life as her body crashed on top of mine and mine on top of the kids who were previously on top of us.

My mind jumbled with all the confusion and terror. I didn't know how to stop it from twisting and twirling. I tried to move but I couldn't move my body. The only thing I could feel was Alesia slender body on top of mine keeping me safe. I tried to make sense of what just happened but pain and terror were first priorities in my brain at the moment. I tried to open my eyes not realizing they were closed, but that did seem possible either. I had to open them, i just had to. I also had to pull my tangled body out of the position they were in before I go crazy with pain. I focused all my attention on trying to open my heavy eye lids, so I could makes sense of my body. My lids where like fifty pounds each, an every time I pushed them open they got heavier.

What do I do, I thought.

Adrenaline washed through my body and fear and pain got my eyes to open to a slit. Blurry confusion showed from the other side and a head bobbed into view. I wanted it to be Alesia but I couldn't make sure. I wanted to see her. What if she wasn't okay? I want to make sure she was safe. I used all my extra strength and tried to picture myself pushing open a giant door that resembled my eye lids. My head swirled but I kept my strength on that door. Heave. Alesia. Heave. Alesia.

As soon as the door swung open Alesia's concerned face was right in front of mine. That was the last thing I saw before I blacked out.