Chapter 5-The Question

History went by in a bore, like it always does. Mr. Monroe talked and talked for hours and made us take notes on everything he said. He is a great person and funny for a matter of fact, but as a teacher he is so hard. We have quizzes every week and test's every other, not to leave out all the essays, projects, and posters we have to do. But I did feel better in this class because his monotonic voice lulled my brain and it didn't make me want to throw up like all my other teachers. I took notes as quickly as I could but not as thoroughly. Usually I have at least three pages of notes by the end but today I only had one and a half. I didn't worry though; I was in a good mood.

I was walking out of the class and down the hall praying to see a 'certain person', when I bumped into a different person because I wasn't paying attention.

"Alexis? How nice to see you." The principle, of whose name I do not remember, said.

"Hi, thanks." I replied as I looked over her shoulder towards the English hallway.

"I am so sorry to hear of you accident. It must have been terrible?" She asked.

"Umm yeah. But I am okay now." I said to her feeling uncomfortable.

"Well if you ever feel bad just go right to the nurse. The school should never make you feel uncomfortable," She explained making eye contact with me, "And if you need help with anything my office is right near the front door." She replied as she shook my shoulder and left down the hall. As soon as she turned I turned as well eager to find out if I had missed him. I wanted to catch him and talk to him again because when I did I felt so alive. I pushed off my feet and launched myself right in the direction of the room while accidentally not seeing someone right in front of me…again.

"I'm so sorry. I was just looking for..." I said as I looked down the hall making sure he wasn't in the pack of people leaving

"It's okay. What were you looking for?" I heard a playful voice sound.

I twisted my head and there right in front of me was Cody. Shit. What am I doing today? I felt my cheeks burn with embarrassment and I looked around trying to disguise it.

"I was just going to look and walk you to class since you walked me last time." I decided to tell the truth.

"Cool." He said with a shining smile. That was the only thing he said but still my heart was racing as fast as lightning. We stood there staring at each other for what seemed like an hour. I finally turned and walked in the direction of the stairs wanting him to follow me. You got to be confident, I thought. I was at the intersection of hallways when I sensed that he wasn't there. I looked behind me a caught Cody looking at me with a smirk on his face. Oh My Gosh. Is this what he saw when it happened to me. He stood there in a frozen posture with his eyes stuck on me. Was he making fun of me? I trudged back and grabbed on to his black jacket and pulled him forward trailing him behind me.

"You think you are so funny don't you." I said as we laughed down the hallway. I let go of him out of curtsy not want and we walked up the starters together. I had Art while I knew he had Gym, and luckily all the extra courses and gym classes are all in the same place.

"So how was English with Mrs. Blabber Mouth?" I asked him remembering
how he told me about her.

"Well she did beat her record of talking off topic a total of 23 times in one class. God she really annoys me sometimes. But I was preoccupied, thinking of other things." he said in a tempting voice. God I have no guy skills. What is that suppose to mean? I am going to ask Alesia again.

"Oh that reminds me you were talking about adding something to my dumb list? May I ask what that is?" I asked him tempting him as well as we walked through the hall with people swarming around us.

"I do not think your list is dumb." He said as he looked me in the eyes then turned and walked through the doors of a classroom. I looked around quickly and realized we had reached our destination.

"Thanks for walking me." Cody's voice came from the door as he poked his head out of it. He pulled it back as quickly as he came not letting me ask him any more questions. Is he avoiding it? I shook my head and headed down the hallway a bit more towards Art class. I walked in quickly avoiding all the people standing by the door. I sat in my seat and tried not to pay attention to all the stares. I looked out of the corner of my eye saw and felt eyes boring into my bubble. Woops there it goes, my bubble has officially popped, I thought. I have tried to be as quiet and separate to not attract anyone's attention in this class, and now all that effort has gone to waste. This feeling I have in my stomach reminded me of the first time Cody acted this nice to me. Just thinking back to that made my heart lurch with pain. I decided to pretend I was alone in the class and just focus today.

Art is sadly my best subject. I am very good at it though I try not to show it. Mr. Larkin knows it too and that's why I get such a good grade in this class and that's why he lets me do my own projects and hand them in when I want.

I looked up from to stoop in the back table and caught everyone's eyes again. I stayed starring at all the pairs and made them turn away in discomfort which was something I have never done before. I was sick of all the people staring and I felt very powerful and brave today. I got up and headed towards the paper and supplies and got to work. Today was going to be a productive day. Since I have been popped out of my bubble might as well show them what I can do.

I came back to my large rectangular table that I sat alone at and spread my supplies out. I laid the notebook-sized paper out gently and took a pencil to it. I wasn't quit sure what I was doing but I drew as it came to me. I started with a curvy figure that gave me the impression of petals. I took the scene and turned it into a beautiful rose. My arm was sketching lightly in graphite just to get the outline down so I could really make it into something. I grabbed the darkest and hardest graphite then and made the stem curvy and enchanting. I connected the outline of a hand onto it and wove the pictures together. It is starting to look good, I thought to myself as I picked up my colored pencils and raced on. I swirled colors in and I made the dark stem pop while the petals made a circling background making the hand the main object.

I took the whole class and worked on this picture, perfecting it to no end. The rose was big and had different shades of red and pink infused in it while the hand was embracing as if it were glass. A force I didn't know was mesmerizing me and pushing me to create. I was just finishing when the Mr. Larkin hollered to the other students that it was time to clean up. I looked up and saw stares from people just like in the beginning of class but I paid no attention to them. I gathered my mess together and took my paper to mount it on another piece of black paper. I glued the pieces together and saw the scene was romantic and enchanting, just the way I like it.

"Alexis that really is wonderful." Mr. Larkin commented from behind my shoulder making me jump.

"Thank you. I felt influenced today so... this is the outcome." I said as I held the sheet up to the window overlooking the ocean.

"May I take a picture of that? Please." He asked is his squeaky voice.

"Umm...Sure." I said finally giving in. The moment I said that a flash went off and I turned to see Mr. Larkin with the camera looking at the picture he just took.

"Wonderful." He murmured as he walked to the door, "You are all dismissed." He finished as he walked out of the room before everyone else. He is such a strange person, I thought. I went to my seat and wiped my hand across the table getting rid of any pieces or grim. I bent down and picked my backpack up and put it over my shoulder as I carried my picture out of the classroom and down the hall. I held the piece close to me as I folded my arms around it. I stopped at Cody's gym room and peeked in through the window around all the colorful posters of 'The Spring Dance' and 'Try Summer Sports'.

I saw Cody sitting in the front with his chair leaning back and his feet up. Come on Cody look at me, I tried to command him telepathically. His eyes then wondered and found their way to the door right where I was standing. His expression was priceless because it was a mix between fright and confusion. I then saw as he lost his balance and went flying backwards. Crap, I thought as I moved away from the door and hide next to the wall, What luck. I laughed out loud to myself. He is so going to kill me.

I stood there next to the wall hearing his whole class laughing and his teacher yelling. I then started staring aimlessly at the halls noticing the flower decorations that have already gone up for the dance tonight. I held on to my picture tight and stood with my back against the wall for another five minutes. Luckily I wasn't down the hall another ten feet near the locker rooms because then I definitely would not have waited for him this long. The boy's locker room at this school has a legend that twenty or so years ago some seniors did the ultimate prank and made the locker room smell so bad they smelt it around the whole school. All the classes from then on have tried to uphold the smelly locker room tradition. It is disgusting because it's like a mix of smelly gym socks, dirty underwear, rotten food, and more, it's gross. I crossed my arms over the picture and waited a while more until I heard the chairs moving in Cody's room. I took a deep breath and waited for what was going to come.

Cody was the last one coming out of the room after his teacher talked to him about how this was the last warning he was giving. He came out with his back hunched and a scowl on his face. He walked right outside and started down the hall not even noticing me.

"Hey Cody." I said and watched as he turned around and shook his head, "Before you say anything," I started but didn't know what to say. I looked down and remembered the picture I made, "I…. have something to cheer you up. I made it in art." I decided as I slowly walked up to him and built up the courage to hand him the picture. I held out my hand and watched as his curious face light up. He took the picture and stroked it as he examined my picture.

"It was just this little thing I did today." I explained as I looked down and twiddled my thumbs. I peeked up to see his expression and saw a hopeful look on his face. He took a deep breath and turned to at me with a courageous look.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Yeah sure. But if you don't want-" I said as I went to reach for the picture, but his hand swooped backwards and he looked at me intensely. His gaze stayed on me and I tried to decipher it. It looked like he was making a. His eyes twitched and he licked his lips. His features seemed frozen and stuck on me.

"Okay." I repeated after the silence had gone on for long enough. He took his time then asked;

"Will you go to the Spring Dance with me tonight?" His eyes burned into mine. What? Tonight? I wasn't even planning on going?

I stared at him in disbelief.

"Alexis please say something." Cody asked. I had forgotten the time, the date... I was speechless. "Yes." I said in my head and I guess out loud too. My voice was high
pitched and I practically screamed it.

I watched as his slightly hurt expression turned into one of joy as he put his head back in laughter.

"What?" I asked confused by such the change in him.

"I thought you were going to reject me." He said feeling comfortable finally.

"Why-" I started to object majorly but was cut off.

"Crap we're late. Let's go." He said as he picked up my hand and pulled me along. I tightened my grip on his hand and followed in pursuit. I watched him and watched him and watched him. He darted up the stairs again and headed down the hall. His hair was flying behind him and it made me want to reach out and grab a hold of it. He suddenly stopped and I realized there we were right in front of Science.

"Thank you for the picture and thank you for saying yes." He said as his eyes twinkled with blue sparks.

"Your welcome but-" I said and then was cut off by Mrs. Hembry.

"Alexis there you are you are twenty seconds from being late." She interrupted as she came and peered out the door. I was then alone holding my hand out like it just got its favorite thing taken away. I slowly stepped forward into class in a daze. Holy Crap, was the only thing I was thinking as I sat in my uncomfortable seat in the front of the class. My eyes were glued to the front board but my mind was off, never to be found again. I replayed the scene in my head over and over, feeling the touch of his hands and seeing the burning in his eyes. I could not believe. He didn't say anything else, so maybe we are going as friends. I then played forward in time to the dance with my imaginative mind; me and him standing in the middle of the blazing room dancing, and him holding me in his arms. We are dressed to perfection and the perfect kiss will soon come...

"Alexis!" Mrs. Hembry's voiced blared as she repeated my name.

"Yes?" I asked not realizing she was talking to me.

"Can you answer the question on the board for the third time?" She asked. I stared at the question in boredom and shook my head not even taking in the information that was in front of me. Mrs. Hembry looked away in disgust and wrote the answer on the board while explaining it in complete detail. I looked down at my binder and wrote down the question and answer quickly while also trying to write all the notes that had filled the board in white scribbles. My phone then buzzed from my pocket and I slowly took it out after I finished with the notes and checked it. It was from Cody.

From Cody: I'm sorry I had to run out on you I didn't want to get you
in trouble. I already almost made you late before.

I stared at the text and read the words over and over. I had no idea what to say. I put it down in my lap and picked my head up just in time.

"So Strato Volcanoes are most likely found... underwater." The teacher explained as she circled her answer and talked more about it. I guess we had started volcanoes toady. I picked up my purple mechanical pencil and flipped it back and forth. Boredom was the worst thing for me right now since I had been distracted all day and not thinking about my head or stomach. I tried to pay attention, I really did, but the blackboard with its white scribbles all over made my head spin and pop like the forth of July fireworks. And just to make it better Mrs. Hembry started using her angry and annoyed voice. Just think of a Darth Vader's voice but higher pitched. It's terrible!

All my senses were then tied to the phone. What is there to say? I looked around trying to find Angela to see if I could get any insight but she was across the room studying the board intently. The window caught my attention and the ocean showed for miles. I wish I were miles away from school with Cody. Then we could see each other all the time and there would be no interruptions. But obviously that dream will never come true. My phone then buzzed again and I looked down slowly to see:

'New Message'

From Cody: Alexis?

I shut the phone quietly, got up, and shoved it in my pocket. I started towards the door and unhooked the bathroom pass and headed out the door. I meandered down the hallway tapping each blue and alternation grey locker. The bathroom came up on my left but I went past it and kept walking. It felt good to walk aimlessly through the halls and not have to think about anything or hear Mrs. Hembry's voice. My mind was cleared and all I was paying attention to was my surroundings. I walked downy the white colored hallways until I stopped at the front doors. I pressed my head up against the doors and looked out to the outside world. My hand was stuck to a paper and I accidentally pulled it off the door as I backed away. I threw the paper on the ground and ran down the empty hall on the other side and went straight towards the math department. My feet made thumping noises but I didn't care I needed help. I stopped at the corner classroom and slowly peeked into the side window on the door. I saw a bunch of people I knew and then I found my sister sitting in the middle talking to her neighbor. I looked at her intently and waited. I needed to talk to someone right now. The kid sitting right in front of the door gave me a weird look then whispered to the guy next to him. The whispers went on to Alesia's seat and that's when she looked up to door in disbelief.

"Mr. Richman, can I go to the bathroom?" Alesia said with innocence as she skipped towards the door then opened in a bit and slid out. She pulled me away from the door and down the hall to the bathroom.

"Alexis what are you doing out of class. You never leave class unless you are going to the bathroom." Alesia asked as she went towards the mirror. I stood there unsure of what to say or do. I looked up with a pleading look. I looked around slowly and shook my head. I was dumbfounded and quickly lifted my hands up to my head.

"Do you feel okay?" Alesia asked as she tugged on my arms that were pushing on my temples.

"Yeah I feel fine it's just... I don't know what to do." I told her.

"What happened?"

"I was walking with," I gulped, "Cody and we were talking and then I gave him this picture and... he asked me if I wanted to go to the dance with him." I mumbled as I looked at her for advice.

"You said yes, right? That is so great." She stated and jumped up and down.

"But, Yeah I said yes, but. I thought he didn't like me then all of a sudden he is giving me flowers and asking me to the dance. You know I am totally in love with him but I don't know if I can do this again," I said, "You know what happened the last time we tried this." I told her. The memories of that night blurred my visions and I was stuck in the past.

I was coming back form the bathroom and people were everywhere holding
dripping drinks and dancing to the music. Where had Cody gone, I thought. I searched every room high and low because I didn't even want to be at this party and I definitely didn't want to be alone. Music was blaring and making the whole house bounce while laughter and singing whistled through the air. It was dark and felt like a scene from Dracula or something. I kept searching until their was one more room left and it was the last bedroom on the second floor. I slowly opened it a crack and was broken. Cody was kissing, Bailey, his old girlfriend intensely. I looked in disbelief. Her arms were tightly wound around him and they were leaning against a dresser. Cody had really started to turn his charm on me and he made me give him my heart and it felt like everything had shattered. I closed my eyes tightly and was pulled out of the clip.

That image and feeling has been stuck in my mind forever and has given me nightmares for months. No matter how hard I try to keep it out, it just won't leave me alone. The first time I try to give my heart out to someone it turns out that what I did was a mistake.

"Alex you know it was probably nothing. He never talks to her. It's over between them. You have to give him a chance." She replied.

"I know, I know. But I don't think I could go through another rejection like that. I have liked him for like my whole life." I tried to say what my mind had been thinking.

"You have to try, if he is that important. Just take it slow. I will help you. And this time if he does anything like that I will be talking to him; you can't stop me this time. I will beat him up if I have to." Alesia said as she came forward and draped her arm around me. Her foot then jerked from in front of me stopped the door from someone opening it behind me. I smiled and squeezed her then quickly turned around to open the door. I turned the corner and ran down the hall towards Science.

"You better run. You class skipper. You-." I heard Alesia yell at me but I just kept jogging.

Crap, I have to come up with an excuse, I thought. I was... going to the
nurse but then I felt better and I... I came to the front doors and turned left down the science department. I skidded in front of my Science room opened the door slowly and walked in with my head down. I put one foot in front of the other and sat down as fast as I could. I looked down and tried to look sick. Please don't ask me please, or don't ask me.

"Mrs. Hanas would you stay after class. Everyone else you are all dismissed." My teacher asked. Of course out of all my teachers she is the only one who would notice. All my friends and classmates left except Angela who stopped in front of me and looked at me with those innocent brown eyes.

"Go ahead. I will see you at lunch." I said as I slowly packed my stuff in my bag.

"Alexis, first you drift off in class and do not pay any attention to the things I am saying, then you take a ten minute bathroom break. This is not like you." She asked.

"Well I did not feel very good. I was going to go to the nurse because my head was spinning but then I felt a bit better and my mind cleared and I didn't want to miss any more school so I came back. I am sorry I did not mean to I will get all the notes I missed." I said trying to woo her.

"Okay. But I do not want this to happen again." She said then turned around and went back to her desk in the far right corner. And that is one of the reasons why it is so important to be a good student, because I can get away with things like this. If it were Alesia then she would be canned the second she stepped in this room.

I took a hold of my backpack and walked out of the room. Today is panning out to be great... not.

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