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Chapter 1

I sighed and brought my bowl of popcorn closer. I was sitting in the dark with the TV on. I had my box of tissues on the couch beside me, and I was feeling sorry for myself. My boyfriend had broken up with me for my supposed best friend- Catherine. So I was sitting at home having my pity party. And that was my plan for the long weekend we had, so when I heard my door open and my other best friends voice ring out I was more then surprised.

" Hey Sabrina? I know you're here! Come on; let's get out. Come to my party. It'll cheer you up." She called, walking through my house to find me.

"No it wouldn't! I don't like parties and I don't want to meet anyone new." I called back. Now Valerie stood in the doorway, flicking the lights on. I pulled the blankets over my head to block out the light. "Go away." I mumbled. She yanked the blankets off my head,

"Come on, get dressed. Please, just this once. I don't want you to be sad forever." She begged looking sad and giving me puppy dog eyes. I sighed shaking my head,

"Fine, but this is the last time I'm giving in." I said, playfully glaring at her. Her face lit up and she smiled,

"Yay! Now go get dressed, put on some makeup, and let's get rolling!" She exclaimed bouncing around like a ball. I gave her a small sad smile and got up to go change into something more decent.

After slopping on layers of makeup and throwing on some black jeans and a striped pale pink and white shirt. I grabbed my baggy gray sweatshirt and headed back to the TV room, where Valerie was sitting flipping the channels and eating handfuls of my popcorn. When she saw me she popped up onto her feet.

"What took you so long?" She asked grabbing my arm and dragging me out the door. I grumbled and complained the whole way.

The party was already in full swing and there were a lot of people I didn't know. Valerie had invited lots of people from other schools and from higher grades. I stayed mostly with Valerie, not wanting to meet new people is easier said then done in a room of 60 or so. As we wondered or danced she kept trying to introduce me to that boy or this girl, but I stayed stubbornly uninterested.

The only time I wasn't glued to her hip was when she wanted to dance with Erik, a cute boy who had been dying to dance with her all night. I stood at the edge of the unofficial dance floor with a cup of punch. I took little sips hoping no one had spiked it. I had just sipped the last little bit when a boy bumped into me. He was mostly surrounded by friends but said a small I'm sorry in my general direction as he walked past. To say he was cute would have been an understatement; but I couldn't even get a good look at him, his friends were crowding him too much. What I could see was how his fringe covered most of his face and almost both his eyes. He had an emo haircut and was hanging out with the emo crowd. I gawked after him when Valerie showed up. She looked in the direction I was metaphorically drooling at and saw a boy; she was ecstatic. She smirked at me and faked a sad sigh,

"I thought you said that you would never find another cute boy again. That this blow was too hard too ever get over. That-" She started but I knew she would continue all night until I cut her off.

"Alright, alright already. You were right, I'm going to have to get over him eventually. But just because I meet a boy that is cute doesn't mean I'm getting over him…" I said trailing off, but deep inside knowing that she had won. She smiled and gave me a small smile.

"You know I only want you to be happy." She said hugging me. I laughed at her lightly.

"I know and I will get over him; plus I'm still me, I promise." I looked at her and she was smiling too. She waggled her eyebrows at me, a sly glint in her blue eyes.

"So can I set you guys up?" She asked, puppy dog eyes widening every second. I shook my head and shuffled my feet; a faint blush deciding, against my will, to start to creep across my neck.

"Do you even know that kid? I mean, really?" I pointed out, refusing to see a bright side. She snorted at me.

"Come on it's a party, you don't need to know people. You just go up to people and introduce yourself." She explained trying to pull me along with her to where the boy stood. I stood my ground, digging in my heels and shaking my head until she gave up. I sighed with relief but it was only momentary. She went over by herself and said something to the group of guys and then much more loudly,

"Anyone that wants to play seven minutes in heaven come to the area in front of the closet!" She called grabbing a hat.

As the game progressed I tried harder and harder to find a way to get away without Valerie noticing. But no way was I going to sneak away without her seeing me. She had the eyes of an eagle and hadn't taken her eyes away from me. Now she stood in front of me, the hat in her hands.

"Here pick something." She said dropping the hat into my lap, winking at me. I growled quietly and stuffed my hand into the hat, feeling around. I pulled out the first thing I felt- a small silver band, a ring. It was very pretty and I held it up. The group of boys that were crowed around the very cute kid patted his back and made small whoops and whistles. Valerie gave me a nod, another wink and pushed me towards the closet. The emo kid stood up, his friend offered a stick but he refused and shuffled into the closet. I followed more slowly and Valerie shut the door behind us.

I blinked, trying to get my eyes adjust to the darkness and wandered forward.

"H-hi my name's Sabrina." I said tiptoeing forward an inch, and trying to see him. He took my hand,

"I know, my friends told me your name. My name's Andre." He explained sitting down against the back of the closet, pulling me down with him. I blushed lightly and hoped he couldn't see me.

"So, are you from another school?" I asked as I gently took my hand back.

"No I'm home schooled, but my friends go to your school. My friends are all of the darker variety, sorry if you don't really like them." He said, as he was talking I had been trying you look into his eyes. So as I answered I leaned closer.

"No it's fine, I actually really like emo guys, I think they're pretty cute." I said, my voice sounding almost squeaky. I could see pretty well now, my eyes having adjusted. His face was pale but not sickly, his mouth was small but it looked soft. His fringe still hung over his eyes and I really wanted to move them. I reached forward to move them but he caught my hand and pulled me closer to his face.

"Do you want to see my eyes that badly?" He asked breathing heavily into my face, the smell of lemon-heads spreading over me. I shook my head but leaned closer to him. He let my hand go and I gently brushed his fringe aside and had to stop myself from making any sudden intakes of breath. His eyes were a pretty light crystal blue-white color but misted over, he was blind. I guess he heard me suck my breath in because he grabbed me and pulled me inches from his face.

"Does it bother you? Do I bother you?" He asked his breath blowing over my face again, sending shivers down my spine.

"Should it?" I asked gaining courage, but my voice still almost squeaked. He blinked but smirked and leaned in until our lips were barely brushing.

I was getting ready to lean just that last little bit when Valerie opened the door, just wide enough to stick her head through.

"Hey you guys times up!" She called, I had shoved myself away from the cute emo kid the minute the door opened. So we were just sitting there against a closet side. She eyeballed us before throwing the door open. I got to my feet with some help from Andre and we walked out I went back to my own spot and he went back to his dark friends.

Valerie kept shooting me glances throughout the game but couldn't speak to me because she was managing the game; until when the game was over and she came and sat down with me on a couch facing each other.

"So who was he? Does he go to our school? How emo is he? Is he a great guy? Did you guys kiss? Did you two-" She asked, she was going to go on for much longer but I interrupted her.

"His name is Andre. He's home schooled, but he seems nice. He is just sooo cute. I also doubt he is any more emo than in fashion only." I said, deliberately not answering the last question. I watched silently as she widened her eyes.

"Did you kiss him?" She asked obviously wanting to yell it but keeping her voice level. She almost looked like she wanted to grab my collar and demand an answer.

"Define kiss." I said taunting her further. She squealed very girlishly and growled almost simultaneously at me.

"Did your lips touch? Tell me! Please?" She asked, grabbing my arm. I got a dreamy look and a goofy smile just thinking about it. She was getting ready to start tearing up and demanding answers when Andre tapped me on the back, one emo friend beside him.

"Hey, would you like to dance?" He asked speaking in my general direction again. My blush deepened and I stood up,

"Sure." I said, and as I led the way to the dance floor I started nervously rambling. "How can you dance without seeing?" I asked, stopping when the slower music started. He made a kind of snorting laughing noise,

"Anyone can sway to music." He explained, pulling me to dance with him. I gently placed his hands around my waist and I slipped my arms around his neck. He was taller than me by around a head so he was more around my back and I had my arms at his shoulders. He chuckled, a light and happy sound.

"Your short." He said, carefully bending down so our foreheads touched.

"Yeah, thanks for that news flash." I grumbled, then louder. "So do you use your stick?" I asked, not being mean but out of curiosity. He smiled gently,

"Sometimes. Well actually a lot but I don't like using it. I would rather walk around with someone as my guide than automatically be marked as a blind freak by using the stick." He explained, "Plus I don't really like people's pity." As he talked he breathed more lemony breath on me making my skin tingle.

"So how did you walk to the closet earlier?" I asked still swaying, he smiled, turning me in his arms.

"It's like closing your eyes, it wasn't that hard really. You could have done that, right?" He replied twirling us a little. I made an affirmative grunting noise while stepping a small bit closer.

"Maybe you should get a dog." I said quietly, swaying in time with him. He let me lean my head on his chest.

"I would rather have a good friend to lead me around, someone like you." He whispered. I blushed a bright red, and I was glad he couldn't see me. I didn't say anything back right away and I could tell Andre was starting to nervously fidget.

"Um, thanks." I finally said, but I sighed into his chest. He still didn't seem relaxed and he laughed nervously.

"Sorry if that was a bit awkward. I was only trying to be cute." He said, obviously still nervous. I smiled and laughed lightly at him. He smiled back at me,

"It's ok, you succeeded. You were extremely cute." I told him still smiling. When the song stopped I let him lead me off the dance floor and then I led him to a couch area to sit, one of the really emo guys from my first class showed up holding Andre's stick. He sat down with us but kept his distance, but I had a feeling that he knew his friend was here even without seeing him.

We sat there and talked quietly to each other for a while until people started going leaving. He even offered to walk me home, which I said yes to. When his friend came over to see if we needed a ride that's when we left.

He walked with his stick in one hand and I held his hand on the other side. When we reached my home I let him barrow my cell phone to call his ride and he kissed me goodnight. His breath smelled of lemon and his lips were soft and crushing against mine. You could say it was a perfect night to a strangely not so perfect week.

- end chapter -