DreamS EnchantinG LiE

The enchanting voice surrounds the hollow fields

It cracks the flowers, exploding the shy world with Fascinating colour

Making life just a tinscy bit more interesting

Now where you look it's no longer so crowded with frowns, only smiles

Anywhere you step and stare you can feel a tingle in your heart poking there

Even when you're in a moment of sadness you have the wishes of the new world

Maybe this world can have the silence of enchanted butterflies fly by

Or where you fall deep into the flower bed sinking into its magical aura

And when night turns around the sky lights up with magnificent fireflies

Just stand there memorized by their airs music roaming through your ears

And the unrelieved imagination of your to heart's desire past the eyes

You'd want the world to turn slowly just to dream

Then unexpectedly when you think it's over, you fly above the bright silvers clouds

Lower yourself, see the people that are ants in your new world

Move to the sea, splash water on your face to see if you're still dreaming

Somehow this our realality pushed away from heaven and even hell

Past the places where people go when they die, we live for eternity now

The ones we love don't disappear but are forever free

Also no god, you can fruit from any tree, let the flavor captivate you for as long as you need

And sweets with the sweetest scent that you smell a mile away

Especially when you bleed it's something not be afraid of yet something to praise

But how long will our world last as all the beauty floats to the sky, for its long lasting goodbye

You watch as your world crumbles down into darkness

Why does this happen and why do cry, remember it's just a dream