A/N: I'll put my author's note at the beginning this time so I can explain. I was listening to "River Flows in You" by Yiruma the other day and was struck by a sudden urgency to write words for it so here! I'm not a songwriter so I know it's probably not that great, but I still like it. Using this video ( www. youtube watch?v=7maJOI3QMu0) the words start at 00:17. By the way, not all of this is necessarily true, or not literally at least. Anyways, please enjoy!

I do not own the music for "River Flows in You." That belongs to piano genius Yiruma (worshipworshipworship).

For everyone who I have loved and has loved me

"River Flows in You"

Every time I look at you I see the stream of light
In your eyes
And I
Pray to God
It won't dry

Every time I talk to you I feel the steady flow
In your heart
And your soul
From your head
To your toes

Because you show it all the time
Because it's what keeps you alive
Because you know that everything will always end up right
I want to see you everyday
Know all your secrets if I may
You're the only one who makes me feel like I can fly
Even though it's hard to see
I owe you for saving me
Your river brings happiness into my lonely life
I look at you and know it's true
The river that flows within you
Gives me strength to live through every day and every night

Every day I walk with you and hear your happy laugh
It's a gift
That you have
To cheer me up
When I'm sad

Every day I look to you to give my heart the will
To move on
To be filled
With your strength
Just until

The day I find out who I am
When I will lend to you my hand
Because then I will have the strength to stand all on my own
When I'm with you I feel safe
The sweetest warmth I'll ever taste
I hope you know that you will always be my favorite home
Inside you there's a river flow
A peace that only you can know
But I know that to me it is more valuable than gold
I love you like I've never loved
It's always you I'm dreaming of
But I won't make you stay if you say you have to go

You mean everything to me, it's something I can't change
And it's you
That I thank
'Cause you gave
Me a chance


Thank you, thank you, I love you for keeping faith in me
Now I know
How to be
Who I am
And I'm free

River flows in you

Write on. Read on. That's my motto.

© Copyright 2012 by The Siege