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Chapter 2

The next morning I woke up to the sound of my cell phone ringing. I groggily grabbed the phone and answered the thing.

"What?" I asked, my voice overly whiney sounding because I already knew who was on the other end- Valerie.

"You left without telling me anything! Did you like him? Did he take you home? Did you guys kiss? Did you get his number? Did you-" She began her ramblings at me. I groaned murmured incoherently to get her to stop. It was far too early for any of this and I wanted to sleep longer. It was 6:45 by my alarm clock.

"Why? Why am I best friends with the only teenage girl in the world that doesn't like sleep in, that rises with the sun. That, that…. Oh I can't think of anything else to complain about right now. My brain is still trying to turn itself on." I managed to grumble out, trying to rub the sleep from my eyes.

"I know. I know you like to sleep in, but I've been up for an hour and I just couldn't wait anymore." I rolled over and squashed my face into my pillow, phone still to my ear.

"Why don't you just come over?" I told her, rubbing my forehead, my voice muffled by the pillow. I heard her sigh,

"Alright, I'll come over, see you in a little while." She said; her tone bossy, almost as though to say don't you dare go back to sleep because I want answers.

"Okay, door's open." I grumbled, ignoring her tone, before tossing the phone to the other side of the bed. I let peaceful sleep take over until I felt Valerie shake me awake. The first thing I saw was Valerie's nose, taking over my whole vision. Then she backed off, a bright smile plastered on her face.

"So tell me what happened?" She demanded, jumping up and down on my bed. I laughed easily.

"Ok, let's go downstairs and get something to eat, I'm hungry. We can get some waffles and milk if you're interested." I said, getting out of bed and nodding towards the door.

"You're totally stalling! Besides I'm really not hung-" She began, but her stomach growling cut through before it had time to start. I watched as she turned bright red. I laughed,

"That settles it then, breakfast waffles and fruit salad downstairs and I'll tell you everything as we eat.

So as we ate I told her everything that happened between Andre and myself. She was an amazing listener; she gasped when I told her he was blind, she giggled when I said that we almost kissed in the closet, she sighed when I explained how he walked me home. She even whined and fussed when I was done.

"Did you at least get his number?" She asked, waving her arms around like a bird in flight. I smiled reassuringly,

"Of course I did. I got it last night before we left." I told her, getting up and giving the two golden retrievers at my feet small pieces of bacon. Valerie only pouted; knees leaning against the table, body folded in protest.

"You're no fun. Call him, go out with him already." She said rocking forward to grab her orange juice. She sat watching me, to gauge my reactions. I could feel the beginnings of a blush creeping up my neck. I was about to give some smart remark in return about Erik but my phone ringing stopped me cold. I paled as I saw Valerie's expression changed from sudden interest to an evil glint in her eyes as she slowly unfolded herself and a slow slim smile began creeping it's way onto her face.

"Oh no…" I mumbled as she darted toward my room door. I managed to grab her leg as she reached the silver knob.

"Let go! I'm only going to answer it for you." She said; hands on the doorframe, straining to pull away.

"No, it's fine really. I'll get it myself." I said, pulling until I fell away holding nothing but her shoe. I saw her grin and grab for the phone, answering it. I angrily chucked the shoe across the hall, watching it thump against the opposite wall.

"Oh, hello Andre. Yes this is Sabrina's phone. No, my name is Valerie, I'm her best friend. Yes, it was my party last night. Oh no, you're very welcome. No I should really be thanking you." I glared at her as she walked around my room speaking into the phone.

"You can give me my phone back anytime." I said, my voice grumpy and demanding. She took one look at me and forced a grin onto her face.

"Oh don't worry, it's just that Sabrina is busy at the moment and so you get me." I glared at her again, narrowing my eyes and shaking my head at her. "Oh, so the reason you're calling is because you want to go on a date with Sabrina-" She started, smiling at me now, very happy.

"Valerie I don't know if I'm ready for all this." I told her, my voice losing all its good humor. "I know he's really cute and I really think I could truly fall for him, but…" I said unwilling to speak about the breakup. " It's all to soon." Valerie could see the hurt look in my eyes because her smile vanished and she looked sad for me.

"I know and that's why you need to do this. Let Andre help you, let him in. Go on this date, have fun. Let him make you fall in love." She begged me, hand over the phone, eyes pleading. I sighed, curling my arms around my knees.

"I'll go if it makes you happy." I said, giving her a sad smile. She smiled back at me, trying to look carefree.

"Yes Andre she said she would be happy to. Yes she'll meet you at Clyde's park for a picnic lunch. Yes, that's a good time. Alright thanks, bye." She ended the call and on the small compact cell phone and tossed it to me. I caught it easily and turned it around and around in my hands.

"So where am I going and when?" I asked, nervously flipping my phone. Inside somewhere I knew I should be happy and somewhere a small part of me was, but the main part of me was still trying to feel sorry for myself.

"You are going to Clyde's Park just a few blocks from over where I live, you can take your bike. At around 1:30 at the main tree sign in the middle of the park. You're going on a picnic lunch with Andre. Wear something simple and nice, do something with your hair, and remember to have fun while you're there." She explained, continuously moving her hands. I smiled at her antics,

"Alright if you say so." I said with a small grin.

I was in the dead center of the park, underneath a giant pine tree with huge slopping branches. It was cool under the shady tree and the time was now 1:29. I heard a shuffling of steps and I turned to see Andre walking towards me holding his stick and wearing a backpack.

"Hey, it's good to see you." I said as he reached me, and as I said it I realized I really was. As I watched him smile I knew my own smile was spreading across my face and my heart beat was speeding up.

"I bet it is. Sorry I can't say the same. But it is good to hear you. Did I ever tell you how pretty your voice is?" he said teasingly, a broad smile on his face. I blushed and took a deep breath.

"So where are we going?" I asked, still slightly flustered. He took my hand and I couldn't help but smile a small bit. He started leading me down a small path I had never taken before. It was just a dirt path with high weeds on either side, leading into one of the many wooded areas around the large park.

"To another part of the park." He said pulling me along, which seemed silly but he obviously had some idea where we were going and I had none.

He stopped when we came to a small area of wood where the grass looked short and soft. A single tall oak tree stood in the center and its branches were spread wide, covering this part of the woods, and they swooped low some almost touching the ground. Small trees grew around here, but nothing big because not much sunlight could creep its way down here. It was very pretty here and I smile, squeezing Andre's hand.

"Wow, this place is amazing. I mean, everything looks so cool." I said; Andre still pulling me along to the tree. He sat down and pulled off his backpack, leaving me to lean on the tree trunk and stare through the leaves.

"Yeah a few of my friends and I wonder around the park on occasion and we found this place one day. They tell me it's really pretty here. And it's peaceful so I figured you might like it." He explained pulling out a blanket, a thermos, and two plastic containers. I helped him spread the blanket on the grass that was very soft, then I slid down the bark to sit at the tree's base. I let my small blush spread over my cheeks and fiddled with the small star shaped locket around my neck.

"Well, they were right. And you were right too, I love this place." I said sitting cross-legged. Andre handed me one container, when I looked inside it was filled with tiny finger sandwiches. They were really cute and I couldn't wait to eat them. But it made me chuckle too, "Cute and very tasteful." I said as he poured the contents of the thermos into two plastic cups. It was bubbly orange stuff, either soda or sparkling cider.

"Ha, ha yeah my sister had to help me make lunch, so you are getting she felt like making." He told me holding a cup out to me in my general direction. I took it and smiled.

"So you have a sister? Is she cute?" Was my reply, my hand winding its way around his arm. His smile widened and he took a sandwich from the box in my lap.

We ate lunch together in tat soft shady space and we laughed and smiled together and it was fun. It was really fun; I had not wanted to goon this date but now I never wanted it to end. I was staring into Andre's misty ice blue eyes,

"Hey are you listening? I just told you that it's about sunset, is it pretty?" He repeated, waving in my general direction. I blinked and shook my head.

"Oh yeah, yeah, it's lovely." I said, not really looking at the sky but at the very cute boy in front of. He smirked and reached out, taking my hand and leaning until or foreheads touched.

"You sound like your distracted. Would you like me to remind you that you're on a date?" He whispered, entwining our fingers, hands held up next to our bodies. His breath still smelled like sweet lemons; and it made me wonder if it eternally would smell that way, or if he used some sort of lemon toothpaste. His words made me shiver and I smiled and nodded.

"Yes please, kind sir." I half whispered, a dreamy feeling trying to wash over me. He smirked and leaned in very close, eyes half lidded. My breath stuck in my throat as his lips brushed mine. They hovered there for just a second, but in that time a tiny sliver of doubt began to creep into my head. Then his lips were on mine, soft and slightly crushing. They made my skin tingle and spark like small crackles of lightning just under the skin.

And that's when I freaked out. My eyes, that I hadn't known had closed, were now wide open. It felt like someone else was in control. My hands wedged themselves between us and shoved us apart, knocking Andre to the ground. My throat felt constricted, and my head felt hollow. My legs felt wobbly; but I stood up, and when I tried to say I'm sorry nothing came out but a small hiccuping squeak. I could feel my eyes getting misty but I ran. I ignored the tiny part of me that was confused and wanted to stay and ran.

When I finally stopped, hot tears were still raining down my cheeks and my legs felt numb. It was dark and I was standing in front of Valerie's house. I knocked on the door and from somewhere inside I could hear Valerie's older sister Victoria shout for her younger sister to get the door. She opened the door and started at my appearance,

"A-are you ok?" She asked, coming to stand on the small porch with me. I just kept crying.

"It's nothing, it's just… it's Andre. He is so sweet and nice and kind and he lets me be myself and whenever he is near me all I can see and hear and remember is Tyson." I said blubbering like a fool.

So that is what is where I stayed for the night with Valerie's parents' permission, of course. And all I did was feel lots of regret; regret for leaving the park and for going on that accursed date in the first place. Then feeling horrible about everything Andre related.

- end chapter -

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