You promised me you would hold my hand

And take me with you to an enchanted land.

Was it all just a sweet dream? Was it all fake?

I guess the night is finally over now, I am awake.

Those good old times whose memories once emitted

The hypnotizing fragrance of a thousand and one rose,

Now feel like thorns stuck to my chest, striking my heart.

I am awake now; this book down memory lane will close.

You melted my heart with your sweet words and care

And molded me into something that would always be there

For you to kill the loneliness that envelops all your day.

I am awake now, fully conscious; I'm finding my own way.

I was turning into a weak climber, twining along your big trunk

To survive, my entity was getting lost, my confidence had shrunk.

Now I've detached myself from you and twined along the ground.

I am awake now; I will stand up again, wordlessly, without a sound.

My pen is in my hand again, my fingers scribbling these words now.

I gave up everything I had for you, but I'll get my world back somehow.

I'm untangling you from me, and shedding you like you were a fabric.

I am awake now, I am getting back to myself, I am not going to be weak.

I'm slowly drifting away from you, but you're too lost in

Your own world to even notice; it's so easy for me not to give in.

It's alright now, I'm not afraid of how my ground would shake.

I can take whatever that comes my way, now that I'm finally awake…