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I sighed as I looked out the huge bay window of my bedroom and into the bedroom of my best friend since birth, Ben Harper. He was pacing his room, holding his phone to his ear with one hand, and running his fingers through his hair with the other. I knew the frustrated look on his face. He was on the phone with Holly. And by the looks of it, she was doing all the talking. Typical. What did he see in her anyway?

But I suppose it had to be that way right? I mean Ben was the star of the football team, and Holly was head cheerleader. It was fate. At least that's what everyone seemed to think. But I knew better. I knew Holly was just a cheating, deceptive liar that always got what she wanted. Including Ben.

When I saw that Ben had hung up his phone, I grabbed a notebook from my top desk drawer and wrote in marker, "You OK?"

When he saw what I wrote, he smiled, picked up his notebook, and wrote "Tired of Drama."

I quickly wrote "Sorry" with a sad face, and held it to the window. He just shrugged. Then I wrote "Wanna talk?" Ben and I always talked to each other about his girl problems, boy problems, and pretty much everything else.

Ben nodded, and reached to open his window, and I did the same. My windows open outward, so I swung them open and sat in my window seat with my legs hanging out the window. Ben's windows open upward, so he opened his as wide as he could and stuck his head out, resting his chin in the palm of his hand. We were so close that when we reached our arms out, we were just inches from touching.

"Alright, spill," I demanded, "That was Holly wasn't it?" He sighed and nodded.

"Okay, so what happened this time?" He sighed again.

"Nothing really. Just some dumb rumor that didn't even make sense. I swear, sometimes she just doesn't think about what something really means, before she calls me and accuses me about it. It's frustrating!"

"You can't let her keep treating you like this Ben. Enough is enough." I said, getting right to the point, "One of these days, she's going to drop you and not give it a second thought."

"Thanks for the advice Claire, but I think I know my girlfriend better than you know her," he said, suddenly…almost…angry.

"Oh no no no Ben, I didn't mean to sound like that," I quickly retreated into my shy shell "I'm just saying it could happen. You know. A possibility." The last thing I needed right now was to be in a fight with my best friend.

"Well Holly won't do that. You know that. She's really one of the nicest girls in our class, once you get to know her."

I fought the urge to roll my eyes. "Yeah, I'm sure she is," I said, trying not to sound sarcastic, "Well, I'm going to bed. See you tomorrow!"

"Night Claire," Ben said, and I pulled my legs inside my room, shut the window, and pulled the shade. As I pulled back the sheets to my bed, I thought about what I knew about Holly that Ben didn't.

The first one on the list? She was cheating on him with Drew Holloway.

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